Unit 4 How do you get to school? Reading and Writing.

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<ul><li><p> Unit 4</p><p>How do you get to school?</p><p> Reading and Writing</p></li><li><p>KatrinaschoolKatrina takes the bus to school.Katrina goes to school by bus.</p></li><li><p>123456</p></li><li><p>Jack hospitalLisa parkMy friendsParis Marysupermarket</p></li><li><p> Bob JapanJeff post officeLily bus stopMy sisters Birds Nest</p></li><li><p> The twins libraryMike villageTony New York Alice bank</p></li><li><p> The boy library Julia school Mark train station His parents hospital</p></li><li><p> Tim pay phoneThe visitors XianJimmy Shangdong The girl mall</p></li><li><p> My uncle home townJerry train station Nina restaurantLeo and Sam bridge </p></li><li><p>ABCDEF</p></li><li><p> New York city is a very large city with 8 million people. How do so many people move about New York on their way to work and school?</p></li><li><p> In New York, you can travel about the city by subway, bus, taxi and car. The subway run on the railroad lines under the city. It crosses the city at different points and goes to all parts of the city. Traveling by subway is the fastest way to get around the city.</p></li><li><p> The second way to travel about the city is by public bus. Its a slower way to travel. This is because the bus moves in road traffic which is often heavy.</p></li><li><p> You can also take a taxi to travel around the city. This is very expensive, but the taxi will take you to the very place you wish to go to.</p></li><li><p> The last way to get around the New York city is using your own car. It is inconvenient since you will perhaps be driving in the rush hour. If there is an accident on the road, you will have to wait in traffic for a long time.</p></li><li><p> As you can see, people have some different ways to get around in New York city. You can choose the best way to make your tour wonderful.</p></li><li><p>Beginning:Body part:Ending:Focus on the topic.Introduce the transportation in New York Conclusion.subwaybustaxicar</p></li><li><p> PeterLinda Writing</p></li></ul>


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