Unit 4, Book 7, Primary English for China Cuibei Primary School Jiang Liping I Want To Learn English!

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  • Unit 4 , Book 7, Primary English for ChinaCuibei Primary School Jiang Liping

  • 4. A school outing Part A & E Part B1 & H Part C ,D & G Part B2 & B3 Further reading

  • PracticeNew wordsHomework

  • sunglassesa pair of two pairs of

  • umbrellaanraincoatatrainboat

  • cameracameras

  • a map

  • lunchboxes

  • money yuanpounddollar

  • 1. Listen, repeat and recite the new words.2. According to the pronunciation of the new words, write more words as you can.

  • Whose paper is this?Its their paper.gamegameMr. DuckPeterMaryTheyre Mr Ducks sunglasses.TomWhose sunglasses are these?camerascameras

  • 1oo1oo1ooo1ooo2oo5oo2ooChallenge

  • Listen and circle the correct words.1. These are our/their maps. Theyre new.2. This is our /their game. Its big.

  • Read and answer.Pat has a blue lunchbox. I have a lunchbox too. Its pink.Whose lunchbox is this?Its Pats lunchbox.

  • True or FalseWhose sunglasses are these? Its Marys sunglasses.Theyre

  • Whose game is this?Its th___ game.eir

  • Whose cameras are these?Theyre o__ cameras.ur

  • Whose paper is this?____ Pats paper.Its

  • Whose cameras are these?_____ our cameras.Theyre

  • Is this your lunchbox?No, it isnt.Its their lunchbox.

  • Are these our cameras?Yes, they are.

  • Is this your lunchboxes?No, it isnt.Are these your lunchboxes?No, they arent.

  • We go to the beachOn our school outing.We play a _____On our school outing.Whose _______ is this?_______ maps are these?Is this your camera?Are these her _____________?We have so much funOn our school outing.gamemapWhosesunglasses

  • make a sandcastlecakecardCan you help us?Sure. / Certainly.Is that my hat?Oh, there you are.

  • 1. Does Bob want an ice cream?Yes, he does.

  • 2. Whose hat is in the water?Bobs hat is in the water.

  • 3. Can Bob swim?No, he cant.

  • Lets _____ a big sandcastle.Bob, were going to_____ some ice cream. _____ hat is in the water. He cant ______.makebuyBobsswim

  • Further reading on the teachers blog. Tell the story in Part C