Unit 4 American Dream. What is American Dream in your opinion? American Dream

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  • Unit 4 American Dream

  • What is American Dream in your opinion?American Dream

  • I Have a Dream

  • I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

  • I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

  • I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

  • And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the AMERICAN DREAM.

  • American dream began 300 years ago, when the May Flower crossed the Atlantic to arrive Maryland. It gave everybody the equal opportunity to create his own dream so long as you work hard enough.Later on, the country became the superpower in the world, which is the code word of freedom and high-industrialization, and still the term of American Dream exists, yet with more connotation.

  • Even today, the president finished the book about thoughts on reclaiming the American Dream to tell everybody to keep dreams.

  • The American Dream means different things to different people. It refers to the belief of Americans that their country offers opportunities for a good and successful life. For minorities and immigrants, the dream also includes freedom and equal rights. For the majority, the dream is that talent and hard work can take you from log cabin to White house.

  • Do you have a dream?

  • In what ways can a person be considered successful?

    What is the key to success?

  • Cultural NotesImmigrants: Apart from "Native Americans" Indians who were living in North America when people first arrived there from Europe, all Americans have ancestors who were immigrants. In the US, People are proud to say that their ancestors were immigrants who came with very little and built a better life for themselves. Most Americans have a clear idea of what life was like for the immigrants: they left home because they were poor and thought they would have better opportunities in the US. For them the American dream was that talent and hard work could take them from log cabin to White House. Once in the US, life was not easy. Many immigrants had to work for little money in factories where conditions were hard and dangerous and lived in crowded buildings. But slowly they improved their lives and many wrote home to encourage others to come.

  • Depression days: the period of severe economic failure in most countries of the world that lasted from 1929 until World War II. It began in the US when the New York Stock Exchange fell on 29 October 1929, known as Black Tuesday. Many businesses and banks failed and millions of people lost their jobs. President Franklin D. Roosevelt improved the situation with his New Deal policy. but the Great Depression was only ended by industrial production for the war.

  • The title of the text is American Dream, and Id like you to finish the exercise on Page106 to know more about the truth of it.

  • Reading GuidanceClues for a reading the text and the main contentsMain idea of the text : This text is a narrative ,which narrates Tonys life story : How he managed to make his own dream come true---Tony Trivisonno realized his American dream through his own efforts .Its structure and the main contents : As its a narrative ,we should pay attention to the four elements---time ,place ,character and event while reading . The text can be roughly divided into two parts . The first part (Paras 1-29) focuses on the life story of Tony Trivisonno. the second part (Paras 30-33) gives the authors reflection or comments on the story of Tony .

  • While you are reading , 1). Be careful with time sequence ,which makes a smooth transition between sentences or paragraphs gives us a clear thread to help us understand the text easily. some expressions of time in the text : One eveningthe next morningThe next two days On FridaySummer passed into fall The months passedOne dayA year or two passedAfter about two yearsSometime laterThen ,during the war

    In this ,Tony fulfilled his American dream step by step .

  • 2). Be careful with Tonys broken English, which shows that Tony wasnt educated in English learning and he was a poor English speaker. For example : I mow your lawn--- May I mow your lawn ? Or :will you allow me to mow your lawn ? etc.

  • 3). List the main events which help Tony fulfill his American Dream. (his business was from small to large ,and his hard work together with talent took him from log cabin to White House). 1>.Tony worked as a gardener at Mr. Crawfords house.2>.Tony got a job clearing snow at Mr. Crawfords factory.3>.Tony learning to become a skilled worker;4>.Tony bought a house with Mr. Crawfords help;5>.Tony bought a farm and sent for his family in Italy;6>.Tony died, leaving his family a prosperous farm and his children educated. Each step of the above-mentioned is similarly defined by the appearances of time phrases .

  • 4). Be careful with the changes of Tonys appearance or looks ; 1>.He was thin (lines 3-4) 2>.He seemed to stand a little straighter .He was heaver .He had a look of confidence (lines 59-60) 3>.neatly dressed .(line 71) Hint : These changes indicate that Tony was getting richer and he had more confidence in himself.

  • 5). Be careful with the seven scenes of Tonys appearance and his different meeting intention :scene 1. one evening standing in the drive way ,behind my garage . asking for help---I mow your lawn .scene 2. on Friday (late afternoon)behind the garage . still asking for help to mow the lawnscene 3. one evening, asking for a job of clearing snow at the factory . scene 4. at our meeting place behind the garage ,wanting to be an apprentice .scene 5. in his waiting place ,not asking for but accepting a help to buy a house .scene 6. in our familiar meeting spot sat down and talked. without asking for help .scene 7. arrived on a Sunday afternoon (Perhaps in the house or at least in the courtyard). Visiting, not asking for, especially not waiting this time

  • Summary : 1-4. asking for help 5. getting a help 6-7. wanting no help 6. sat down 1-6. the same meeting place waiting (except for the six time) 7. another meeting place not waiting Question : What do the changes of meeting ways ,places and intentions suggest ?To show us that Tony is becoming more and more successful and the improve of his social status to allow him to sit there and have a talk with Mr. Crawford

  • Text Analysis

    Did the author himself ever make a statement claiming Tony to be a good worker ? No. He makes you infer from other peoples compliments my wife said he was very helpful; the personnel department said Tony was a very good worker; I got a report that he had graduated as a skilled grinder; when Tony died ,people found the farm green with vegetables ,the little house livable and homey . There were a tractor and a good car in the yard . The children were educated and working ,and Tony didnt owe a cent .)

  • Language Study1. ... hard to comprehend his broken English:If someone talks in broken English, they speak slowly and make a lot of mistakes because they only know a little of the language.

  • 2. yes, Depression days were difficult, but how could I turn away a person who had come to me for help?(L10): turn away :refuse to help or allow (sb.) to enter a place . The guard turned away several people who didnt have the tickets.turn down: refuse ( a request, suggestions, etc.) Examples: He was offered the job but he turned it down because it involved too much traveling.

  • 3. I managed to work out some kind of small weekly pay, and each day (L24):Work out: plan, solve, calculate. Ive worked out your share of the expenses at 10.Weekly: (adj.) happening once a week or every week. He thinks his weekly wage of 100 yuan is enough.(adv.) once a week, every week, by the week. 21st Century is published weekly.(n.) a publication issued once a week. News Weekly twice weekly

  • 4. Well, what do you do with such determination and hope?(L30):used in question with whatdeal with Tell me what you did with yourself this week. tolerate I cant do with him and his impoliteness. (often with could, can) desire I could do with a cup of tea. do without do away with have something to do with have nothing to do with

  • 5. determination: the ability to continue trying to achieve what you have decided to do even when this is difficult (uncountable noun, often followed by infinitive to) E.g: Her determination to do well made her keep on studying.V. determine to do sth. be determined to do sth.

  • 6.I asked the personnel department for a report.(L32): the department in a large organization that deals with employees. personnel administration personnel department // personnel director // all the persons working in an organization, in the army, etc. All personnel were allowed to take part in the party. personal: of or related to a person Please leave us alonewe have something personal to discuss. a personal appearance

  • 7. But I doubted whether Tony had th