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  • 1. TV Web based dramaAnalysis of editing for the TV web based drama E20Series 1 Episode 1 E20Order of shots

2. In these four shots you can see that they are an orderof shots, because of the order of what happens, theyshow you a shot of the picture of Amira, what sets thescene of where they are, then it shows Lucy and Leonrunning up the stairs, it then shows Leon and Lucy 3. starting to kiss, and as they move into the room theyknock the picture of Amira over and Leon picks it upand looks at it. And Lucy says dont worry about that,thats Amira who used to live here.ContinuityThe episode starts with Fats and Mercy the maincharacters at a meeting in a location that everyonewho watches Eastenders would be familiar with.This is an establishing shot of Zsa Zsa looking at theman looking for her. 4. This is a reverse shot of Zsa Zsa and the man lookingfor her. This is an eye line match of Lucas looking at theyouth minister.There is a reverse shot of Mercy and Fats. 5. This is an eye line shot of Lucy walking out the door, inthe next shoot you see that she was looking at theman who is chasing Zsa Zsa.Over the shoulder shot. 6. This is a reverse shot of Leon and Lucy, arguing aboutratting Zsa Zsa out.This is a match on action shot of Lucy going to shutthe door then in the next shot the door is being shut. 7. This is a tracking shot of Mercy and Fats walking.This is an eye line match of Fats looking at somethingto help him with the situation he is in. In the next shotyou see exactly what this is. 8. This is a low angle shot of Mercy showing she is incontrol.This is an extreme close up of the man who hascaught Zsa Zsa.