Unit 4 What’s in fashion? Jennifer Tao. What do we wear at school? school uniform

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Unit 4 Whats in fashion? Jennifer Tao Slide 2 Slide 3 What do we wear at school? school uniform Slide 4 What do we wear at the beach? sunglasses hot pants slippers bikini jean T-shirt casual clothes Slide 5 What do we wear at the theater? evening dress formal clothes Slide 6 What do you wear at the costume party casual clothes Slide 7 What should we wear at work? glovesminiskirt tie long earrings high-heeled shoes silk stockings Slide 8 T slipper gloves T-shirt jean evening dress sunglasses high-heeled shoes hat school uniform mini-skirt tie hot pants long earrings silk stockings Slide 9 Fashion means dressing in a proper way at the different places. Slide 10 Listen and underline questions about asking for opinions? Listen and answer the question: What is Sandy going to do? Hes going to have an important interview. How about this tie Dose it go with this suit? Hows it now? No, not really. It goes perfect with your suit. Why dont you wear the new one Jack got for your birthday? Which sentence is on giving advice? Sandy Slide 11 A: Good morning, may I help you? B: Oh, Im just looking. A: How about___________? B: _______________________. Does ________ go with_________? A: _______________________. Slide 12 Lily: Sandy, there are so many things on Taobao. I dont know what to buy? Sandy:___________________________? ___________________________? Lily: ___________________________. ________________________? Sandy: Maybe you are right._____________? Lily: ______________________. Sandy and Lily are talking about shopping online. How about Does it go with No, not really./it goes perfect with Why dont you How is it now Slide 13 Homework: 1 Read the dialogue aloud and try to speak it up without looking at the textbook. 2 Make a dialogue based on the image. Slide 14 Look through the questions from Ex5 to Ex7.and find out the answers: How many people are there in this dialogues? Who are they and where do they come from? What are they talking about? What are the meanings of trendy? And how do you know that? Three. Rachel, Lisa and Paul. Chicago, Bogota and ? Trendy activities. Fashionable. The new trend here is working out in the cold. Slide 15 Do Ex5. But they are exercising! Do Ex6. snow in the cold Over to you, Lisa! Thanks, Rachel! Do Ex7. Well, Im doing something that also started in India. Yoga! The new exercise trend here in Paris is to do Bikram yoga. Slide 16 Must we pay lots of money to have them? Slide 17 Read the passage quickly and tick the writers opinion on such big brands? Everything of big brands is a fashion trend. Paying for big brands is a kind of money waste. scan _______________ Slide 18 Read the Para1 and guess: Read the Para 2 and find out: They dont trust their own tastes. If you shop them, you cant go wrong. Why do I find much more satisfying to pop into the chain stores? Why do people buy designer brands? I can buy a copy of the designers clothes for a tenth of the price. Read the Para 4 and find out: Even if I had the money, I would think of all the other things I could spend it on! What is the writers shopping philosophy? What does must-have mean? ________________ designer knockoffs Read the Para 3 and find out: Where do young people buy in the U.K. They are buying their clothes in chain stores, second-hand shops and markets. Slide 19 Read and do Ex 2 Read and do Ex 3 Slide 20 Believe yourself ! Enjoy life! Slide 21 The woman who is standing with him is his mother. The boy who is in the picture is Leonardo DiCaprio. Slide 22 Grammar: Attributive Clauses An attributive clause is a clause. It has the same way like adjective. It is used to describe a person, a thing or a place in a sentence. ? Slide 23 The two women who are standing in the middle are _______. The man who is wearing the watch is ______. The man who is wearing the hat is ______. Slide 24 The first book which is put on the right is_____________. Slide 25 The room is no longer the place that it used to be. Slide 26 Do you like your classmates? Ask the Ss to sit in a circle, the teacher stands in the center. Ss: Do you like your classmates? T: Yes, I love the person who wears white shirts. (Those who wear white shirts should change the seats.) T: No. (Then the neighbors should change their seats.) Slide 27 Draw a picture and describe it in the attributive clauses. </p>