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<p>MAJELIS PENDIDIKAN DASAR DAN MENENGAH</p> <p>SMA MUHAMMADIYAH 3 SWASTA TERAKREDITASI ANSS : 304050115014 NDS : 3005011502CABANG BUNGAH KABUPATEN GRESIK WILAYAH JAWA TIMURSekretariat : Jalan Raya Bungah Km. 17 Gresik 61152 Telp. 031-3948974</p> <p>LEMBAR SOAL UJIAN AKHIR SEMESTER GANJIL TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/2011 Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e! Text 1 The following text is for questions 1 5.Once, three fish lived in a pond. One evening, some fishermen passed by the pond and saw the fish. This pond is full of fish, they told each other excitedly. we have never fished here before. We must come back tomorrow morning with our nets and catch these fish! So saying, the fishermen left. When the eldest of the three fish heard this, he was troubled. He called the other fish together and said, Did you hear what the fishermen said? We must leave this pond at once. The fishermen will return tomorrow and kill us all! The second of the three fish agreed. You are right, he said. We must leave the pond. But the youngest fish laughed. You are worrying without reason, he said. We have lived in this pond all our lives, and no fisherman has ever come here. Why should these men return? I am not going anywhere my luck will keep me safe. The eldest of the fish left the pond that very evening with his entire family. The second fish saw the fishermen coming in the distance early next morning and left the pond at once with all his family. The third fish refused to leave even then. The fishermen arrived and caught all the fish left in the pond. The third fishs luck did not help him he was caught and killed.</p> <p>Kelas : X Jam ke/Waktu : II / 90 menit</p> <p>4.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>6.</p> <p>7.</p> <p>1. What is the text about? a. Its about three fish. b. Its about some fishermen. c. Its about the eldest fish, the second fish and the youngest fish. d. Its about the fishermen and the youngest fish. e. Its about the fish and its family. 2. What is the first paragraph called? a. Issue b. Thesis c. Identification d. Orientation e. Reorientation 3. Who heard the fishermen talking? a. The first fish b. The second fish c. The third fish</p> <p>8.</p> <p>9.</p> <p>d. The youngest e. The eldest The fishermen will return tomorrow and kill us all! (paragraph 2) The word us refers to.. a. The fishermen b. The three fish c. The eldest fish d. The second fish e. The youngest fish Why did the third fish refuse to leave the pond? a. Because the third fish loved the pond. b. Because the first fish forbade him to go. c. Because the third fish believed that he would be saved. d. Because the second and the first fish already left the pond. e. Because the third fish was caught by the fishermen. Gita : Wow, its great handbag. ? Indri : I bought it in Galaxy Mall. a. How did you buy it? b. With whom did you buy it? c. When did you buy it? d. Where did you buy it? e. Why did you buy it? Sheila : Whats wrong with you? Mercy : I lost my wallet. Sheila : .. a. Oh, Im sorry to hear that b. Oh, it really good c. Are you sure? d. I dont think so e. Youd better see a doctor soon Dicky : Do you have a plan for next Sunday? Bruce : No. Why? Dicky : lets go to watch Sang Pemimpi? Bruce : a. I dislike it b. Im not sure c. How do you do d. I wish I have mush money e. Thats sound a nice idea Cindy : Hi, Bel. Dont you hear that our school will hold a trip to Jakarta? Bella : Is that right? . a. Its doubt! b. Fantastic! c. Thats too bad!</p> <p>Ujian Akhir Semester 2010 2011</p> <p>Page 1</p> <p>d. Im not sure! e. Certainly! 10. Andy : Hi, I called you last night but you were not at home. Where did you go? Beni : Oh, Im sorry a. I go to my aunts house today b. I goes to my aunts house today c. I have gone to my aunts house yesterday d. I went to my aunts house last night e. I would go to my aunts house tomorrow Text 2 The following text is for questions 11 14. Beautiful Golden Retriever I have a beautiful 2 year old Golden Retriever with silky light brown hair. I have named her Goldie. She is about 0.5 m tall, and weighs 20 kg. She is a very good pet. She is great with kids and other dogs. If you are interested in my dog, please call Aji at (021) 532 444, or email 11. What is being advertised? a. A beautiful silver retriever b. A silky light brown dog c. A beautiful golden retriever d. A pet named Goldie e. Aji Purnomo 12. What is the name of the pet? a. Golden b. Goldie c. Retriever d. Silky e. Aji 13. What is the hair color of the pet? a. Light b. Dark brown c. Great d. Silky e. Silky light brown 14. What should you do if you are interested in the advertisement? a. You can come to Ajis office. b. You should type him a message. c. You can meet him anytime. d. You should call him. e. You should access an internet. 15. Boy : Its very cold and windy. . Girl : Ok. a. Do close the window! b. Turn off the radio please. c. Switch on the fan! d. Turn on the AC. e. Please come here. 16. Father : keep movie and youll be lazy to study. Son : Sorry, dad. a. Watching b. Watch c. Watched d. To watch e. Has watched</p> <p>Text 3 The following text is for questions 17 20.The school drama club is going to organize the Sangkuriang casts audition. For those who are interested to join the audition, please come to our office on Monday, 4 August, at 2 p.m. to register. The followings are the requirements: - your latest photograph of postcard size (2) - the registration form (get it in the office) The audition will be held on Sunday, 10 August, at 9 a.m. The list of the selected candidates will be announced in a week. We do appreciate your participation. Thank you. The Committee p.s.: no charge for the registration form</p> <p>17. What is the text called? a. Advertisement b. Announcement c. Brochure d. Memo e. Letter 18. Who is the text written for? a. All teachers b. The school c. For those d. The students e. The committee 19. Which of the following that is incorrect based on the text above? a. The school drama club is holding a selection for casts in a drama. b. If you are interested, you can register yourself in the office. c. You should enclose an old photograph of postcard size (2). d. The result will be announced a week after. e. You dont need to pay for the registration fee. 20. When will the result announced? a. 4 August, at 4 p.m. b. On Sunday c. At 9 p.m. d. Next weekend e. August, 17th. 21. Adib : You got A for your writing assignment. Anita: .. a. Im delighted. b. Its terrible. c. I dont believe it. d. Im disappointed. e. Poor you. 22. Jojon: .a glass of es oyen? Sule : Sure. Thanks. a. Do you drink b. Would you like c. Will you buy d. Do you want to come e. Shall you make</p> <p>Ujian Akhir Semester 2010 2011</p> <p>Page 2</p> <p>Text 4 The following text is for questions 23 27. An Unlucky Day One morning, I got up with the feeling that the day was going to be an unlucky one for me. How right it was! Found that it was already 06:15 a.m. I rushed into the bathroom. I did not see a piece of soap lying on the floor, I stepped on it and slipped, almost breaking my back in the process. Then, I went into the dining room for my breakfast. I gulped down the tea without realizing that it was very hot. It burnt my tongue. I spat it out and could not eat anything because my tongue hurt. I got dressed and rushed to the bus stop. Unfortunately, I just missed the bus. My heart sank and I knew that I would be late for school. When I reached school, my name was taken down by the teacher. The teacher scolded me for being late. To my humiliation, I was made to stand outside the class. I was so upset by the incidents that I could not study properly. But worse was to come. After school, I was on my way home when something hard hit me on the head. Someone hand thrown a bag of fish bones out of the window and it landed on me! I was boiling with rage but could do nothing. However, luckily for me, this only raised a small lump on my head. I managed to reach home safe and sound, and did not dare to go out again for the rest of the day. 23. The text is called a. Narrative b. Report c. Descriptive d. Recount e. Procedure 24. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To retell the writers past experience. b. To entertain the readers with an amazing story. c. To inform the readers the way to make something. d. To tell the readers that the writer was a student. e. To inform the reader about the writers daily activities. 25. Did the writer oversleep? a. Yes, he was. b. No, he wasnt. c. Yes, he did. d. Yes, he does. e. No, he isnt. 26. What happened after he drank a hot tea? a. He got dressed and rushed to the bus stop. b. He stepped on a soup and slipped. c. Someone hit him on his head. d. He didnt dare to go out anymore. e. His tongue was burnt. 27. I was boiling with rage but could do nothing (paragraph 4). What does the sentence mean?</p> <p>a. The writer was angry. b. The writer was upset. c. The wants to boil the fish. d. He was hungry. e. He wants to eat fish. 28. This . couch makes me sit and relax . a. Good well b. Beautiful beautifully c. Cute easily d. Comfortable comfortably e. Great greatly 29. The question is very . I cant answer it. a. Easy b. Good c. Heavy d. Difficult e. Smart 30. My mother didnt know that I went home late because I opened the door .. a. Strongly b. Quietly c. Carefully d. Hardly e. Well II. Read the text and answer the questions correctly! How to Make a Pencil Box Materials: An empty plastic bottle of mineral water A sharp cutter A piece of white or colorful paper Some paints Some glue Steps: Wash the plastic bottle. Make sure it is clean when you use it. Cut the bottle into two halves. Wrap the bottle with a piece of colored paper If you use plain paper, use the paint to make a drawing on it. Now, your pencil box is ready to use. Answer the questions! 31. What is the aim of this text? 32. What kind of bottle do you need to make a pencil box? 33. What should you do before cutting the bottle? 34. How does each step start? 35. What should you do if you use a plain paper? </p> <p>Ujian Akhir Semester 2010 2011</p> <p>Page 3</p> <p>Ujian Akhir Semester 2010 2011</p> <p>Page 4</p>