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UK Statistics Authority. Kate Harley Head of Programme. UK Statistics Authority. An independent body from 1 st April 2008: Monitoring publication and quality of Official Statistics Reporting to Parliament Definitions, methodology & classifications Assist in data sharing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of UK Statistics Authority

  • UK Statistics AuthorityKate HarleyHead of Programme

  • UK Statistics AuthorityAn independent body from 1st April 2008:

    Monitoring publication and quality of Official StatisticsReporting to ParliamentDefinitions, methodology & classificationsAssist in data sharingMaintain a Code of Practice (consulting with Ministers)Assess and designate National Statistics (when requested by Ministers)

  • What are Official Statistics? Statistics produced by UKSA, a government department, devolved administration, or other statistics as specified by a Minister of the Crown or devolved administration.

    Statistics & Registration Service Act 2007

  • What are Official Statistics? consist mainly of regular and planned statistics and analysis produced by statistics units in the Scottish Government, GROS and ISD.

    Framework for Scottish Official Statistics(

  • Official StatisticsNational Statistics are a subset of Official Statistics which comply with the Code of Practice

    IncludesExcludes National statistics releases New and emerging statistics Compendia of published National Statistics Further breakdown of published National Statistics Information Requests Parliamentary Questions Freedom Of Information Act Management information / analysis Policy development & monitoring Research

  • Heads of ProfessionISD Susan BurneyGROS Duncan McNivenSG & Chief Statistician Rob Wishart

    Responsible for:The format, content and timing of statistical releases.Promoting the professional independence of their organisation's statistical work, the quality of its outputs and the integrity and validity of its statistics and commentary.

  • Code of Practice for Official Statistics8 Principles:

    Meeting user needsImpartiality & objectivityIntegritySound methods & assured qualityConfidentialityProportionate burdenResourcesFrankness & accessibility

  • Code of Practice for Official Statistics3 Protocols:

    User engagementRelease practicesUse of administrative sources for statistical purposes

  • UK Stats Authority AssessmentJanuary 2010Cancer MortalityCancer IncidenceCancer SurvivalCancer Place of DeathWorkforceMarch 2010A&EDiagnosticsNew Ways

  • Knife Crime Statistics December 2008

    The Home Office released figures claiming that there had been a drop in knife crime

    Sir Michael Scholar complained that the figures had been released prematurely and were incomplete. he said that officials had asked the government not to release "unchecked" and "selective" figures and that doing so eroded public trust.

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith apologised for the incident, telling MPs the government had been "too quick off the mark" in releasing the figures

  • Knife crime statistics December 2008Analysis against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics Unclear descriptionSelective or otherwise inappropriate comparisonsLack of contextual informationInappropriate conclusions being drawnUnsubstantiated claims.

  • BBC's Home Affairs Editor says that the UKSA concluded that far from playing fast and loose with the regulations, the Home Office and Number Ten drove a coach and horses through them".

    "were being mangled and manipulated to make the case that the government's knife crime campaign was having a rapid impact".

  • Violent Crime Figures UKSA Press release recent political and media debate about trends in violent crime has misrepresented the data and is, therefore, damaging trust in official statistics. in particular at comparisons between recorded violent offences in the late 1990s and 2008/09comparison, without qualification, of police recorded statistics between the late 1990s and 2008/09 as likely to mislead the public.

  • Watchdog: Grayling 'likely to damage' trust in statistics Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has just been sent a sharp letter from Parliaments statistics watchdog telling him that his use of figures in violent crime is "likely to damage public trust in official statistics".

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