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This Graduate Newsletter contains all the latest news and updates for applicants joining the University of Stirling's School of Arts and Humanities in September 2012.

Text of Uniof Stirling_ Arts & Humanities Graduate Newsletter_ Graduate Newsletter

  • SCHOOL OF ARTS & HUMANITIES www.stir.ac.uk/schools/arts-and-humanities

    Arts & Humanit ies Graduate Studies Newslet ter

    WELCOME to the rst issue of the School of Arts and Humani;es Graduate Studies Newsle?er.

    This is the rst opportunity we have had as a newly formed School to showcase the wide range of ac9vi9es taking place a c r o s s o u r p o s t g r a d u a t e programmes and research in the arts and humani9es. The School was ocially launched in August this year and opens up the poten9al for more inter and mul9-disciplinary ac9vity across subject areas, sta and students. The new Head of School, Professor Douglas Brodie, has been keen to develop a dis9nc9ve iden9ty for arts and humani9es at S9rling, and this inaugural Graduate Studies NewsleIer provides evidence of a vibrant academic community.

    This edi9on includes the latest n e w s f r o m o u r t a u g h t postgraduate programmes, as well as informa9on on research ac9vity. This academic session, we plan to publish three edi9ons of the newsleIer, with the second edi9on in March and the third in May. On the evidence of this edi9on, there will not be any shortage of news to report.

    From our Division of Literature & Languages we hear from Paula Morris and Kathleen Jamie about the latest developments in crea9ve wri9ng, while Claire Squires provides details of latest visitors to our publishing studies

    programme. There are also updates from colleagues in Modern ScoSsh Wri9ng and the Gothic Imagina9on.

    From History and Poli9cs Mike Rapport provides details of student success stories and latest eld trips. From our Division of Law and Philosophy we learn of new modules in Interna9onal Commercial Law, and Philosophys jo in t p rogramme w i th the University of St.Andrews.

    We have news and updates on academic sta, visi9ng speakers and major conferences from the Division of Communica9ons, Media and Culture, as well as news of signicant new masters programmes being launched by the School in 2012. We also have a focus on the recent gradua9on ceremony.

    I hope you enjoy reading this rst edi9on, and please keep an eye on our website for updates and breaking news from our four Divisions.

    With best wishes,

    Dr Richard HaynesDirector of Graduate StudiesSchool of Arts and Humani9esE-mail: r.b.haynes@s9r.ac.uk .


    Creative WritingPaula Morris and Kathleen Jamie

    Stirling Centre for International

    Publishing and CommunicationClaire Squires

    MLitt Modern Scottish WritingScott Hames

    MLitt Gothic Imagination

    Dale Townshend

    MRes Historical Research & History and Politics PhD NewsMike Rapport

    LLM International Commercial Law

    Hong-Lin Yu

    PhilosophyPhilip Ebert

    Communications, Media and Culture

    Neil Blain

    Media ManagementRichard Haynes

    Strategic Public RelationsJacquie LEtang

    Film Studies NewsPhilip Drake

    Graduate Focus

    New Programmes for 2012-13

    One Year On...

    DECEMBER 2011


  • SCHOOL OF ARTS & HUMANITIES www.stir.ac.uk/schools/arts-and-humanities

    MLitt In Creative WritingPaula Morris and Kathleen Jamie

    This is the rst semester for the new MLiI/PhD in Crea9ve Wri9ng. Students in the prose-wri9ng strand began classes in September, and are already proving to be a l ive ly , ta lented, and highly mo9vated group. We have eight c9on writers and one crea9ve non-c9on writer, working on novels, stories and personal essays, as well as one PhD student, wri9ng a novel.

    In addi9on to their weekly workshops and op9on classes, students have been aIending talks by editors, publishers and agents hosted by the S9rling Centre for Interna9onal Publishing and Commun i c a9on . T he ML iI students are already busy with two joint ventures: working with

    students from the Centre to form their own publishing collec9ve; and mee9ng with crea9ve wri9ng postgrads at the University of Strathclyde to help plan a one-day conference in the spring.

    Crea9ve Wri9ng students have their own prescribed pathway for the Arts Research Training module, including a seminar on crea9ve wri9ng pedagogy and working as a writer. We opened the semester with an inspiring talk Civic Memory: An Argument On the Character of ScoSsh Culture given by Andrew OHagan, our rst House of Words event at Macrobert Arts Centre. Several of the MLiI students recently aIended the ArtWorks Scotland annual networking event at Macrobert, to listen to reps from Crea9ve Scotland and Na9onal Galleries of Scotland, among others.

    A masterclass with author DBC Pierre was held in S9rling on 14th November for a public reading, an event sponsored by the Booker Prize Founda9on. The MLiI students have also made plans for a weekend gathering at a B&B in Perthshire in early January a chance, they tell me, to catch up and compare progress during the long Winter break.

    Classes for students in the poetry strand of the MLiI will begin in spring 2012, when Kathleen Jamie returns from leave. The prose students will be con9nuing with their classes, and helping with plans for Bloody Scotland, a new crime-writers fes9val to be held in S9rling next September.

    For more informa;on, visit: www.crea9vewri9ng.s9r.ac.uk/ or contact paula.morris@s9r.ac.uk


    Creative writing options are part of the regular degree, and the creative writing dissertations are more popular than ever. Some notable writers, including Iain Banks, Jackie Kay and Alan Bissett, have come through the Stirling undergraduate degree. This is why its so exciting to see the new postgraduate MLitt in Creative Writing with Kathleen Jamie and Paula Morris, which will do so much more to develop the departments original commitment to creative work and to working creatively.

    Rory Watson Emiritus Professor

    DECEMBER 2011


  • SCHOOL OF ARTS & HUMANITIES www.stir.ac.uk/schools/arts-and-humanities

    Stirling Centre For International Publishing And CommunicationClaire Squires

    Visi;ng Speaker Programme

    T h e S 9 r l i n g C e n t r e f o r Interna9onal Publishing and Communica9on has a programme of Visi9ng Speakers, invited to the Centre in order that our students can hear directly from those currently working in publishing and related industries.

    We have a l i v e l y week l y programme, with speakers in Semester 1 including Marion Sinclair (Chief Execu9ve of Publishing Scotland and a Centre graduate); Jane Camillin of Pitch Publishing; Liz Small of Waverley Books; Simon Meek of Tern TVs Digital Adapta9ons; David Mar9n of Mar9ns the Printer. Some s t u d e n t s h a v e u s e d t h e networking opportunity of our V i s i 9 n g S p e a k e r s t o g e t in te rnsh ips a t pub l i shers ,

    including via Adrian Searle at Freight Books in Glasgow.

    Students write up the Visi9ng Speaker sessions on the Centre blog, and also for the rst 9me this year have been live t w e e 9 n g t h e s e s s i o n s (@s9rpublishing) making our Centre the most ac9ve publishing studies social media presence in the UK.

    The Visi9ng Speaker programme is open to all, and so if youre planning to join us for study next year, youd be par9cularly w e l c o m e . T h e c u r r e n t programme is available via hIp://www.pub l i sh ing . s9r . ac .uk/2011/09/15/visi9ng-speakers-for-forthcoming-semester/. Please email us on publishing@s9r.ac.uk to reserve a place.

    For more in fo rma;on on Publishing programmes, visit, hIp://www.publishing.s9r.ac.uk/courses/ml iI- in-publ ish ing-studies/ or e-mail Claire Squires, claire.squires@s9r.ac.uk

    MLitt Modern Scottish WritingScott Hames

    In the next few months the Interna'onal Journal of Sco0sh Literature will complete its move to Edinburgh University Press, where the new editorial team of Dr ScoI Hames (S9rling) and Professor Ian Duncan (Berkeley) aim to develop its reputa9on as a leading journal in the eld. The journal was founded in 2006 by Dr Hames and Dr Eleanor Bell of the University of Strathclyde, as part of eorts to interna9onalise the study of ScoSsh literature and culture. S9rling research students will play a key role in the next phase of the journal's development. www.ijsl.s9r.ac.uk

    For more informa;on on Modern ScoPsh Wri;ng, visit - hIp://www.english.s9r.ac.uk/postgraduate/taught-degrees/msw.php or e-mail the Programme Directors, ScoI Hames at scoI.hames@s9r.ac.uk or Suzanne Gilbert at suzanne.gilbert@s9r.ac.uk


    Man Booker prizewinner, DBC Pierre, visited the School on 14 November as part of the Man Booker Prize Foundations Universities Initiative.Stirling has become one of five leading universities in the UK to take part in the Initiative, whereby every first year student, regardless of their course of study, is given a Man Booker prizewinning book.

    Funded by the Booker Prize Foundation and the University, each first year student received a copy of DBC Pierres novel Vernon God Little and the author agreed to come to the University to speak about his book.

    Published in 2003, Vernon God Little was awarded the Man Booker Prize for Fiction and the Bollinger Wodehouse Everyman Prize for Comic Fiction. The