Unit 4, Day 1 Genetics & Human Development Monday, Jan. 14 th (All, 20 Min)

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Unit 4, Day 1

Unit 4, Day 1Genetics & Human DevelopmentMonday, Jan. 14th (All, 20 Min)New Seats!Policies Electronic DevicesNo electronic devices unless approved work timeI see it, I take it.Strike 1: Pick it up at the end of school.Strike 2: -//- , Parent phone call home.Strike 3: Parent must pick up the device.Failure to turn in phone = defianceYou will receive a suspension. (School-wide policy)Policies Student MovementAssigned seat w/ legs under the desk at all times.Designated work time may require you to move to a new table.No more than 4 people at a tableSit and stay, legs under the desk at all times.Trash cans & sharpeners are on table.Only one person out of class at a time. (Irrelevant Errand Pass)4Policies End of DayDont pack up until you are told to.You will cause the rest of class to stay for as many minutes as you disrupt my lesson.One person empties mini trash can into class garbage & returns to seat.All tables: ENTIRELY clean, trashes empty, & students sitting w/ legs under the table.Not dismissed until I tell you that you may leave.Semester Two Essential SkillsEssential Skill #2.1 (Genetics)Inheritance of traits from generation to generationEssential Skill #2.2 (Development)Growth stages of an organismEssential Skill #2.3 (Physiology)Components of bodyEssential Skill #2.4 (Evolution)Change in organisms over timeEssential Skill #2.5 (Ecology)Relationships between organismsEssential Skill #2.6 (Lab Reports)Scientific methodBiology BindersDont lose papers (POLs = evidence, organization = success!)Table of ContentsEach day = ONE page numberComponents = LETTERS (I can add more)Space to write down inserted worksheetsHomework Planner (may remove if you have one)Unit 4 (Units 5-8 added later)Project Trial by ChildEach day = same structureUnit 4 Binder Check (stamps!!!)

7A Day in Unit 4Quickly enter class, sit down (legs under table).Place homework at center of table. Stamp!Take out biology binder and begin working on Daily Question. Stamp!Not Working = TardyBox todays objectiveBrief Reading analysis. Stamp!A Day in Unit 4 (cont.)Teacher Notes on leftThe notes from the PowerPointStudent Practice on rightAny problems/practice I ask you to doLecture ActivitySpace to write if needed. Stamp!Project ActivitySpace to write if needed. Stamp!Homework Assigned a YouTube video & notes to take & problems.Write notes and answers in spaceMini QuizEnd of day, mini quiz that covers BOTH the homework and lecture. We will grade it in class.9HomeworkCRITICAL: DO THE YOUTUBE VIDEO HOMEWORKShort: generally 15 minutes long. No excuses!No internet? After school, before school, lunch. No excuses!Dont do the homework? You will fail this semester. The homework is NOT repeated information. It is the BASIS for the lecture.Videos are posted at least two days before assigned, so you can stay ahead if you want.ProjectsEVERY SINGLE day includes a project.Project #1 Trial by Child (1/15 2/7)Project #2 T.M.I (2/8 2/26)Project #3 Eggsistential Dilemma (2/27 3/29)ExhibitionProject #4 Live Free, Die Hard, Live Again (4/9 5/17)Project #5 Wormy Vermi-Composting (5/20 5/31)MUST be accountable, on time, and make quality work in order to succeed. Easy to fall behind and this will result in failure.Collaboration and JustificationTrial by Child (Project #1) Genetics & Human DevelopmentPairs fill out the Collaboration Justification and ContractWho would you like to work with? (30 seconds)THREE REASONS (2, 1, 0 = not approved)Read the contract CLOSELY and sign.NOT a guarantee. I will take into account past behavior, attitude, and semester 1 grade.12HomeworkWrite down homework in plannerhttp://dp.davincischools.org/staff/blarkin/Biology Homework Spring 13Homework Due 1/15-16 T/WMeiosis Part 1 (YouTube link)Meiosis Part 2 (YouTube link)Answer the 10 questions posted on your Homework sheet.