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CONTENTS Turun/Terbitan/MUZIUM List of... · 2018. 8. 7. · Long Moh, Baram, Sarawak By: Rev. Francis Baartmans Very Young Brides By: J.F. Robertson More first words of a Brunei

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Text of CONTENTS Turun/Terbitan/MUZIUM List of... · 2018. 8. 7. · Long Moh, Baram, Sarawak By: Rev....


    The Brunei Museum Journal 2

    Monograph of The Brunei Museum Journal 15

    Special Publication (Archaeology) 17

    Special Publication (Ethnography) 20

    Natural History 24

    Other Publications 26

    Bibliography 31

    For information please contact:Publication and Marketing Section

    Museums DepartmentBandar Seri Begawan

    Brunei Darussalam

    Tel: 2381672, 2381673 ext 144/145/146/163email: [email protected]

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    The Brunei Museum Journal is an annual publication of the Museums Department and is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of Brunei Darussalam, Borneo, and Southeast Asia. A large variety of topics are included ranging from the asciences to subjects in the humanities such as Archaeology, Ethnography and History. Contributors include Museum staff as well as individuals not affiliated with the Museums Department. List of articles in The Brunei Museums Journal can be found on The Index of The Brunei Museum Journal which is published separately.

    The Brunei Museum Journal

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    VOL 1 NO 1 - 1969

    The Royal Wedding By: P.M. Shariffuddin

    Brunei Adat By: Ibrahim b. Mohd. Jahfar

    Dusun Tribal Dances By: Abdul Latif b. Haji Ibrahim

    The Kedayans By: P.M. Shariffuddin

    Sungai Lumut: A 15th Century Burial Ground By: Barbara Harrisson & P.M. Shariffuddin

    The Golden Hoard of Limbang By: Tom Harrisson

    Brunei Cannon by: P.M.ShariffuddinBrunei Cannon – Their Role in Southeast Asia By: Tom Harrisson

    Brunei and The Moro Wars By: F. Delor Angeles Brunei, Sulu & Sabah By: Brook Short Hugh Low on The History of Brunei By: D.E. Brown

    The Rennell Manuscript in the Brunei Museum By: Tom Harrisson

    The Social Structure of 19th Century BruneiBy: D.E. Brown

    Brunei in the Sarawak Museum Journal By: T.H.

    Brunei in the J.M.B.R.A.S., XLIBy: T.H.

    Fisheries Development in Brunei By: Elmar Birkenmeier

    Kedayan Ethno-Ornithology By: A.R. Maxwell

    A Year’s Observations of Brunei Birds By: George Deakin

    Birds of Prery and Casuarina Bugs By: Tom Harrisson

    Notes on the Order Mantadea By: Erika Birkenmeier

    VOL 2 NO 1 - 1970

    Problems of Getting Materials for the Brunei Museum By: P.M. Shariffuddin

    Mamat Ceremonies Long Moh, Upper Baram, SarawakBy: The Very Rev. Bishop A.D.Galvin

    The Kenyah AstronautBy: The Very Rev. Bishop A.D. Galvin

    Padian – Its Market and the Women Vendors By: Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim

    Kedayan RaftsBy: Tom Harrisson

    ‘Makan Tahun’ the Annual Feast of the Kedayans By: P.M. Shariffuddin

    The First Words of the Brunei Child By: Linda Amy Kimball

    On the Various Spellings of the Word ‘Kedayan’ By: Allen R. Maxwell

    Melanau Spirit Figures By: P.M. Shariffuddin

    Classification of Archaeological trade ceramics from Kota Batu By: Barbara Harrisson

    First radio-carbon dates from Kota Batu, Brunei and Associated dating problem in Borneo By: Tom Harrisson

    The siege of Pulau Chermin By: Tom Harrisson

    Background to Philippine Nationalism: The complex impacts of past influences from Brunei Bay and Elsewhere By: Tom Harrisson

    Longshore Drift and its effect on the New Muara PortBy: R.B. Tate

    Tektites in BruneiBy: R.B. Tate

    Brunei Bibliography in the JSBRAS and JMBRASBy: Allen R. Maxwell

    Birds from the Rest House Verandah, Brunei By: Tom Harrisson

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    A Preliminary Report on the Species of Planktonic Marine Diatoms found in the Brunei WatersBy: Teng Seng Keh

    Notes on some ‘Coral Fishes’ in Brunei WatersBy: Elmar Birkenmeier

    Occurrence of the Pentacerotid Fish Hisiopterus Typus Temminck Brunei CoastBy: Eric R.Alfred

    Planktonic Foraminifera and Time Stratigraphy and Well Ampa-2By: H.R. Eckert

    Vol 2 No 3 - 1971 Selayang Pandang mengenai Adat Istiadat BruneiBy: Pehin Orang Kaya Ratna Di-Raja Dato Seri Utama Haji Mohd Zain bin Haji Serudin, D.K, D.S.L.J, P.H.B.S, B.A. (Al-Azhar)

    The Marriage of Senan and ApingBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    Marriage among the “Lepo’ Tau” Kenyah Long Moh, Baram, SarawakBy: Rev. Francis Baartmans

    Very Young BridesBy: J.F. Robertson

    More first words of a Brunei ChildBy: Linda Amy Kimball

    Variations and Changes in the Names and Locations of the Wards of Brunei’s Kampong Ayer over the last CenturyBy: Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim

    The Coronation of Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam, 1918By: D.E. Brown

    The Missing Brunei Stone-Age (With an appeal to readers)By: Tom Harrisson

    Beads from Sungai Lumut, BruneiBy: Lee Burke Deep level Carbon Dates from Kota Batu, Brunei (95 B.C. 1300 A.D.)By: Tom Harrisson

    Radio Carbon Ages from Quaternary Terraces Pre-History in BruneiBy: R.B. Tate

    Distribution of Recent Benthonic Foraminifera in the “Inner” Brunei BayBy: Ho Kiam Fui

    Rice Varieties in the Temburong District of The State of BruneiBy: B.R. Hewitt & Muhammad bin Yasin

    Birds from the Brunei Rest House Verandah – IIBy: Tom Harrisson

    Observations on Amantis reticulate (HAAN) in Brunei (Dictyoptera-Mantodae)By: Erika Birkenmeier

    Juvenile Leathery Turtles Dermochelys Coriacea (Linnacus), in CaptivityBy: Elmar Birkenmeier

    Four Brief Notes on the History of BruneiBy: D.E. Brown

    The Descriptive – Prescriptive Dictionary: A Review Article of Kamus DewanBy: Asmah Haji Omar, Phd.,University of Malaya

    VOL 2 NO 4 - 1972

    A Sebob DirgeBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    The Aims, Approaches and Problems in the Study of Folk Literatures or Oral Tradition with Particular Reference to Malay CultureBy: Professor Mohd. Taib Osman

    Comparative Linguistics in Southeast-Asia: Its Scope and Method of ApproachBy: Asmah Haji Omar

    The Survival of Kedayan Rafts?By: Tom Harrisson

    First Phrases of a Brunei ChildBy: Linda Amy Kimball

    The Mission of Father Antonino Ventimiglia to BorneoBy: Robert Nicholl

    Another Affair of James Brooke?By: D.E. Brown

    Ampuan in BruneiBy: D.E. Brown

    Further Radio-Carbon (C-14) Dates from Kota Batu Brunei – Back to 12,500 B.C.By: Tom Harrisson

    An Early Account of Brunei by Sung LienBy: Carrie Brown

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    Birds from the Brunei Rest House Verandah – IIIBy: Tom Harrisson

    Rice Varieties in the State of BruneiBy: B.R. Hewitt

    VOL 3 NO 1 - 1973

    Mengalong Lun Dayeh Agricultural OrganisationBy: Jay B. Crain

    A Mysterious Find in Brunei By: H. Hughes-Hallet

    Naming Ceremonies Among the Baram KenyahsBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    Suket – A Kenyah Song from Long Jeeh, BaramBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    Museum Development in Brunei, BorneoBy: P.M. Shariffuddin

    Odoric of Pordenone: A Fourteenth Century Visitor to BorneoBy: Robert Nicholl

    European trade ceramics in the Brunei MuseumBy: Datin Barbara Harrisson

    Maps and the History of BruneiBy: D.E. Brown

    A Chinese Tomb inscription of A.D. 1264, discovered recently in BruneiBy: Wolfgang Franke & Ch’en T’ieh-fan

    Using Pigafetta’s Journal By: J.F. Robertson

    James Brooke and Asian Government By: Graham Saunders

    Ancient glass beads from Brunei and Sarawak Excavations (Compared)By: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    The postage stamps of Brunei 1895-1941 A Philatelic outline By: Brian J. Cave

    A common edible Mushroom (A garicuc sp.) in BruneiBy: W.T.H. Peregrine & Kasim bin Ahmad

    Numbers of some Birds’ feathers in BruneiBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Review: A Descriptive and Illustrated catalogue of the Malcolm Macdonald collection of Chinese Ceramic by Ireneno Laszlo LegezaBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Review: Taman Indera: Malay Decoratitve Arts and Pastimes by Mubin SheppardBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Review: Rajahs and Rebels by Robert PringleBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    VOL 3 NO 2 - 1974

    More first phrases of A Brunei ChildBy: Linda Kimball

    The long Kiput Kenyahs By: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin (ed.)

    Faith healing rites among the KenyahsBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    Headhunting – Fact or Fiction?By: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    A short account of Sago production in Kuala Balai – BelaitBy: J.S. Lim

    Sultan Mumin’s will and related documentsBy: D.E. Brown

    Antionio Pigafetta’s account of Brunei in 1521By: D.E. Brown

    Spanish accounts of their expeditions against Brunei 1578 – 1579By: D.E. Brown

    Two Ming texts concerning King Ma-Na-Je-Chia-Na of P’o-NiBy: Carrie C. Brown

    Some Ming regulation on the Provisions for Tributary DelegationsBy: Carrie C. Brown

    Prehistory glass analyses for BruneiBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Palaeolithic (Stone Age) Studies in Borneo and Adjacent IslandsBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    The Genealogical Tablet (Batu Tarsilah) of the Sultans of BruneiBy: P.M. Shariffuddin & Haji Abdul Latif bin Hj. Ibrahim

    Birds from the Resthouse Verandah – IVBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

  • 6

    Scanning electron microscope studies of selected forminifera from the Seria formation, Penanjong, BruneiBy: D.N.P. Mahmood

    Paleo-Environmental studies in BruneiBy: R.B. Tate Britain, the Brookes and Brunei by. Nichols Tarling Reviewed By: D.E. Brown

    Fighting general: The public and private campaigns of general Sir Walker By: Tom PocockReviewed by: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    VOL 3 NO 3 - 1975

    Blessing of pregnant women By: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin (ed.)

    Suket (Long Julan)By: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin (ed.)

    Two Kenyah love songsBy: The Rt. Rev. A.d. Galvin

    Tribal authority among the KenyahsBy: The Rt. Rev. A.d. Galvin

    Seven fathoms: A Bajau Laut narrative tale from the Semporna District of SabahBy: C.A. Sather

    The place of sago and other palms in Brunei and Borneo lifeBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Adat Istiadat Diraja Brunei DarussalamBy: P.M. Yusuf

    The story of Bendahara SakamBy: Pehin Orang Kaya Amar Di-raja Dr. Hj. Jamil

    A possible examples of ancient Brunei scriptBy: P.M.Shariffuddin & Robert Nicholl

    Notes on the early Toponymy of Brunei

    A Historic journey across TemburongBy: G.C. Harper

    Were the gold mines of ancient Java in Borneo?By: Brian E. Colless

    A preliminary account of surface finds from Tanjong Batu Beach, MuaraBy: Metussin Omar

    The upper palaeolithic in Borneo and adjacent areas: Gateways to the Pacific?By: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Brown spouted jars, A facet of Ceramic History, in Borneo ViewBy: Datin Barbara Harrisson

    Charcoal production in BruneiBy: J.S. Lim & P.M. Shariffuddin

    Diseases of Orchids in BruneiBy. W.T.H. Peregrine, Kassim bin Ahmad& Serudin bin Haji Tinggal

    A Preliminary survey of storage practices in BruneiBy: Bakri bin Hj. Momin, Kamis bin Hj. Tamin & Md. Zain bin Abd. Ghafar

    Hindu gods of Peninsular SiamReviewed by: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Oceanic PrehistoryReviewed by: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    VOL 3 NO 4 - 1976

    Land of the HornbillBy: The Rt. Rev. A.D. Galvin

    Tutong Area surveyBy: J.St J. Groome

    Some demographic characteristics of the Iban population of BruneiBy: Robert F. Austin

    Fertility in the urban Kampongs of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MalaysiaBy: J.F. Robertson

    Brunei’s two (or more) capitals and other ancient centresBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Postal services in Brunei’s water townBy: J.A. Davidson, OBE

    The sixteenth century cartography of BorneoBy: Robert Nicholl

    The stone age in BruneiBy: Metussin Omar & P.M. Shariffuddin

    Brunei Brass: The traditional method of castingBy: J.S. Lim & P.M. Shariffuddin

    A red tide in Brunei’s coastal watersBy: Richard W. Beales

    Bionomics of Biting Midges in BruneiBy: Dr. Haji Johar bin Haji Nordin & V. John Zachariah

    Aedes Aegypti control in BruneiBy: Dr. Haji Johar bin Haji Nordin & V. John Zachariah

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    Birds introduced into BruneiBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Green turtles in BorneoBy: Dato Seri Laila Jasa Tom Harrisson

    Bishop GalvinBy: Robert Nicholl

    Dato Tom HarrissonBy: P.M. Shariffuddin

    VOL 4 NO 1 - 1977

    Some Demographic Characteristics of the Iban population of Brunei Part II 1960-1971By: Robert F. Austin

    Nobat Di-RajaBy: P.M. Shariffuddin and Latif Haji Ibrahim

    Joseph Conrads Fiction as South-east Asian History: Trade and Politics in East Borneo in the late 19th CenturyBy: Jim Warren

    Islam in BruneiBy: Pehin Orang Kaya Amar Diraja Dato Seri Utama Dr. Awang Haji Mohd Jamil Al-Sufri

    Brunei CoinageBy: J.A. Davidson

    Spain and The Island of BorneoBy: Professor Federick Blumenfritt

    Islam in ChinaBy: Professor Henri Cordier

    The Postal History of Brunei 1906By: J.S. Lim

    Relations between Brunei and ManilaBy: Robert Nicholl

    Travel in TemburongBy: R.B. Tate

    Ancient Chinese Accounts of Asian VolcanoesBy: Brian E. Colless

    A study of Lowland Rainforet Birds in BruneiBy: Eric Kidd and Richard Beales

    The Improving pattern of Rice Producation in BruneiBy: J.St. J. Groome and Soo Boon Ann

    VOL 4 NO 2 - 1978

    LawaiBy: A. Richard

    The Suluk Language of SampornaBy: Dr. Asmah Haji Omar

    Ibn Batuta and BorneoBy: Robert Nicholl

    The Eastern Ocean in the Yung-Lo Ta-TienBy: Carrie C. Brown

    Distributions of Chinese and Siamese Ceramics in BruneiBy: Dato P.M. Shariffuddin and Matussin Omar

    Valentyn’s BorneoBy: Mrs. S.A. Dovery

    A Voyage To New Guinea and The Moluccas During the Years 1774-1776 By: Thomas Forrest

    ‘Mammal of Borneo’ (1977) Corrections and EmendationsBy: Lord Medway

    One-Larva-Per Continer Aedes Surveys conducted in Labuan Island, Sabah in 1977By: Jeffery L.K. Hii and Ignatius S.T. Lee

    American Cockroach (Periplaneta America Linneaus) Demonstrates preference for Scientific JournalsBy: Jeffery L.K. Hii and Chin Kui Foh

    Some Notes on the Birds of BruneiBy: Eric Kidd Mammals of BorneoBy: E. Banks

    A Common Edible Puff Bull (Calvatis Cyathiformis ssp. Cyathiformis) in Brunei By: W. T. H. Peregrine, Kassim bin Ahmad, Dk. Mariana bte Pg. Abdul Momin, Ahmad bin Haji Abas and Hasnan bin Haji Idris

    VOL 4 NO 3 - 1979

    The Bisayah LanguageBy: Dr. Asmah Haji Omar

    The Ta-Shih Country of the Southern SeaBy: Brian E. Colless

    The Discovery of An Ancient Muslim Tombstone in BruneiBy: P.M. Dato Shariffuddin & Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim

    Pengiran Indera Mahkota Shahbandar Mohammad Salleh and James BrookeBy: Matassim Haji Jibah

  • 8

    Brunei and CamphorBy: Robert Nicholl

    Radio Carbon Dates for Kupang and Sungai Lumut, BruneiBy: Matussin Omar

    Sukhothai and Sawankhalok CeramicsBy: Audrey Y. McBain

    Trade with The West Coast of BorneoBy: An extract from SINGAPORE CHRONICLE, No. 147, Thursday, November 5th. 1829

    The Expedition to Ulu Temburong

    i. The Administration and Running of the Expedition in field

    By: Lt. C. A. Ussher

    ii. The Ulu Temburong Expedition of 1978 By: Lt. Col. M. G. Allen

    iii. The Climate of the Ulu Temburong By: S. L. Sutton

    iv. Bukit Retak Camp. 1450 metres By: Tony Harman

    v. Exploring the Pagon Ridge By: Major John Patchett

    vi. Catching, Preserving and Transporting Lepidoptera in Tropical Rain Forest

    By: Tony Harman

    vii. Obervations of Birds during the expedition Period, 29th. September - 4th. November, 1978

    By: Peter Brown

    viii. A portable Light Trap for Studying insects of the Upper canopy

    By: S. L. Sutton

    ix. The Vertical distribution of Flying Insects in the Lowland Rain Forest of Brunei : Preliminary Report

    By: S. L. Sutton

    x. Mammals Observed in Brunei By: Peter Brown xi. Brunei’s Largest Snake By: Lt. C. A. Ussher

    Settlement and growth of the Oyster saccostrea cuccullata in Brunei WatersBy: David J. Currie

    Some Aspects of the Hydrology of the Brunei EstuaryBy: David J. Currie

    VOL 4 NO 4 - 1980

    Undang2 dan Adat Istiadat Orang2 Belait AsliBy: P.M. Dato Shriffuddin

    The Bajau Darat LanguageBy: Dr. Asmah Haji Omar

    Hiranyagarbha – The Hindu Cosmic Egg – And Brunei’s Royal LineBy: D.E. Brown

    The Coinage of Sultanate of Brunei 1400-1980By: Saran Singh

    Notes on Brunei Coal (1830-1924)By: Matassim bin Haji Jibah

    Brunei Surveys 1934-1938By: Ivan C. Booth

    Agricultural Training at Sinaut By: J.St. J. Groome

    Seekers of Kingdom, British Adventures in the Malay ArchipelagoBy: Graham Saunders

    Trade Patterns and Political Development in Brunei and Adjcent Areas, A.D. 700-1500By: Peter Bellwood & Matussin Omar

    The Mediavel Cartography of BorneoBy: Robert Nicholl

    Brunei Rediscovered, A Survey of Early TimesBy: Robert Nicholl

    Determination of SMA 12/60 Reference Values as the Basis for Diagnostic Evaluation of Biochemical Profiling of the Rural Community in BruneiBy: Majid B.H.A. Rahman

    Conservation in BruneiBy: Russell A. Mittermeier

    More Mammals from Borneo By: Edward Banks

    Fishes Collected During the Cruises of the Manihine in the South China SeaBy: Eric R. Alfred

    VOL 5 NO 1 - 1981 A Sketch of the History of BruneiBy: Hughes-Hallet

    Shang And Chou Influences Observed in the Ethnic Art of BorneoBy: Audrey Y. McBain

    A List of Brunei Malay Words By: H.S. Hynes

  • 8 9

    An Account of a Berhantu Ceremony Called “PERAKONG” By The Orang Belait of BruneiBy: Hughes Hallet

    Perusahaan Membuat Gula Gelagah Di Kampong JerudongBy: Zahari bin Haji Mohd Noor

    Guide to Modern Archives And Manuscripts Found In The United Kingdom Relating To Brunei, Sabah And SarawakBy: Chua Sui Gim

    Mountain Birds and Plate Tectonics By: Edward Banks

    A Preliminary Survey of The Hawkmoths (Sphingidae) of BruneiBy: T.W. Harman

    The Saturniid Moths of Borneo with special reference to BruneiBy: Liutenant Colonel M.C. Allen

    The Recording of Bird Song In BruneiBy: T.C. White and J.R. Neighbour

    The Blue Rock Thrush and Other Birds At The British Commission In BruneiBy: A.C. Watson

    VOL 5 NO 2 - 1982

    The Sribuza Of Captain BuzurgBy: Robert Nicholl

    A Short Note On Some Old Brunei MoneyBy: Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim Notes On Tombstones recently Found in BruneiBy: Matassim bin Haji Jibah

    Notes On The History Of Bubongan Dua-Belas. The British High Commisioner’s Residence in BruneiBy: A.C. Watson

    Permainan Gasing (Top Playing)By: Pg. Haji Ismail bin Pg. Ibrahim

    A Short Account On An Expedition To SabahBy: Edwards Banks

    Netelia Species of An Subgenera Apatagium Enderlein And Monomacrodon Cushman (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) of Brunei With A Re-assessment of The Supraspecific ClassificationBy: I.D. Gauld

    A Study of Waders in South West BruneiBy: R.S. and G.A. Vowles

    Fatal Bronchopneumonia In A Young Orang Utan Caused By Pseudomonas PseudomalleiBy: N.R. Smith and A. M. P. Damit Betta Macrostoma – A Fish “Rediscovered” In BruneiBy: Sharon Eden

    The Leeches of Brunei (Annelida : Hirudinea), With A Checklist And Key To The Known And Expected Freshwater, Terrestrial And Marine Leeches of BorneoBy: Roy T. Sawyer, Alan Taylor and Mohd. Jaya bin Haji Sahat

    An Annotated Checklist of Brunei Butterflies Including A New Species of The Genus Catapaecilma(Ly-caenidae)By: A.C. Cassidy

    VOL 5 NO 3 - 1983

    Perkembangan Persekolahan Melayu Di Brunei Dalam Pentadbiran Sistem Residen 1906 - 1959By: Matassim bin Haji Jibah

    A Note on the Stone Wall and Earthen Causeway at Kota BatuBy: Matussin Omar

    The Letter of Bras Bayao By: Robert Nicholl

    Dutch Relation With Borneo in The Seventeenth CenturyBy: Robert Nicholl

    Aspects of Sugar Manufacture In BorneoBy: Victor T. King

    A Note on Iban Omen BirdsBy: Edward Banks Linguistics Unity and Diversity in Keningau District By: Patrick D. Cohen Fishing Crafts By: S. Lim

    An Account of my time as Assistant Resident, Brunei April/May 1940 to December 1941 By: R. N. Turner An Estimate of Brunei Housing Needs 1980 - 2000 By: Mohd. Jaman bin Mohamed

    Notes on Vegetation at a Variety of Habitats In Brunei By: C. St. G. Allen

  • 10

    Comments on Birds of Brunei (Borneo) By: E. D. Cameron

    A Successful Method of Butterfly Trapping In The Rain Forest By: A. C. Cassidy The Name of Brooke: The End of White Raja Rule In Sarawak R. H. W. Reece Reviewed By: Robert Nicholl

    VOL 5 NO 4 - 1984 Batu Nisan Di perkuburan Orang-orang Islam Di Subok, Bandar Seri Begawan By: P.O.K. Amar Diraja Dato Seri Utama(Dr.) Awang Haji Mohd. ]amil AI-Sufri

    A Note On P’o-Ni And Its Location By: Robert Nicholl Relations of The East Indies Company With Borneo (Brunei), The Sulu Archipelago, Mindanao, Etc., By: L. C. Van Dijk (Translated by Rev. Heuschen & edited by Robert Nicholl)

    The Tomb of Maharaja Kama of Brunei at Nanking By: Robert Nicholl

    The Letter of William Midwinter By: Robert Nicholl

    Letters From Brunei - Inche Mahomed’s Consular Reports 1866 - 1890 By: A. C. Watson

    Microlepidoptera In Brunei - The Fourth Ulu Temburong Expedition By: Gaden S. Robinson

    Notes on Crashes In The Wild-Life of North West Borneo By: Edward Banks Some Freshwater Aquarium Fish Of Brunei By: Sharon Eden

    The Agricultural Systems Of Temburong District, Brunei In 1972 By: R. B. Hewitt The Book of The Wonders of India. Edited and Translated by G.S.P. Freeman-Grenville, Reviewed by: Robert Nicholl

    VOL 6 NO 1 - 1985 Notes on Bornean Camphor Imported into ChinaBy: Han Wai Toon

    Myth and Legend in Brunei HistoryBy: Robert Nicholl

    The Prahus of the Sulu ZoneBy: Jim Warren

    Aganduru Moriz’ Account of the Magellan Expedition at BruneiBy: John S. Carrol

    Brunei, Sarawak and the Kota Batu Lands (1903-1917)By: A.V.M Horton

    Kalupis: A Delicacy of BruneiBy: Allen R. Maxwell

    The Craft of the Silversmith in BruneiBy: Pg. Haji Ismail bin Pg. Ibrahim

    Omen Birds: Their Influence on the life of the Dusuns with special reference to the Merimbun DusunsBy: Bantong bin Antaran

    Notes on some problems for Borneo animalsBy: Edward Banks

    Comparisons of Bird Numbers in Primary and Selectively-felled Tropical Rain Forest in BruneiBy: Simon Carter

    A New Species of Antherea Hubner (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Brunei By: M.G.Allen and J.D. Holloway

    An Enlarged Checklist of Brunei Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Rhopabcera) including descriptions of a new species and two new subspeciesBy: A. C. Cassidy

    A Preliminary survey of Ophioninae (Hymenoptera;Ichneumonidae) of BruneiBy: Ian D. Gauld

    West Kalimantan - A Bibliography by Jim Ave, Victor King and Joke de Witt; Floris Publications, Dordrecht - Dutch Florins 30.Reviewed by: Robert Nicholl

    Cracks in the Parchment Curtain and other Essays in Phlippino History By: William Henry Scott

    New Day Publishers, Quezon CityReviewed by: Robert Nicholl

    VOL 6 NO 2 – 1986

    P’u – Luo Chung as Third Century BorneoBy: Brain E. Colless

  • 10 11

    Po – Luo and Borneo – A ReExaminationBy: G.P. Wade

    The Quest for Iabadiou By: Robert Nicholl

    A Note on the Brunei Mosque of 1578By: Robert Nicholl

    Francisco De Sande’s Invasion of Brunei 1578 : An Anonymous Spanish AccountBy: John S. Carroll

    A Note on the Velarde Map By: Robert Nicholl

    The Ships on the Velarde MapBy: G. Adrian Horridge James Erskine Murray’s Expeditions to Kutei , 1843 – 1844 By: Graham Saunders

    Sir Charles Brooke’s visit to Brunei, April – May 1906 By: A.V. M. Horton

    The Signing of the 1905 – 1906 UK – Brunei Treaty - By: A.V.M. Horton

    A Study of Brunei Postage Rates and Charges, 1895 – 1985 By: E.Thorndike

    Japanese Immigrants in Sarawak before the Pacific War By: Yukata Shimomoto

    The Royal Air Force Ornithological Society’s Expedition, May – June 1984By: Major David Counsell

    A Study of Jungle Bird Feeding BehaviourBy: Sgt. David Bingham

    A Note on Edible Bird’s NestsBy: Edward Banks

    Historia Augustininia R.P. Isacio R. Rodrigues Augustiniano, 4707 Valladolid 7, SpainReviewed by: Robert Nicholl

    VOL 6 NO 3 – 1987

    Borneo –Related Illustrations in a Chinese Work - By: G.P. Wade

    Tomb of Maharaja BruneiBy: Metassim bin Haji Jibah & Suhaili bin Haji Hassan

    Brunei Trade with Macao at the Turn of the 19th century. A Propos of a 1819 letterfrom Sultan Khan Zul AlamBy: Dr. Pierre-Yves Manguin

    The History of Aviation in Brunei Darussalam 1945 to 1954By: J.B. Blanche

    Sultan Hashim’s Coinage (1887)By: A.V. M. Horton

    More Notes on Borneo Omen BirdsBy: Edward Banks

    Some Items of Decorative Silver-ware in the Brunei Museum Ethnographic CollectionBy: Victor T.King & Bantong Antaran

    Brunei Darussalam Mammal RecordsBy: Junaidi Payne & Mohd Jaya Haji Sahat

    A Wildlife Survey of Ulu TemburongBy: E.L. Bennett J.O. Caldecott & G.W.H. Davison

    A Checklist of the Birds of Brunei DarussalamBy: Clive F. Mann

    Sulu Zone 1768 – 1898 by James WarrenReviewed by: Robert Nicholl

    VOL 6 NO 4 - 1988

    MSH McArthur and Brunei 1904 – 1908 or ‘A Dying Kingdom’ ReprieveBy: A.V. M. Horton

    Death Customs among the TatansBy: Inka Pakkanen

    Symbolism in the Conception of Space and Time among the DusunsBy: Pudarno Binchin

    Impression of Brunei 1950 – 1951By. Elizabeth Scanlon

    Bird Report for Brunei Darussalam July 1986 to Jun 1987By: Clive F. Mann

    A Comparison of the Macrobenthic Communities at the Mouths of Sungai Bera, Sungai Tali and Sungai Lumut BruneiBy: Kam Suan Pheng, Leong Yueh Kwong, Leong Tak Seng, Ho Sinn Chye, Khoo Khay Huat, Sulaiman Hanapi, Wong Tat Meng and Steve Legore.

    I ADVOCATE ANONYMOUS Report on Brunei in 1904 by M.S.H. McArthur, edited by A.V.M. HortonReviewed by: Robert Nicholl

  • 12

    Brunei in the Sarawak Gazette By: Pg. Omarali bin Pg. Anak Hashim

    VOL 7 NO 1 - 1989

    A Note on the Brunei-United Kingdom Treaty of 1888 By: A.V. M. Horton

    An Age of Vicissitude Brunei 1225 - 1425 By: Robert Nicholl

    Notes on the Occurrences of Rhiniodon Typus and Istiophorus Platypterus in Brunei DarussalamBy: Selvanathan Subramaniam and Tatang Sujastani

    Conservation Areas in BorneoBy: Peter Eaton

    The Degradation of Cellulose in paper found in Library and Archive Materials By: Lai Huat

    Edward BankBy: Robert Nicholl

    M. leifer, ASEAN and the security of South-East (Routledge, London and New York, (1988). x + 198pp. Bibliography. Index Reviewed by: A.V. M. Horton

    VOL 7 NO 2 - 1990

    Archive-related Exhibitions and Exhibition Techniques By: Dr. Johannes Volker-Wagner

    A Study in the Origins of Brunei By: Robert Nicholl

    Annotated Checklist of Brunei Birds By: G. A. Vowles

    Changing Rainfall Patterns in Brunei Darussalam By: Peter Becker and Abdul Kadir bin Tengah

    Wader Movements in S.W. Brunei-Interim Report 1985 - 1986 By: J. Elkin and D. Harvey

    A Study of the Littoral Ecosystem in Brunei Estuary, Brunei Darussalam By: Haji Mohd Jaya bin Haji Sahat and John Howes

    VOL 7 NO 3 - 1991

    Ceramics found at the Sinaut Agricultural Training CentreBy: Jim Hendrick

    Notes on a blue-and-white Sherd (with Arabic Inscription) found at the Kota Batu Archaeological SiteBy: Pengiran Karim bin Pengiran Osman

    A Note on The Penan GamesBy: Pudarno Binchin

    Dwibahasa (Bilingual) System of Education in Brunei DarussalamBy: Dr Haji Ahmad bin Haji Jumat

    Annoted Bibliography : The Storage of Ethnographical Collections in the Tropical EnvironmentBy: Lai Huat

    Water Relations and Gas Exchange of some Forest Herbs in Brunei DarussalamBy: Peter Becker, Webber E. Booth, Masnah Mirasan and Irwan Haji Abu Bakar

    Bird Report for Negara Brunei Darussalam July 1988 - June 1990By: Clive F. Mann

    The Proboscis Monkey of Brunei Bay - Conservation Status and Ecotourism PotentialBy: Carey P. Yeager and Trevor K. Blondal

    The Crustacean Fauna of Negara Brunei DarussalamBy: Satish C. Choy

    VOL 7 NO 4 - 1992

    The Muara Damit negotiations 1920 - 1924By: A. V. M. Horton

    A report on archaeological excavation and exploration on Pulau Terindak and its surrounding area By: Pengiran Karim bin Pengiran Osman

    Masalah pengkajian etnik di Borneo dan pengajarannya bagi Negara Brunei DarussalamBy: Pudarno Binchin

    Natural resource use in the proposed Ulu Temburong National Park By: Peter Eaton and Susilawatiniah Haji Ibrahim

    Observation of Marine Animals in the Coastal waters of Western Brunei DarussalamBy: Jennifer Elkin

    Forecasting and understanding local weather in Brunei DarussalamBy: Richard Cooper

    Seasonality of rainfall and drought in Brunei DarussalamBy: Peter Becker

  • 12 13

    Fire damage in tropical heath forest: Peculiar features and vulnerability By: Peter Becker and Marina Wong

    Sighting of Orang Utan Pongo Pygmaeus in Brunei DarussalamBy: Ruth Levy

    VOL 8 - 1993

    Further notes on a Chinese tomb inscription of AD 1264By: Pengiran Karim bin Pengiran Osman

    Brunei DusunsBy: Bantong bin Antaran

    Bisaya: suatu tinjauan etnografiBy: Mustaffa bin Omar

    Upacara Perakong Sebagai Sebuah Upacara Kepercayaan Berpadi Masyarakat Puak Meting (Lemeting)By: Pudarno Binchin

    The ‘Limbang’ Murders of 1897: a diplomatic incident between Brunei, Sarawak and the United KingdomBy: A.V. M. Horton

    Damselflies and dragonflies from four forest types in Brunei.By: David J. Thompson & Jan van Tal

    Visitors to the flowers of the pitcher plant Nepenthes rafflesianaBy: Jonathan A. Moran

    Glimpses of Brunei (1): Nepenthes rafflesiana

    Pitcher allocation strategy of the pitcher plant Nepenthes rafflesianaBy: Jonathan A. Moran

    The effect of pitcher wing removal on prey capture by the pitcher plant Nepenthes rafflesiana.By: Jonathan A. Moran

    Misumenops nepenthicola : the top aquatic predator of the Nepenthes food web?By: Jonathan A. Moran

    VOL 9 - 1994

    Archaeology and the reconstruction of Brunei’ early history.By: Dato Paduka Haji Matussin bin Omar

    Tamarok: invoking the DaratoBy: Bantong bin Antaran

    Masks of Borneo (1): Indai Guru

    The Prospect of a new standard of development has opened up: economic and social policy in Brunei During the 1930’sBy: A.V.M. Horton

    Gastropocls and bivalves that have vernacular names in Brunei.By: Marina Wong and Aziah binti Hj. Ahmad

    Glimpses of Brunei (2): Bark Cloth

    Landslides in the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve.By: Alan P. Dykes

    Glimpses of Brunei (3): Pelong Rocks

    Further observations on drought-induced mortality in tropical heath forest.By: Peter Becker and Haji Ruslan bin Kurus

    VOL 10 - 1995

    Brunei Dress : traditional and adaptionBy: Bantong bin Antaran

    The Zulfakar on teh Bedil GargabusBy: Anna Berthesux

    Fishes of the Belait RiverBy: Lynne R. Parenti and Amy L. Downing Meisner

    Cetaceans of Northern BorneoBy: Peter J. Corkeron, Charles Leh, Patrick Anadau @ Mahedi & Stephen Leatherword

    A multi-method insect and plant inventory on a Kuala Belalong hectareBy: R.L. Kitching, A.G. Orr, A. Small, T. Martin Wong Khoon Meng & H. Mitchell

    The Use of tropical rainforest Geographical Information System for digital terrain modelling and topographical analysisBy: Alan P. Dykes

    Licuala palms in Brunei Dusun EthnobotanyBy: Jay H. Bernstein & Roy F. Ellen and Cornelius Hummel

    The Forests of Brunei and Labuan in 1914By: Cornelius Hummel and A.V. M. Horton & F.C. Hummel

    Root and Shoot form of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Jack, Simaroubaceae)By: Jeffrey Grainger and Peter Becker

    Two new records of papilionid butterflies from Brunei: Papilio demoleus libanius Frushtorfer and Pathysa (Paranticopsis) macareus macaristus (Grose-Smith, 1887)By: D.G. Watters

  • 14

    VOL 11 - 1996

    An initial consideration of toponyms in Negara Brunei DarussalamBy: Linda Kimball

    Rice Temper and Brunei Earthenware - Preliminary NotesBy: Paul Beavit, Chris Doherty and Pg Dr Karim

    The Ethnobotany of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae) among the Kedayan of Brunei DarussalamBy: Stuart J. Davies

    The avifauna of Upper Rejang, Sarawak, Malaysia MA Rahman MT By: Abdullah, I Mammat, BM Nor and ZZ Abidin

    The lowland Nepenthes pitcher plants of BruneiBy: Jonathan A. Moran

    VOL 11 - 1997

    Jenis Mandi-Mandian Dalam Masyarakat MelayuBy: Kipli Bulat

    Report on Excavation of KB I, Kota BatuBy: Pg Dr Karim bin Pg Hj Osman & Haji Abd Malek bin Haji Duraman

    A botanical survey of the proposed Meragang Beach Recreation Park, Brunei Darussalam Stuart J. Davies, By: David S. Edwards and Webber E. Booth

    An updated checklist of Brunei butterfliesBy: David G. Watters

    The rearing of seabass (Lates calcarifer) under laboratory conditions and its application to the aquaculture industry of Brunei Darussalam By: Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman

    VOL 19 - 2008

    Kesan kegiatan ekonomi masyarakat Brunei abad ke-10 – 13 Masihi dan abad ke-15 – 16 Masihi melalui peninggalan arkeologi: satu perbandinganBy: Pengiran Dr. Karim bin Pengiran Haji Osman

    Penyelidikan awal spesies nandong dan damselfly di zon C3, Taman Warisan Tasek MerimbunBy: Abdul Hady Shamsuddin

    The distribution and conservation of fields in Sarawak, Malaysia BorneoBy: Mohd Azlan J

    Inventori awal ke atas avifauna di zon C3, Taman Warisan Tasek MerimbunBy: Kassim bin Ismail

  • 14 15

    Monograph of The Brunei Museum Journal

    No. 1 – 1970Brunei: The Structure and History of A Bornean Malay SultanateD.E. BrownA scholary study that traces socio-political change in Brunei from several hundred years ago to the 1960’s. Topics covered include ethnic composition, traditional and modern stratification in Brunei society, kinship and marriage, traditional and modern government. Appendices list Malay names and titles, officials in the royal hierarchy, and the special pronouns used in conservation between nobles and commoners.

    No. 2 – 1974Prehistoric Wood From BruneiTom Harrison

    Wooden artifacts found at Kota Batu, the ancient centre of the Bruneian Sultanate, included: parts of looms and other tools used in producing textiles; parts of boats and oars and tools used in their manufacture; burial markers, trays, wheels, hammer, nails. Analysis of the wood reveals that the artifacts recovered were made from 14 species of hardwood trees. Many of the items recovered are illustrated with line drawings.

    No. 3 – 1979Shaer Yang Di-Pertuan Sultan Mohammad Jamalul AlamPehin Siraja Khatib Abdul Razak bin Hassanuddin

    Transliterated from Jawi script. Text are both in Malay and Jawi. The Syair has been rewritten and kept by. It tells the ancient story of Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam.

    70 pages, 175mm x 250mm(English text)

    174 pages, 175mm x 250mm(English text)

    210 pages, 175mm x 250mm(Malay / Jawi text)

    B$10.00 B$ 10.00 B$ 10.00

  • 16

    No. 4 – 1980The United States Consul and The Yankee RajaH.G. Keith

    The American colony of Ellena at Kimanis in northern Borneo was short-lived. Extensive excerpts from letters, newspaper articles, official paper chronicle the history of this little known colony. These documents were supplemented with interviews of the sole surviving person present when the colony was founded.

    No. 5 – 1982Investigations Into Fisheries Resources In BruneiR.h. Lindley

    Six separate articles examine the potential for developing small scale demersal trawl fishery, aquacultural potential of the Green Mussel, and the biology of penaeid prawns in Brunei Estuary. Besides an analysis if the fish samples collected, the information presented includes discussion and illustrations of the type of equipment used in the year-long study.

    No. 6 – 1986The Inter-relationship of Technology, Economy and Social Organisation in a Fishing Village in BruneiLim Jock Seng

    The advent of outboard motors changes the social and economic interactions of Malay fishermen with each other and with the Chinese middlemen who market the fish caught. An examination of the traditional Malay kinship and value system provides the basis for assessing these new relationship.

    256 pages, 175mm x 250mm(English text)

    204 pages, 175mm x 250mm(English text)

    123 pages, 175mm x 250mm(English text)

    B$ 10.00B$ 10.00B$ 10.00

  • 16 17

    Special Publication (Archaeology)

    Archaelogical Excavations in Protohistoric BruneiMatussin Omar

    Archaeological materials recovered from two sites in Brunei, Kupang and Sungai Lumut, are analyzed. Locally produced earthenware pottery as well as imported ceramics from the 10th – 17th centuries are used to deduce patters of trade.

    The Minutti Collection of Bronzes In BruneiTom Harrison

    The twenty-six pieces of antique Chinese bronzes were acquired as one collection from Mr. R. Minutti, a Swiss citizen who lived in China. The pieces date from the Chou Dynasty (1027 – 256 B.C.) until the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.)

    34 pages, 180mm x 253mm(English text)Year published: 1973

    116 pages, 200mm x 258mm(English text)Year published: 1981

    Tembikar Vietnam di Negara Brunei DarussalamAwang Hanapi bin Haji Maidin

    A briefed history of Vietnamese ceramics found in Brunei Darussalam. It also highlights the Vietnam international trade and touches on types, characteristics, kilns as well as the analysis of the Vietnamese ceramics.

    106 pages, 187mm x 255mmISBN: 99917-30-00-1 (Malay text)Year published: 1999

    B$ 12.50SOFT COVER

    B$ 15.50HARD COVER

    B$ 10.00B$ 1.00

  • 18

    Ragam Hias Batu Nisan dan Makam: Satu PengenalanAwang Haji Mohammad bin Salim

    This book in general illustrates the designs and decorates found on tombstones of the Muslim cemeteries in Brunei Muara, Tutong and Belait districts.

    269 pages, 205mm x 285mmISBN: 99917-30-10-9 (Malay text-hard cover)ISBN: 99917-30-11-7 (Malay text-soft cover)Year published: 2003

    Sungai Limau Manis Tapak Arkeologi Abad Ke-10 –13 MasihiPengiran Dr. Karim bin Pengiran Haji Osman

    Contains articles written based on research been done at the Sungai Limau Manis, one of the Brunei archeological site dated 10th –13th centuries. Text includes brief history of Sungai Limau Manis site, researched methodology, artifacts’ material analyzed, as well as conclusion and proposal.

    174 pages, 190mm x 260mmISBN: 99917-30-18-4 (Malay text)Year published: 2004

    Selected Vietnamese Ceramics in The Brunei Museums CollectionPengiran Dr. Karim bin Pengiran Haji Osman

    This book discusses Vietnamese ceramics in the Brunei Museum collection which is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on some selected Vietnamese ceramics in the Brunei Museum collection and the second part discusses Vietnamese ceramics that have been recovered from the Brunei Shipwreck. It also touches on the distribution as well as the role of maritime trade in the wide distribution of Vietnamese ceramics in mainland and island of Southeast Asia.

    64 pages, 185mm x 260mmISBN: 99917-30-12-5 (English text)Year published: 2003

    B$ 7.00 B$ 19.00B$ SOFT COVER19.50

    B$ 26.00HARD COVER

  • 18 19

    The Boats of Brunei DarussalamAwang Matzin bin Haji Yahya

    The flashback of the earlier maritime age, especially in the era of early navigation. Based on the historical and archaeological evidence, deep-sea maritime activity in Brunei Darussalam has existed from time immemorial. The book shows photos and illustrations of past and present type of boats, including industry.

    56 pages, 205mm x 294mmISBN: 99917-30-24-9 (English text)Year published: 2005

    B$ 5.70

    Temuan Arkeologi, Linguistik, Sejarah dan Budaya Se-Borneo (Kumpulan Kertas Kerja)

    A compilation of papers presented during the “Temuan Arkeologi, Linguistik, Sejarah dan Budaya Se-Borneo” Seminar, discussing the discovery, functions and values of beads in the Borneo Island society.

    198 pages, 185mm x 260mmISBN: 978-99917-30-56-1 (Malay and English text)Year published: 2014

    B$ 7.00

  • 20

    Special Publication (Ethnography)

    Warisan Budaya: Topeng Kayu Borneo Awang Bantong bin Antaran

    This publication is about masks of Borneo collected by the Brunei Museums Department.

    42 pages, 180mm x 250mmISBN: 99917-30-03-6 (Malay and English text)Year Published: 2001

    Warisan Budaya: Ukiran BedilAwang Bantong bin Antaran

    The different motifs found on Bruneian cannons in the Brunei Museum collection are illustrated and named.

    Warisan Budaya: Ragam Hias Kain TenunDayang Masnah binti Amit

    This publication features the motifs and patterns of Brunei’s traditional woven textiles.

    42 pages, 180mm x 250mm(Malay text) Year Published: 2001

    56 pages, 175mm x 250mm(Malay text)Year Published: 1989

    B$ 4.50 B$ 6.50

    B$ 11.50HARD COVER

    B$ 6.00SOFT COVER

  • 20 21

    Warisan Budaya: Keindahan Bentuk dan Ragam Hias CalapaAwang Kipli bin Bulat

    This publication features shape and motif found on betel box in the Brunei Museum collection.

    173 pages, 180mm x 250mmISBN: 99917-30-08-7 (Malay text)Year Published: 2002

    Warisan Budaya: Perusahaan Tradisi (Kumpulan Rencana) Ethnography Section

    Contains 10 essays focusing on light industries has been and still exist in Brunei.

    80 pages, 170mm x 246mmISBN: 99917-30-00-1 (Malay text)Year Published: 2009

    Warisan Budaya: Periuk TradisiBahagian Perolehan

    A descriptive catalogue of the Etnography collection of the traditional pot, collected by Brunei Museums Department from year 1952 until 2008.

    100 pages, 190mm x 250mmISBN: 99917-30-36-2 (Malay text)Year Published: 2010

    B$ 8.00B$ 8.00B$ 23.90SOFT COVER

    B$ 29.90HARD COVER

  • 22

    Bedil Koleksi Jabatan Muzium-MuziumAwang Kipli bin Bulat

    This publication is about cannons collected by the Brunei Museums Department featuring the significance and importance to the local society.

    257 pages, 195mm x 270mmISBN: 99917-30-26-5 (Malay text) Year Published: 2006

    B$ 17.10

    Adat Perkahwinan Etnik-Etnik di Negara Brunei DarussalamDayangku Norazah binti Pengiran Haji Muhammad and Dayang Masnah binti Amit

    This publication contains 15 articles which emphasizes the cultural heritage on wedding customs and partly still being practiced until today by the seven ethnics in Brunei Darussalam: Brunei Malays, Belait, Bisaya, Dusun, Kedayan, Murut dan Tutong.

    Permainan dan Sukan Tradisi Masyarakat Brunei DarussalamDayang Masnah binti Amit

    This publication which contains 13 articles is a good reference for a young generation to gain knowledge about traditional games of Brunei society which were widely practiced during the early days.

    157 pages, 180mm x 250mmISBN: 99917-30-20-6 (Malay text)Year Published: 2007Second Edition (Revised)

    155 pages, 175mm x 240mmISBN: 99917-30-28-1 (Malay text)Year Published: 2009(Second Edition)

    B$ 11.70 B$ 5.00

  • 22 23

    B$ 12.00

    146 pages, 175mm x 240mmISBN: 978-99917-30-19-4(Malay and English text)Year Published: 2012

    Bedil Khazanah Ristaan Brunei SilamPudarno Binchin, Puasa Kamis dan Haji Muhd Shahrin Abdullah

    The publication contains articles based on the history, function, sociology, and the manufacture of the local craftsman making the cannon in the past, and featuring the significant and the importance to the local society.

    94 pages, 220mm x 220mmISBN: 978-99917-3053-0(Malay text)Year Published: 2014

    Kain Tenunan: Pakaian Beradat Istiadat Kebudayaan Negara Brunei DarussalamSiti Norkhalbi Haji Wahsalfelah

    This book discusses the traditional uses of woven fabrics (kain tenunan) in the Malay community, royal customs and national culture in Brunei Darussalam.

    208 pages, 175mm x 240mmISBN: 978-99917-30-57-8(Malay and English text)Year Published: 2014

    Secebis Budaya WarisanPudarno Binchin

    This book consists of two parts; the first part focuses on social anthropological studies at the Malay Technology Museum using applied research methodology. The second part touches on the traditional practices which are slowly being forgotten and less practiced in today’s society.

    239 pages, 175mm x 24mmISBN: 978-99917-30-55-4(Malay text)Year Published: 2014

    Jejak BudayaPudarno Binchin

    This book describes the development of the Malay Technology Museum in relation to the ethnography section of the Brunei Museums Department. The ethnography section thrives with its researches and fieldworks resulting in numerous exhibitions, workshops and publications.

    B$ 7.00 B$ 7.00 B$ 7.00

  • 24

    A Guide to The Herbs, Small Shrubs and Climbing Plants of Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park, Tutong, Brunei DarussalamBetsy R. Jackes Samhan B. Nyawa

    A guide book on aspects of the plant life found in the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park.

    72 pages, 210mm x 230mmISBN: 99917-30-16-8 (English text)Year published: 2004

    Natural History

    Birds of Pelong RocksMarina Wong Haji Mohammad bin Haji Ibrahim

    Birds of Pelong Rocks reveals the importance of these wind swept and jagged islands as a breeding site, and as a rest stop for migrants. The test is concise account of observations made over four breeding seasons and is profusely illustrated with colour photographs and watercolour paintings of the birds observed.

    70 pages, 155mm x 215mm(English text)Year published: 1996

    Common Seashore Life of BruneiMarina Wong Aziah binti Haji Ahmad

    Common Seashore Life of Brunei offers an opportunity to learn about the physical nature and natural history of Brunei’s beaches. Abundant photographs, drawings, and watercolour paintings supplement ecological notes in describing a selection of 93 plants and animals. With this book as a start, visitors to the beach can begin to identify the impressive array of organisms found in the habitat.

    121 pages, 155mm x 215mm(English text)Year published: 1996

    B$ 15.00 B$ 20.00 B$ 13.00

  • 24 25

    Buku Panduan Kehidupan Liar Haiwan Akuatik di Tasek Merimbun (A Guide Book of Wild Aquatic Fauna of Tasek Merimbun)Zohrah Haji SulaimanHaji Ramlee Haji Shahdan

    This guide book is a record of studied on aquatic fauna of Tasek Merimbun.Accompanying the informative text of the book are several photographs of habitats and sampling methods, as well as a map of the sampling areas from which the fauna is documented.

    A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park, Brunei DarussalamIndraneil DasSamhan bin NyawaJoseph K. Charles

    This book is a colourful guide to the amphibians and reptiles of Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park Tutong District, Brunei Darussalam. It cover all species recorded from the area and provides a brief description and colour image.

    155 pages, 155mm x 230mmISBN: 99917-30-27-3 (English and Malay text)Second Edition: 2007

    92 pages, 160mm x 230mmISBN: 99917-30-32-X (English text)Year published: 2008

    Featherstars of the Seas around Brunei Darussalam David Brown and Mike Moroney

    This book provides comprehensive descriptions and attractive illustration of featherstars, one of the species found in the marine environment of this country, making it useful introduction and reference source, consistent with the function of the Museum as an educational institution.

    46 pages, 165mm x 230mmISBN: 99917-30-34-6 (English text)Year published: 2009

    B$ 8.50 B$ 3.30 B$ 7.20

  • 26

    Other Publications

    Pertuturan IHaji Matassim bin Haji Jibah

    Pertuturan IIHaji Matassim bin Haji Jibah

    Pertuturan IIISuhaili bin Haji Hassan Simat bin AngasPg. Johani bin Pg. Haji Pungut Haji Ismail bin Ibrahim

    Pertuturan VDayangku Mardinah binti Pengiran Haji Omar

    177 pages, 145mm x 210mmYear published: 1994

    161 pages, 145mm x 210mmISBN: 99917-30-22-2 Year published: 2007(Second Edition)

    PertuturanThe rich oral tradition of Brunei is reflected in this collection of folk tales that are still being told today. Volume I – 30 stories; Volume II – 17 stories; Volume III – 15 stories; Volume IV – 14 stories; and Volume V - 10 storiesAll in Malay text.

    142 pages, 150mm x 210mmISBN: 99917-30-1-5-X-Year published: 2013(Third Edition)

    168 pages, 145mm x 210mm ISBN: 99917-30-25-7Year published: 2006(Second Edition)

    B$ 6.00 B$ 6.00

    B$ 6.00

    Pertuturan IVDayangku Mardinah binti Pengiran Haji Omar

    B$ 15.00

    238 pages, 145mm x 210mmISBN: 978-99917-30-48-6 Year published: 2012

    B$ 6.00

  • 26 27

    Sejarah Ringkas Panji-Panji Negeri Brunei(A Short History of The Brunei State Crest)Haji Abdul Latif bin Haji Ibrahim

    The evolution of the Brunei State Crest is traced from the 15th Century when it was a royal emblem to its status as a State Crest in 1959. The different elements of the crest are explained.

    26 pages, 173mm x 248mmISBN: 99917-30-23-0 (Malay and English text)Year published: 2005(Third Edition)

    European Sources for The History of The Sultanate of Brunei In The 16th CenturyRobert Nicholl

    Portuguese and Spanish accounts of visits to Brunei are translated to English and are arranged chronologically and span the years 1505 – 1684.

    119 pages, 170mm x 250mmISBN: 99917-30-31-1(English text)Year published: 2007(Third Edition)

    Analytical Index To The Brunei Museum Journal 1969 – 1984Awangku Omarali bin Pengiran Anak HashimPengiran Mat Rais bin Pengiran Kula

    This book consists list of articles in The Brunei Museum Journal published from 1969 to 1984.

    38 pages, 177mm x 247mm(English text)Year published: 1985

    B$ 3.00 B$ 6.00 B$ 3.50

    Kritikan dan Rekonstruksi Sejarah Berasaskan Rekod

    A compilation of selected essays from the International Archives Day 2012 essay writing competition with the theme “Penulisan Esei Kritikan dan Rekonstruksi Sejarah Berasaskan Rekod”.

    77 pages, 175mm x 250mmISBN: 978-99917-30-58-5(Malay text) Year published: 2014

    B$ 6.00

  • 28

    The Discovery and Development of The Seria OilfieldG.C. Happer

    A detailed history of the oil and gas industry of Brunei from 1899 until early seventies.

    136 pages, 175mm x 253mmISBN: 99917-30-35-4 (Pbk)(English text)Year published: 2009(Second Edition)

    B$ 6.00

    Muzium Brunei Jubli Perak 25 Tahun 1965-1990

    A volume that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Brunei Museum. Important events and developments during this period are noted. Functions and activities of the different sections are described.

    144 pages, 230mm x 260mm(Malay text)Year published: 1990

    Tokoh-Tokoh Agama di Brunei Darussalam: Pengenalan RingkasSimat bin Angas Suhaili bin Haji Hassan Haji Ismail bin Ibrahim

    Biographies of 21 religious leaders in Brunei are presented. The personalities included date from the 14th to the 20th century.

    71 pages, 147mm x 210mm(Malay text)Year Published: 1992

    Bubungan Dua BelasA.C. Watson

    Featuring history of Bubungan Dua Belas building.

    68 pages, 180mm x 250mmISBN: 999917-30-06-8 (English text)Year Published: 2002Second Edition (Revised)

    B$ 5.00B$ 10.00B$ 17.00

  • 28 29

    Buku Mewarna Binatang Liar Yang dilindungi di Negara Brunei Darussalam: Siri IPublication SectionPublic Relation SectionNatural History Section

    Colouring book consists 10 animals protected under the Act of Wildlife.

    24 pages, 210mm x 297mm(Malay text)(cetakan kedua 2014)

    Buku Mewarna Binatang Liar Yang dilindungi di Negara Brunei Darussalam: Siri IIPublication SectionPublic Relation SectionNatural History Section

    Colouring book consists 10 animals protected under the Act of Wildlife.

    24 pages, 210mm x 297mm(Malay text)Year published: 2010

    137 pages, 260mm x 190mm (Malay text)ISBN: 99917-30-49-16-0Year published: 2010

    Secalit Warna Koleksi Galeri Seni Jabatan Muzium-Muzium Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia dan SukanBahagian Galeri Seni

    ‘Secalit Warna Koleksi Galeri Seni Jabatan Muzium-Muzium’ content of the Brunei Museum Department’s art collection from 1967-1997, These art collections was done by Brunei local artists as well as international artists in different type of media used, technique, and aspects such as landscape, portraits, nature, calligraphy, abstracts and as such.

    B$ 1.80 B$ 1.80

    B$ 16.00

    Buku Mewarna Alat-Alat Kebesaran Diraja

    A colouring book depicting illustrations of the exhibits at the Royal Regalia Building.


    20 pages, 210mm x 297mmISBN: 978-99917-30-59-2(Malay and English text) Year published: 2014

    B$ 1.80

  • 30

    B$ 10.00B$ 5.00

    B$ 8.00

    15 pages, 300mm x 240mm ISBN: 978-99917-30-50-8(Malay text)Year published: 2012

    101 pages, 148mm x 210mm ISBN: 978-99917-30-47-8 (Malay text)Year published: 2012

    64 pages, 240mm x 210mm ISBN: 99917-30-40-0(English text)Year published: 2012(Second Edition)

    Keluarga Si KalabangM.O.A

    Ke Arah Kecemerlangan Pengurusan MuziumHaji Raduan Haji Ratu

    Brunei Darussalam-United KingdomRelationship Exhibition

    This book contains a brief history of Bubungan Dua Belas Building and the History of the British High Commissioners in Brunei Darussalam. It also shows historic photographs on the relationship between Brunei Darussalam and United Kingdom since 19th century until present time: now being Exhibited at the Bubungan Dua Belas Building.

    The story book of a “Kalabang” and his family, a butterfly life circle, family and the species.

    The publication contains articles and working papers that have been presented in various seminars that are related to museum. It is comprised of the issues and the challenges faced by museums in the modern world today.

  • 30 31


    A list of Brunei Publications deposited at the Brunei’s Museum Library under the Preservation of Books Act 1967. It listed materials that received from the departments, firms, school’s organizations and others. Type of the materials include books, monographs, government publications, reports, first issues of serials, selected pamphlets and programmes.

    Text are in Malay and English.

    160 pages, 210mm x 290mm ISBN: 99917-30-29-XYear published: 1996

    132 pages, 210mm x 290mm ISBN: Year published: 1999

    57 pages, 210mm x 290mm ISBN:Year published: 1997

    59 pages, 210mm x 290mm ISBN: Year published: 1999

    Bibliografi Negara Brunei Darussalam 1967-1991

    Bibliografi Negara Brunei Darussalam 1992

    Bibliografi Negara Brunei Darussalam 1996

    Bibliografi Negara Brunei Darussalam 1997

    B$ 20.00 B$ 6.00 B$ 6.00 B$ 4.00

  • 32

    Bibliografi Borneo: Koleksi Nadir

    60 pages, 210mm x 297mm (Malay and English text)Year published: 2003

    160 pages, 145mm x 225mm ISBN: 99917-30-29-X (Malay text) Year published: 2006

    Katalog Koleksi Sejarah Lisan Arkib Negara Brunei DarussalamCompiled by: Pengiran Saakdiah binti Pengiran Haji Omar Awang Haji Ilham Rohaidi bin Awang Haji Mashud Pengiran Omarali bin Pengiran Anak Hashim

    A catalogue of 91 informants been interviewed by the Museums Department Staff.

    B$ 4.00

    B$ 3.30

    B$ 6.00

    69 pages, 195mm x 250mm ISBN: 99917-30-41-9 (Malay text) Year published: 2010

    88 pages, 195mm x 250mm ISBN: 99917-30-43-5 (Malay text) Year published: 2010

    B$ 7.00

    Index The Brunei Museum Journal 1969-1997

    228 pages, 175mm x 250mm (Malay and English text)Year published: 2003

    B$ 7.00