Tweeting the news

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Tweeting the news. Breaking news . Hudson River plane crash Fort Hood shooting Hurricane Irene Aurora theater shooting. Twitter use. More than 175 million users . Up from 58 million in 2009. Adding 370,000 a day!. Twitter as a news source. News travels fast. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Tweeting the news

Tweeting the news

Breaking news Hudson River plane crashFort Hood shootingHurricane IreneAurora theater shooting

Twitter useMore than 175 million users.Up from 58 million in 2009.Adding 370,000 a day!

Twitter as a news sourceNews travels fast.Osama bin Ladens death: 12.4 million tweets an hour.Sense of immediacy.How journalists use itProvide real time news.Engage audiences, create community.Connect with people, sources.Develop personal brands. Link to their work.Crowd source content.Get questions answered.

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Understand Twitter termsRT Retweet (Repost someone elses message)Automatic retweets cannot modify the messageMT you have retweeted a tweet but modified it.DM Direct Message (Private message sent to a specific person) # - Hashtag Precedes a keyword and makes it easier to search for particular topics

Understand Twitter terms@Reply -- a tweet sent in direct response to another tweet. (@ followed by their Twitter name)

Your @reply message will only show up in your followers tweet timelines if they also are following the person to whom you sent the reply.

If they are following you, but not following the person you replied to, they won't see your reply tweet. Understand Twitter termsHow to get all of your followers to see?

Understand Twitter termsPlace a period before @username.

Or post a direct tweet, but use the @username somewhere other than the beginning.

Be judicious with @reply tweets.

Using hashtagsAutomatically groups tweets identified with that hashtag, making topic search easy.Great way to share information at conferences, events and during breaking news.Find out if an event has an official hashtag; if not, you can create one. You can save searches, to make it easy to review.Some hashtag examplesTwitterfallHootsuiteWhat to live tweetTwitter works well for breaking news and for the blow-by-blow account of an event.government meetingspublic forumspress conferencesspeechessporting events

Live tweeting tipsConsider your live twitter stream a story it needs a beginning, middle and end.The first tweet should announce to your followers that youll be live tweeting. Describe briefly what youll be covering.

Live tweeting tips

Live tweeting tipsOnce the event begins, be sure you have an opening tweet that sets the stage location, what is happening, what is expected, etc.

Live tweeting tipsCover the event on Twitter just as you would a story.You wouldnt write a story that includes everything that was said at a meeting or event.Be discerning use your reporting instincts to decide what is relevant and pertinent. You only want to report the highlights.

Live tweeting tipsBe a careful observer and have an eye open for novel and important information that might be relevant to your audience.

Live tweeting tipsEach tweet should cover one point at a time.Think subjects, verbs (like headlines).You can drop articles for space.Strive to make each an understandable, self-contained message.

Live tweeting tipsUse good grammar.Punctuate for clarity.Dont over-abbreviate if message too long consider using a follow-up tweet to clarify

Live tweeting tipsBe useful provide information or insight.Be judicious about your links.

Live tweeting tipsAlways be professional.Avoid using exclamation points, emoticons, jargon and slang (including LOL)

Live tweeting tipsTry to be consistent and concise in how you use attribution.

Dont be afraid to use color in tweets to help readers feel like they are there. This one could have indicated the person was angry and shouted.Live tweeting tipsVisuals either photos or videos are always good to include if they contribute to the story.

Does this one contribute?

Does this one?

Live tweeting tipsEnd with a wrap-up tweet indicate to your followers that the event is over. Then tweet to tell readers to look for an upcoming web story on the event.

Encourage the conversationLet your followers know ahead of time that youll be live tweeting.

HashtagsAlso send tweets to interested hashtags know ahead of time that youll be live tweeting search for those that might not be obvious by topic.#LNK#UNL#OMA#immigration


Encourage the conversationBut be courteous when using others hashtags and dont flood them with tweets.They consider it spam when you over tweet on their line or frequency.

Encourage the conversation

Good idea several times during the course of your live feed to repeat a summary tweet that tells new followers who have joined what you are covering live.

In that tweet, you could also include other hashtags that might be interested.Encourage the conversationTry to watch for responses or direct messages to get reader comments and questions. Retweet or respond when its appropriate.

Using hashtagsWhen selecting a hashtag for a live event, try to keep it short and relevant.But be sure to explain it well in any promotional tweets and when you begin the live tweet.And be sure to use it in every single tweet.

Using hashtags

Hashtag confusion

Nuts and boltsCorrecting tweets: If notice a typo, delete and retweet.If a factual error, correct with new tweet and delete the original.Nuts and boltsIf using a phone, make sure your battery is fully charged; take charger in case.Arrive early to scope out best location locate power supply.Be sure to check out Wi-Fi access beforehand.

Do your prep workFind out before the event as much as you can.Interview people, if necessary, to get background info.If its a speech, can you get an advanced digital copy?

Be CautiousSource of breaking news but be cautious.

Ethics still applyVerify before you Tweet.Admit what you dont know.Credit what youre using. Remember its public.Tweets can be libelous.

Your ideas for live tweeting?

Your assignmentLive tweeting practice assignment due in your Dropbox folder Sept. 4. Once you have tweeted, you will need to copy and paste your tweets into a Word document in Dropbox, but also bring in a printout to class.

See what journalists are doingMuck Rack is compiled of real-time Twitter activity by journalists. See what journalists are reading, following and talking about. The site is searchable by news organization, tweets, links and photos.Study live tweeting examplesWaPo live tweeterCoJMC immigration forum@TBD D.C. deathThe Lede on TwitterStorify@BreakingNews

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