Uneeb Qureshi Please have laptops ready! Electronic Assessment and Instructional Tools

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Electronic Assessment and Instructional Tools

Uneeb Qureshi

Please have laptops ready!Electronic Assessment and Instructional ToolsHistoryFor those who were here in 2012-2013 you saw some of this presentation by Brian Kam

Since then I have been using Socrative as an assessment tool in the classroom to moderate success.

This presentation is meant to introduce this tool and provide you examples of how it can be used in the classroom.SocrativeVisit http://t.socrative.com/This is the teachers login page and it has the link to create an accountThings to do first:Name your classroom (mine is uq1)Create quizzes by visiting Manage QuizzesCreate a Quiz using their online toolDownload the excel sheet to create one from ImportUse a quiz shared by someone elseSocrative : Question TypesMultiple ChoiceQuestion with Standard A-E answer choice formatCan use multiple choices (e.g. Which three choices are true?)Can also use images (e.g. a table of data, a picture of a person)

Short AnswerQuestion with a box to answerCan have pre-set keyword answers (e.g. an answer contains the phrase the apple is red , the software will grade as correct)**

True/FalseSimilar to MC, question with T/F answer choices (images optional)How students access itVisit http://m.socrative.com

They type in your classroom name

You need to start the quiz before anything will show up on their screen

Once you hit end assessment it will end on their screen (no more asking for students to turn in exams/put pencils down)

You can see the # of students doing the quiz on screen, and who is completed.

We will demonstrate types of assessments on next slide, you should follow along at the site aboveSocrative : Assessment FormatsSingle-QuestionDoes not require a pre-made assessmentWorks in tandem with pre-made powerpoints, only collects responses to questions on screen. Grading done later (on your own time)

Pre-made QuizQuestions given one at a time (as made by you on their site)Pre-set answers, however grading corrections can be done laterCollects responses in excel sheet for review later w/scores by software (can be edited)Student paced (they click next) or teacher paced (go to next question at set intervals)

Exit TicketShort answer screen provided for students to submit answer (answers collected in excel)

Space RaceCorrect answers from individuals or teams propel a space ship on a teachers screen forward. First spaceship to reach the end wins.Requires a large set of questions and answers (a good review game)GradingPlease visit http://leapshares.wikispaces.com/ and click Socrative Assessments on left side to see examples

A report at the end of the assessment can be e-mailed to you or downloaded directly.

Displays an excel sheet. I would recommend freezing first column pane to make grading easier

You can set grading scheme, I double check multiple choices for consistency (but score is tallied all the way on right)

For open ended I do a red/yellow/green highlighting grade scheme (red = 0 pts, yellow = partial, green = full credit) and read individual responses from excel cells. I wrap text to make it easier but this method will take practiceRequirementsTechnologyYour laptop runs the quiz/master screenInternet access required (no software for local network setup)Students need eitherTheir own laptop (easy for seniors/juniors)School laptopMobile device (smart phones with browser)

TimeYou need to plan for assessments and set aside time for gradingIf youd like to set this software to do homework the assessment will have to be running overnight (leave it running on laptop)Take into account set up (students get laptops, use, and put away)Example of Overnight/Day-Long QSmithsonian Field Trip Scavenger Hunt 2013Students from 11th grade were tasked with answering questions in sequence throughout the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.Quiz ran from Mr Qureshis laptop at 6am in his classroomStudents arrived at Museum and began scavenger hunt from cell phones (a few tasks required taking pictures next to fossils which had to be submitted separately)Arrived back at 6pm and ended assessment from laptop to retain report.

ConsiderationsProsPaperless, assessment and gradingEasily deployable, runs on all browsers and devicesOnly excel needed for creation and deployment of assessmentFree

ConsLack of a back feature on quizzes (one shot to answer)Students can restart quiz to resolve this (but it starts from beginning)Need laptop (tough for some grades) or smartphones (school rules need to be modified/students need to be monitored)Upcoming additions to SocrativeCommon Core Standards can be linked to the quizzesCan replace pen/paper unit assessments with ease

Free TenMarks CCSS Math Curriculum through Amazon.com

DoceriRemote control layoutLaptop hooked up to SmartBoardDoceri Desktop runs on laptopPassword protected by default (computer login)Doceri application runs on tablet/smartphoneAs long as you are on the same wi-fi network your laptop will show upBasic keyboard/mouse controls available + wipable screen

RequirementsLaptopTabletDoceriProsMobility around classroomStudent engagement with screen brought to themHave a student solve a problem out from their desk/with their notesFreeColored markers + highlighters built in

ConsSome smartboard features wont work from this interfaceSmall screen input (tablet end)ExamplesFind the x-intercepts of y = x2 + 2x + 1ExamplesDiagram the circulation of blood through the heartExamplesIf a ball is thrown up vertically at 30 m/s, what is the maximum height that it reaches?ExamplesDraw and identify the molecular shape for UF6?Textbook WebsitesSelf-explanatoryUse as a supplement in and outside of classE.g. Chemistry textbook website for homeworks/tests/quizzes/graphicsE.g. Statistics textbook website has powerpoints/data sets/quizzesMost textbooks (esp Teachers Editions) allow you to sign up a class for online accessQuizzes provide instant feedback to help students correct mistakes

DISCLAIMER: Every textbook is different, but most textbook companies provide invaluable online resources for classroomStudent WebsitesGreat way to teach internet/coding literacy through HTML

Students can post all their work in one spot for easy reference (reduced e-mail workload)

Artistic project with very extensive creativity and technical expertise to be gained

See current examples at my personal website; http://www.originthenovel.com/mrq

The school webmaster does not reply to everyone, will work on maybe being able to host all student pages through the main page19Colloquia/Student PresentationsPiloted in 2013-2014 with the 11C (then Science Track)Students in Advanced Chemistry were studying chemistry in the fields ofAstronomyInorganic ChemistryOrganic ChemistryBiochemistry/MicrobiologyEthicsSeveral presentations on Powerpoints were made by students and presented in front of their peers during the day (classes were invited to come to learn about their research)I made it extra credit for my 10th grade classes to come and ask questions to the students presenting. Audience was surveyed on presenter effectiveness and certificates were madeExamples2012-2013 - Teams worked together on various powerpoints;

2013-2014 Individual students did Prezi presentationsMore intuitive interface and unique animations on the web

Online Assignments (Per Admin)Should assign as supplementIf students have issues with internet access they need to remain after school to use library.If students have computer issues at home they can discuss with admin on signing out a laptop for home use.No excuses, assign and grade incompletes as zeroes accordingly (students should be seeking assistance to aid them in this process)DiscussionGet in content area groups and discuss ways to streamline the assessment process with these tools.Frequency of assessmentsDepth of assessment (Blooms Taxonomy)

Design an assessment to utilize in your classroom with these tools


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