Tutorial sun position dependent blind control

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Tutorial sun position dependent blind control


  • Tutorial

    Sun-position-dependent blind control

    myGEKKO integrates a complete sun-position-dependent blind control. This control system takes the current

    season, the sun position and the current weather conditions into account.

    Due to a certain sun height and direction the blinds can be controlled automatically. If available, a brightness sensor can also

    be integrated. Thus, you can prevent your rooms from overheating, save cooling costs while avoiding fading of furniture and

    textiles during summer time.

    The blind has two operating modes: Manual and Solar tracking If the operating mode is set to Manual, the blinds will be

    controlled via push-buttons, display, clocks or actions. If the operating mode is set to Solar tracking, the blinds will be cont-

    rolled automatically depending on insolation.

    In the detailed view of the blind you can:

    v select the operating mode (manual or solar tracking) 1 v read out whether the sun protection is active (green) or inactive (gray) 2 v assess the current sun position as well as the current brightness 3 v determine the position of your blinds at active or inactive sun protection. 4

  • The tilt of the blinds always takes place so that they are always positioned at a 90 angle to the sun. Once the blind is operated

    in "Solar tracking" mode via push-buttons, display, clock or action, it automatically switches to "Manual" mode and remains in it.

    HINT: Just use an action or clock to automatically switch from Manual to Solar tracking mode.

    In order that the blinds close in Solar tracking mode or protect the room from insolation, the conditions of the sun protection must

    be met. The settings for the sun protection are specified in the parameter level (2nd level) in the Sun protection settings.

    Sun protection settings

    The blind has two operating modes: Manual and Sun position


    The sun protection is activated on the basis of the current direction and height of the sun. If the sun is within the specified range,

    the sun protection will be activated. To adjust these values for the sun protection correctly you may also use the trend recordings

    of the sun as an aid.

  • Brightness

    As an additional condition to determine whether the sun is shining at all, an outdoor brightness sensor may be used. Therefore, defi-

    ne the orientation of the blinds and under Brightness Min. the brightness, which has to be achieved to activate the sun protection.

    Save under Time delay On and under Time delay Off the desired delay time. If the conditions are fulfilled, they must be true for

    the entire defined time span (without interruption), so that the solar tracking is activated or deactivated.

    Approach positionSave under "Position" at what position the blinds should be moved when the sun protection is enabled. The tilting is done automa-

    tically depending on the insolation level.

    Activate sun protection on a daily basis

    Once the blind is operated in " Solar tracking" mode via push-button, display, clock or action, it automatically switches to "Manual"

    mode and remains in it. By using a timer you can activate the sun protection on a daily basis.

    In our example, we open the blinds in the morning and move them to the 0.0 % position (position 0 and tilting 0). The blinds are

    opened through the option "Position+Sun". The solar tracking is activated at the same time. If the blinds change from active sun

    protection to inactive sun protection, they will move back to the last position before sun protection was enabled. In this case, it is

    the setting of position 0.0% . Additionally, we use the timer to close the blinds in the evening. During this amount of time the blind

    is in "Manual" operating mode, but changes to the "Solar tracking" operating mode at 7:30 via the option "Position+Sun".

    As of: July 2013All software-related descriptions refer to software V2022. We suggest to update the system for older versions. There can be small differences in the descriptiondue to software modifications.