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  • 1. By simisola saraki

2. This TV documentary is totally different from the top I want to do in my own documentary but I did learn some skills which inspired me and will also consider to use such in my own documentary to become as effectives. This documentary is about strict parents, and who they bring up their children to become a responsible child. 3. vvr/The_Worlds_Strictest_Parents_Series_3_Ne w_Jersey/# 4. This is an established short showing the location's will used this shot to show where my documentary is taken place. 5. The shot used is a mid shot which show how they are focus and they are more likely to be a dominant in the documentary. I will perhaps used it for the range of target audience but will definitely put an age beside each audience participating. 6. The shot used is side short as well as two short. This is showing a footages of the relationship between them. I perhaps will like this skill that is the idea of using to shots in my series of documentary. 7. In my documentary i will like to do a side short with a close-up of the audience i ask question because i got inspired by the fact that the audiences name is at the side and also makes them concentrate on what is being ask that focussing on what is round them. 8. This is a long shot and a 2 shot showing a full impression of the two audience and the relationships between them. I will like to use it for my documentary because it is effectives using a lot of shots. For an example of my documentary on social network any one could say this top I brought on line site etc. 9. There is not a lot of voice over like the introduction was briefly explaining what the over documentary will be about, with a lot of visual. I like this skill because its educates audience who are watching this documentary. Where as, the sound was not used a lot just in few parts of the documentary. I like the part when the sound was still playing the voice over was in a high level than it goes to a low level. I will consider to have that because it doesn't disturb an audience speaking but creates their excitement. 10. brands-globalization-resistance/ 11. The shot used is an established shots which show the location of the big Ben. I also like the transition on the big Ben shows how important the location is. I will consider using the black and white in my documentary if any audience want to refer to their flash back. 12. I like the font it is nice and clear. The animation for the font is really good perhaps I could use it for the title of my own documentary. 13. The sound is really effective because the sounds change to different instrument which associates with what the people are doing in the documentary I may consider that in my documentary, perhaps putting that in my title at the beginning.