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  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango



    We have become accustomed to define as the Orisha Shango Justice. This concept has always seemedrather limited, because if attery basically the resolution of grievances.

    We found another definition: "XANGO IS BEING EXISTING who coordinates all Karmnica Law, isalso the Director of Souls, the Lord of Universal Scale, which measures our spiritual condition." Thisdefinition also brought in estrangement, because we do not see as Shango be, but as one of the forces ofcosmic context. We accept that it is related to the karmic law, although it is considered that karma issown and harvested by what may be compensated through regenerative acts, but not suppressed, evenby higher orders. Each must answer for what sowed.

    As for the epithet Officer of Souls, we must go deeper, as far as we know, the Kingdom of Soulsbelongs to Mr. Omulu and otherwise learns that Xango has an aversion to death, although linked toOya, which has strong connection with same.

    It is necessary to further study on these observations. Some claim that the son of Shango not supportthe approach of eguns. How then could one son of a Shango yard work, even if their more evolvedentities are actually eguns? As a form of evolution the medium work for charity, and it often lies withthe participating Higher Spirituality, desobssesso of work, would be a hindrance to the development ofa psychic child of Shango. We then delve into more studies to understand these arguments, so we candiscuss based on fundamentals.

    It was observed that the interaction between Omulu and Xango is a reality, contrary to what one mightthink, considering the qualities of Shango and Shango Abomi Aganju, which are representatives ofShango Line of Souls. DE unknown author, took a paragraph that seemed very consistent in thisrespect: "Some psychics have the vibration in your crown more than one Orisha Shango and maystrongly (Father of head), but traces of Omulu. That way you can, for example, have your Caboclovibrating line Shango and his Old Black line Omulu. "

    As we meditate, we reflect on the known point below:

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    "He is Shango of Soulsit is done in Souls

    He is Shango of Soulsit is done in AlmasOh Souls, oh my soul

    Your Agod that will avail ourselvesSouls Oh, oh my soul

    Your Agod that will avail ourselves'

    What about being Lord of Universal Scale which measures our spiritual condition, researching a littlemore, we can see that the angel San Miguel, known to be the bearer of the scale, is known as theguardian archangel of Shango. Archangel Michael is immortalized in the epic where he faces Lucifer,who narrates the fall of the kingdom of spirits virginal (but that's another story ...)

    Father Rubens Saraceni already shows a very interesting sight. Because it puts Shango as that whichadministers the cosmic balance. He is both the point of balance that gives support to the atomicstructure of an atom, as is the force that gives stability to the universe and all things therein, whetheranimate or inanimate. He owns and donates a quality balancing, whereby man balance, judgment,rationality.

    Explain to us the Father still Rubens: "Note that the balance provided by Shango is not limited to one

    aspect of our life, since he, while balancing quality, is all. Shango is the Throne of God generator andthe radiator balancing factor, but the limit when we fail to use it to help us in all aspects and we onlydemand to cancel or impose Divine Justice in the life of beings unbalanced. "

    However, the aspect of justice must never be forgotten, remembering that everything has its positivepole and its negative pole. It is on this line of spiritual strength that gather all the spirits that coordinatethe law of cause and effect, due to the karmic law as the foundation of the world, and manifestthemselves as mestizos, blacks old, cattlemen, among others. The negative pole of the fulfillment of therighteousness of Shango belongs to the legacy of Exus and Dove Giras of Law

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    In line with Justice, Xango has Ians connection. lansa your mobile aspect and Shango is theirappearance or Seated unchangeable because it operates in the transformation of human beings throughtheir negative magnetism. lansa Act applies to the fields of Justice and is extremely active. One of itsduties is to collect beings out-of-law and one of his magnetism, change all your emotional, mental andconscience, only then redirect it in another line of evolution, that will calm and facilitate his walkstraight through evolution.

    The quarry, with Oya, Shango brings boldness, determination, strength, safety, firmness and support. Atthe waterfall, along with Oshun, purifies us, energizes us, gives us life, vigor, health and intelligence.

    The Sevens Heads of Legion of Spiritual Vibration of Shango:

    Xango Caboclo Stone-White (intermediate for Oxal) Xango Caboclo Agod (intermediate to Oxossi)

    Xango Caboclo Seven Mountains (intermediate to Ogun)

    Xango Caboclo Seven Waterfalls (intermediate to Yori) Xango Caboclo Pedra Preta-(intermediate to Yorim) Xango Caboclo Seven Quarries (intermediate to Yemanja)

    In Umbanda Charismatic no other attributes branched Xango:

    XANGO Kao - is the main and most worshiped as leader of this line. Also known as Old Shango.Vibra dark brown in color, symbolizing the ancient stone on which was seated justice, highlighting thewisdom. He works in the quarry on which sits the flowery field that receives the obligations Oxal.

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    XANGO ALAFIM - Eche - This Legion works on the stones of the solitary paths or forests that serveas the seat weary travelers or hunters, as if inviting them to meditation which leads to wisdom inseeking solutions to the problems of life. Its vibrations help speakers, intellectuals, lawyers and judges,but fully defend moral purity. His offerings are held in solitary stones.

    XANGO ALUFAM - This Legion works in stone rivers, seas, waterfalls, ponds and fountains. AlufamShango is considered the protector of fishermen and responsible policy of the disembodied, because

    they have the keys of heaven, symbolizing water and stone. His offerings are held in all the stones thatare in contact with water.

    XANGO AGOD - Legion of mestizos working the stones and that are within the rivers, pebbles,stones and stone baptismal initiation. His offerings are held on the stones of the rivers.

    XANGO Aganj - This Legion works in stone waterfall, symbolizing the harmony between love andjustice. Oshun or between the wife and husband Shango, or marital harmony, which blesses the family.Its offerings are made in stone waterfall, including a candle dark blue or pink for Oshun.

    ABOMI XANGO - Is the legion of shifting cultivators who work in stone mountains or mountainchains interconnected, saws, etc.. His strength is very requested in times of trouble, when you losesomething, and protect marriage. When it asks for marriage protection, sits a candle light blue offered

    to Yemanja.XANGO DJACUT - the legion's better known as the Lord the God of Thunder and Lightning, hotthunderbolts and Meteorites. Djacut also means stone. It is the commander of the mestizos who workin stone ray, symbolizing the righteousness that comes from above, ie, cosmic justice that comes fromthe Creator God. His strength is very requested in times of distress caused by injustices caused byothers, becoming a white candle is offered to the Orisha Time

    And the mestizos of Shango are entities working in numerous phalanges, some of them represented bytheir names below:

    Araunah Caboclo Sun, Caja, Caramuru, Cobra Coral, Sunflower, Goitacaz, Guara, Guarana, Janguar,

    Kinkajou, Mirim, Seven Waterfalls, Seven Paths Seven Stars, Seven Moons, Seven Mountains, SevenQuarries, Tupi, Treme Terra, Sultan of Matas, Black Stone Cachoeirinha Urubato, Urubato Guia,

    Ubiratan, etc..

    Found on the blog of Umbanda Temple Golden Star the following information:


    1. Phalanx of Ians - led by Santa Barbara

    2. Phalanx Caboclo the Sun and Moon - headed by the same entity

    3. Phalanx Caboclo of the Winds - headed by the same entity

    4. Phalanx Caboclo of Waterfalls - headed by the same entity5. Phalanx Caboclo Treme-Terra - headed by the same entity

    6. Phalanx Caboclo Pedra Branca - headed by the same entity

    7. Phalanx of Old Black - headed by Quenguel.


    1.Legio Caboclo Gale

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    2.Legio Caboclo of Waterfalls

    3.Legio Caboclo 7 Mountains

    4.Legio Caboclo Pedra Branca

    5.Legio Caboclo Coralsnake

    6. People Quenguel

    The Xango Caboclo interlock in Astral so semibrusca, reflected in the physical jerks, their vibrationsreach soon aware of the device (medium), forcing the chest to head movements in a half turn and theinsufflation veins of the neck, with pronounced acceleration of heart rate, breathing, panting, tonormalize its physical domain.

    Not emit a howl hysterically hallucinated that translate as "KA-", accentuating the syllables, but akind of thorn bush sound, from the throat to the lips, it seems externalize the noise of a waterfall or adull roar ... Do not like talk much.

    Your points are sung invocations serious, strong images and can be sung in low voices.

    His points pemba or signs scratched fix the mystery of the Arrow, Key and Root.

    In northern Brazil many cults that go by the name of Xango. In the Northeast, specifically inPernambuco and Alagoas, the practice of Candombl given the generic name of Xango, perhapsbecause those regions there were many children of Shango among blacks who came brought fromAfrica. In the same line of misuse, can find expression Xango Caboclo, which obviously refers to whatwe call Candombl de Caboclo.

    In Africa, if a house is struck by lightning, the owner paid large fines to the priests of Shango, becauseit is considered that he has incurred the wrath of God. Soon after the priests will comb the rubble anddig the ground in search of stones-of-radius formed by lightning. For his ax is generally concentrated inthe rocks, but mainly those resulting from destruction caused by lightning, and the meteorite is your axup.

    SONS OF XANGOShango, the God of Justice, Lord of the quarries, exerts a very strong influence on his son. All Orishascourse, are fair, and transmit this feeling to their children. However, in Xango, justice ceases to be avirtue, to spend an obsession, what makes your child a sufferer, mainly because the parameter ofJustice is their judgment, not of Divine Justice, almost always different than ours much land. Thisanalysis is very important.

    The son of Shango has a firm type, energetic, confident and absolutely stark. His countenance, even theyoung, presents an early age, not to take at all, the beauty or joy. Its behavior is measured. It is unableto take a step higher than the leg and all his thoughts and resolutions are based on safety and who likes

    firm ground to tread. He is shy in touch but easily assumes the power of command.

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    It is eternal advisor, and does not like tobe contradicted, and can easily leave the serenity to violence, but everything measured, calculated andoutlined. Calms down as easily when his opinion is accepted. Do not hold grudges. Discretion makesyour garments a traditional model.

    When the son of Shango manages to balance his sense of justice by transferring their own judgment forthe judgment by God, whose sentence we are not allowed to know, it is an admirable person.

    Xango is heavy, whole, indivisible, immovable, with all this, it is evident that a certain part of hisauthoritarian figure and the legends about its determinations and purposes, something that is notquestioned by most of his children, when asked.

    Their decisions are always considered wise, thoughtful, skillful and correct. He is the Orisha whodecides about good and evil. Xango is an Orisha of fire, son of Hopefully with Yemanja. There is astrong connection Shango and stones, quarries, lightning and thunder.

    The fear of committing injustices often slows their decisions, which, contrary to harm you, only bringsbenefits. The major flaw is his judge others. If you learn to master this feature, it becomes a legitimaterepresentative of the Old Man, Lord of Justice, King's Quarry. Speaking of quarry, loves to collectrocks.

    The stones of Shango:

    Below a study done on the RED JASPER stones - not stone or plant, is a skeletal remnant of marineorganism. Mutes the emotions, relieves concerns. Its use increases the vibrations to better tune withnature and the creative forces. Good for any bone problem, strengthens heart and concentration.Energy: receptive. Planet Venus. Element: Water, ether. Objective: healing, peace, wisdom, harmonywith nature. Chakras: spleen.

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    CARNELIAN - Calms anger, jealousy, envy, hatred and depression. Promotes peace and harmony.Good to be used by people who are shy and timid. Opens the heart chakra. Energy: projective. Planet:Sun Sign: Leo Element: Fire. Purpose: protection, courage and peace. Chakras: spleen, solar plexus.

    CITRUS - is a form of quartz. Good to detoxify the bowel. Broadens the mind, can be used inmeditation to rejuvenate the physical and eliminate toxic forms of thought. Self destructive tendenciesand suicide are replaced by confidence. Increases contact with your Higher Self and alignment among

    all energy bodies. Energy: projective. Planet: Sun Element: Fire. Objective: healing, communication,psychic awareness. Chakras: splenic, coronary.

    FIRE AGATE - Healing Main: influence entire endocrine system. Stimulates the cells of the memory.Streamlines and leads to harmony. Energy: projective. Element: fire.

    TIGER EYE - Attracts solidary people and property. Centralizes energy and focuses the mind andgives luck.

    Orange Calcite - Orange Calcite is presented, usually, crystals, granules or aggregates of thick or thin.This is a calcium carbonate. JASPER RED is a widespread and fairly common mineral in the earth'scrust. Occurs as masses of rock called sedimentary limestones sometimes being the only mineralpresent in these rocks. Its name comes from the Latin word Calx, meaning burnt lime and its orange

    color is due to inclusions of oxide ferro. Stone of virility and corresponding to the second chakra.The stone Shango to be alive, it has to be with slime, slimy, as it dries it will die, for this reason, youshould keep the OTA Shango, always immersed in the water, always adding, do not change the water.


    Stones-the-lightning - edun ar of Yoruba - are fetishes of Shango, magnetized by the power of thedeity.

    It is believed that the stone-ray, also called-stone Santa Barbara, falls from the sky during storms,driven by electric sparks, penetrating the ground to a depth of only seven fathoms and rising to the

    surface after seven years .Who can find one of these stones have in hands the most valuable talisman that provides all fortunes.

    Stones-the-hell are actually archaeological finds from the Neolithic era - axes, hammers and fragmentsof polished stone artifacts, to which they attributed a source weather.

    Divinity of meteorites in litolatria of Shango, Nina Rodrigues noted, "are mixed cases of worship cliffsand boulders fields and roads."


    Color Brown and Yellow to Yellow and Pure Shango and ShangoLilac for the East

    Wire Accounts Brown and Yellow to Yellow and Pure Shango and ShangoLilases to the East

    Herbs Houseleek, Strawberry, Moss Quarry Stone breaks,uplifting, To hell, Saio

    Symbol Machado Two Blades, the OXE

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    Points of Nature QuarryFlowers Yellow palms and Lilacs, Yellow Bishop, Monsignor

    Lilac, Violet lilacs and MissEssences Melon and Lilac Xango To the East, To Xango Pure

    StrawberryStones Amethyst To Xango and Eastern Tiger Eye To Xango Pure

    MetalTin and Molybdenum

    Health Liver and GallbladderPlanet JupiterDay of the week WednesdayElement FireGreeting Cabecile Kao (Kao Opanix )Drink Dark beerPets Turtle, RamFood Ageb, AmalaDateCommemorative

    September 30

    Syncretism: St. Jude, St. Jerome.

    Source: Course Umbanda - The Seven Spiritual Society Lines-Forest Green

    Axes double cut, which means the soul in search of balance are also the symbol of impartiality,meaning the balance of justice Oxal;

    The six-pointed star associated with the wisdom of Solomon, representing the balance between heavenand earth, water and fire, man and woman, ie, represents the universal balance. In the representation ofpoints scratched use three types of axes, as follows:

    Offerings to Shango: white candles, red and brown, dark beer, wine and liquor sweet ambrosia; various

    flowers, all deposited in a waterfall, mountain or quarry.Xango is syncretized with images of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Jerome, St. John the Baptist and St. Peter.

    Called Umbanda and Candomble cross, worships is Shango-Ahira, old and broken, dressed in whitewith red bars. Do not eat oil, it has pact with Oxal. Identified with St. Peter, an increasingly rare inCandombl.

    Shango Gold, a teenager dressed in varying colors, is John Boy. No "down" anymore, because nolonger found the necessary herbs in initiation rites for the "head input" this deity. A Xango banned forecological destruction.

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    Shango Ogodo dance with oche in each hand and the name itself is a reference to the double ax becauseOgodo means "that cuts both ways."

    In Recife worship Xangs two main Shango-old, identified with St. Jerome, whose feast day isSeptember 30, and Shango-Younger (Ani-Shango), syncretized with St. John is celebrated on June 24.Of its symbols and regalia, the double ax or "crutch" and pestle are conserved in peji, where they cango in certain rituals. Is never removed, however, the "Twinkle" or it or air (stone-ray's), which remains

    stored in a bowl (Ober). Xango is so popular in Pernambuco, the name came to designate patios andeven more widely, all african-Brazilian cults.

    Among the various forms of Dada Shango Shango cite, in Porto Alegre identified with St. John theBaptist, and that in his day, June 24, not "low" because with the fireworks that celebrate, he would setthe world ablaze.

    Kitchen ritualistic


    Parboil shrimp dry, peel it and pass in the grinding machine. Peel the roasted peanuts, garlic and onionand also pass on the grinding machine. Mix all these ingredients ground and saute them in oil palm,until they begin to brown. Add the okra washed, dried and cut into very thin rodelinhas. Mix with awooden spoon and add a little water and oil palm in quantity enough to cook okra. If necessary, putmore water and palm oil while cooking. Taste and season with salt to taste.Pigweed Stir with a wooden spoon all the while cooking. When the okra is cooked, add the freshprawns cooked and fried fish (in this large chips), take over a boil and serve, hot.


    Cut the okra, sliced thinly on a Trough, and go knocking them as if raking them with your hands, until

    you create a league and Homogeneous.


    Cook the oxtail with onions and palm oil. In a separate pan saut onion makes a palm, separate 12 okraand cut the rest into slices and strips,add the cooked oxtail. With cornmeal, polenta and make a line a bowl with it, put the stew and garnishwith the 12 okra Amala tucking them in upside down.

    Shango shares with the Ians Machada Justice. You see the point:

    Radius of the morning, go and brightens.When the sun rises to lighten,

    its rays reflect crown Oya.

    And tearing the sky, thunder winds,To greet the king of all quarries.To greet the king of all quarries.

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    Eparrei Ians, Eparrei Oya,Cao Cao cabecil Shango

    Strength of axes makes the trialCut the injustice with your bar wind

    Shango sends the reason Ians feelings.Shango sends the reason Ians feelings.

    Eparrei Yans, Eparrei Oya,Cao Cao cabecil Shango.

    Guardian of peace, Shango vigilante.Explendo light, Ians warrior.

    Is XanGo brings the stones, Oya rapids.Is XanGo brings the stones, Oya rapids.

    Xango, syncretized with Saint Jerome, is the Lord of Souls, whose attribute is wisdom in order toexercise the Divine Justice, checking on their balance all souls. By manipulating the element fire,Xango, rather than enforcing the karmic law for all living beings, illuminates the path to be followed,as well as helps to release the shackles that enslave millennial delusions of consciousness.

    Your Law is like the rock: hard, fair, blind. And xang smoldering fire in the stone while the stone itselfin which the attributes are sought that are stiffness, implacability and stability.

    That is to say: do not yield even bending nor pressure, judges sternly but without precipitation andfinally establishes order tranqilizadora.Portanto this vibration warns us that his presence - JUSTICE -is necessary for there to true stability and strengthening the soul, individual and universal.Dono lawsand written, patron of intellectuals Shango is the Orisha of wisdom, which generates power politics, itis that we use to solve problems with papers, documents and studies.

    We should think twice before we hit the hand, head and cry out for justice, for if our demand for fairbolster him in and if not, the rigors of his law, we will be called and its radius correction will comeupon us thereof. So when we feel wronged, we must ask Shango enlighten us and if we are right, thenhe clarifies the other party, and if it does not hear, so we do not even ask, that the law of action andreaction is automatic and it is done to Shango justice in our lives.

    Onincorporationof Shango can seethe mediumas an elderly person and with his arms crossed overhis chest, beating steadily, and S. Jerome made with stones on his chest to ward off the evils of the fleshand of the spirit temptation.

    Legions of Shango:

    Shango Kao - is the main and most worshiped as leader of this line. Also known as Old Shango. Vibradark brown in color, symbolizing the ancient stone on which was seated justice, highlighting thewisdom. He works in the quarry on which sits the flowery field that receives the obligations Oxal.

    Xango da Pedra Preta - This Legion works on the stones of the solitary paths or forests that serve asthe seat weary travelers or hunters, as invitingmeditationwhich leads to wisdom in seeking solutionsto the problems of life. Its vibrations help speakers, intellectuals, lawyers and judges, but fully defendmoral purity. His offerings are held in solitary stones.

    Shango Quarries - Legion of mestizos who work in stone and are within the rivers, pebbles, stones
  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    and stone baptismal initiation.

    Shango of Waterfalls - This Legion works in stone waterfall, symbolizing the harmony between loveand justice. Or between the wifeOshunand Shango husband, or marital harmony, which blesses thefamily.

    Shango of the Seven Mountains - is the legion of shifting cultivators who work in stone mountains ormountain chains interconnected, saws, etc.. His strength is very requested in times of trouble, when youlose something, and protect marriage.

    Xango the Rays - the legion is best known as the God of Thunder and Lightning Lord. It is thecommander of the mestizos who work in stone ray, symbolizing the righteousness that comes fromabove, ie, cosmic justice that comes from the Creator God. His strength is very requested in times ofdistress caused by injustices caused by others.

    Syncretism: Saint JeromeGender: MaleColor: BrownFeatures: Orisha of justice and strengthTool: stone, sweet white wine, stout, candles, guides, etc..

    Flower: Lily white or yellow, carnation and white palm.Guide: Crystal Beads Dark BrownLocation: Quarry and waterfallCelebration: September 30Salute Shango: Shango Kao! Or Kao Cabecil!

    To continue with posts related to Orisha Shango, today we will talk of his phalanx, the Mestizos ofShango, these entities are mestizos that vibrate with the energy of fire, and we see this line also detailedtalk of old black-vibrating with Xango and Exus Fire, ie Exus comandadados of Shango.

    Xango Caboclo: Are mergers quick guides and contained generally arriando the medium on the floor.Work to: employment; causes justice, property and professional achievement. Give too much passdispersion. Are straightforward to speak. Seven commanders this line:

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "dog" - Cruising with Oxal.Entities: Caboclo Aymore, Caboclo Peri, Caboclo Sun, Caboclo Urubato, Sunflower and CabocloCaboclo Seven Stars.

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Black Stone" - Cruising with Yemanja and Oshun.Entities: Cabocla Indai, Caboclo Moon, New Moon Cabocla, Caboclo Sete Luas, Caboclo Pedra

    Grande, Caboclo Three Moons.

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Seven Waterfalls" - Cruising with Cosmas and Damian.Entities: Caboclo Cachoeirinha Caboclo Waterfall, Cascade Caboclo, Caboclo Apapori, CaboclinhoMountain, Caboclo Morning Star.

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Seven Quarries" - Hotline Shango.Entities: Caboclo Fire, Caboclo Itaguruss, Caboclo Breaking Stone Caboclo Goitacaz, Caboclo Pedrade Fogo, Caboclo Red Skin.
  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Pedra Branca" - Cruising with OSHOSSI.Entities: Caboclo Cobra Coral, Caboclo Pena Branca, Caboclo Gale, Caboclo Wind, CabocloSaracutinga, Caboclo Reed Green.

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Seven Mountains" - Cruising with Ogun.Entities: Fire Breaks Caboclo, Caboclo Sierra Rompe, Rompe Caboclo Serra, Caboclo Mountain,Caboclo Sete Montes, Caboclo Three saws.

    Commander: Xango Caboclo "Agod" - Cruising with Obaluay.Entities: Caboclo Caramuru Caboclo Serra Negra, Caboclo World Turns, Caboclo Treme-Terra,Caboclo Urucutango, Caboclo Arana

    Old Black Xango: Just as the mestizos of Shango, harness the medium on the ground, are heavy andfast incorporation, working for causes of prosperity solid goods such as home ownership, process ofjustice and achievements profissionais.Passam seriousness in every word . Cobram enough of theirmediums and sitters. Some old black-known: Father John, Father Jeremiah, Father Francis, FatherMane, Father Thaddeus, Benguela Father, Father Jos among others.

    Children of Shango: Led by Damian Cosminho usually are well rejoicest, bouncy, and like ready,levao normally work for the state of the person, bringing joy to the environment. Some familiarnames, Louie, Dewey, Pedrinho, chiquinho, among others.

    Lexus of Shango: Commanded by Exu Gira-World, are the Exus that its incorporation elevate the bodytemperature of the medium, grins and are very happy, working with fire and especially the fairness ofthis deity, are the great performers The controlled direct-Exu Gira World are: Eshu Quarries, EshuHunchback, Eshu Gale, Midnight Exu, Eshu Eshu and Hose Break-Stone, Other Exus that intersectwith Xango: Ganga Eshu, Exu Come Fire, Exu Seven Keys , Tira Teima Eshu, Exu-Bad Cangira.

    Of course there are other entities that are described in the blog, these are the names I know. But thereare others.


    "My Father's Xango, the Lord who is King of Righteousness, always asserts the Divine, purify my soul in the waters of your


    If wrong, give me the light of forgiveness.

    Make your broad chest and strong my shield so that the eyes of my enemies will not find me.

    Lend me your strength as a warrior to fight injustice and greed.

    That justice is done forever.Grant me the grace to receive its light and its protection.

    I offer my devotion.

    KAWO Kabecile!Save Shango! "

  • 7/30/2019 Umbanda Xango


    Shango is the Orisha guardian of strength point of justice, is the lord of fire and acts as such whenit decides to punish those who reproach the law of the Creator, that this law is like the rock that crushesand destroys all who carry their weight on shoulders.

    But Shango is always willing to listen to us, if our demand for justice, will accompany us, and if it iswrong, we will clarify and if you still do not listen, then we will be undergoing the rigors of law, which arethe reverse.His Light is the support, your fire is purification, because only through the fire ore crude andimperfect is melted and hardened, thus eliminating all their impurity becoming perfect.

    As we have seen everything in life has its two sides: positive and negative, Light and Dark, Goodand Evil Therefore all men also have these two sides and the ease of getting from one to the other,according to situation to experience, then we have to find the balance between them, it is not lacking inrespect for our actions, knowing admit our mistakes, trying to fix them and being humble retreat in asituation where evil is prevailing, seeking knowledge and necessary forces to better fight it, because thenwe will always remain on an ascending scale of evolution and not sunk in our own arrogance.

    Who understands the true meaning of the laws of equilibrium and she submits, will always besupported by it.But who dare to challenge it and try to escape it, for it will be punished and abandoned.On the other hand those who redeem himself and recognize his mistakes and bow to it, will get back toyour side.Nobody could use Divine mysteries to harm anyone, but will spend the balance of Shango, andthe weight of the law to shoot in darkness.

    Of all the deities of Umbanda, Xango although hard, serious and silent, is what he likes to speakof the law, and all who seek to have the patience and humility to understand it, will slowly be enveloped byits fluid energy balancers, if restoring.

    We can see that the people who are governed by Shango stand by obstinacy, by intelligence, bybeing weighted, and honor their dignity and panache, but when carried away by petty ego becomeextremely vain, conservative, intolerant and proud .

    Shango is the Orisha of Justice, the Lord of Lightning and Thunder, is the one who coordinates allcosmic laws of the Creator, its fundamental element is Fire and Earth, its color is brown, her day isWednesday, his point of strength and vibration are the thunder and lightning, are the quarries in themountains, rivers, waterfalls and seas and their greeting is "KAWO Kabecile".

    Some describe their actuation force saying that Shango Pedra Branca bolsters, while the Black

    Stone Shango runs.The waterfalls and seas purify, so like the fire that burns everything that is bad in us. The Xango Earth sustains the fallen and waits to awaken from their ignorance, the ray is what brings theDivine Laws Alto to Earth, and time is what judges the length of sentences of the Law

    If everyone could get to know the mysteries of Shango, operate with more balance, if policing notto undergo the rigors of the law.That no one challenges the Divine Laws, if not, found many rocks in yourpath, all placed by Shango, the Orisha of Justice and Fire purifier.