Unit 4 Wildlife Protection Let’s enjoy some pictures of wild animals Milu deer panda

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Text of Unit 4 Wildlife Protection Let’s enjoy some pictures of wild animals Milu deer panda

  • Unit 4Wildlife Protection

  • Lets enjoy some pictures of wild animalsMilu deerpanda

  • polar bearpenguin ( )

  • South China tigerzebra

  • antelope


  • elephantgolden monkey

  • Whats the problem of these animals commonly facing?Dying out/endangered/in danger of disappearing

  • Why are these animals dying out or endangered or in danger of disappearing?

  • Too much hunting

  • Food Shortage !

  • Pollution

  • Destruction of habitats

  • Is there an organization helping wildlife? Yes, it is WWF-- World Wildlife Fund ()

  • Unit4 Reading

  • Find out the main idea of the passageA. It is about some protection of wildlife.

    B. It is about a journey of a flying carpet.

    C. It is about Daisys wonderful experience with some animals.C

  • Fill in the table below about Daisys journey TibetantelopeZimbabwe elephantrainforestmonkeysadhappyamazed

    Places she went to Animals she metHer feelingThe first visitThe second visit the third visit

  • 1.Daisy saw an antelope as well as mountains and people in Tibet. ( )2. The antelope felt very sad and happy when he saw Daisy. ( )3.Antelopes were killed for the skin that is taken from under their stomachs. ( ) 4. The elephants and rhinos in Zimbabwe used to be protected well by the farmers in the past. ( ) 5. Mosquitoes protect the monkey from a millipede insect. ( )

    Careful reading---T or FTTFFF

  • Choose the best answer1. Antelope in Tibet become endangered because( )A. they are killed by other animals for food.B. The environment is badly polluted. C. People kill them to use their fur.D. their food chain() is cut off. 2. The farmers hunted the Zimbabwe elephants without mercy because ( )A. they wanted to sell the elephants for money B. their families were attacked with no compensations ( )received. C. the number of elephants was so large that they eat too much food. D. Their farms were destroyed by elephants and they didnt get any money from tourists.CD

  • 3. It can be learned from the text that ( )A. the Zimbabwe government did a good job in saving the elephants. B. the rainforest produces drugs that are good for millipede insects C. the farmers also got some money from tourists after the WWF helped. D. mosquitoes help protect moneys from millipede insects. 4. It can be inferred from the text that next Daisy would ( )A. go and buy a flying carpet B. work with WWF to help wildlifeC. laugh over what she had experiencedD. cry because she could not make her new drug. AB

  • One day Daisy flew in a flying ____ to Tibet and met a sad _______ . They were hunted for their ____to make sweaters like hers. _______ they are now an ________species. Then, she flew to Zimbabwe and met an _______ and got to know farmers hunted them without_______. But the ___________decided to help . At last she arrived at a thick _______ where a ______ told her No rainforest, no _____ and no ____ . Though finally everything had _____, she had learned so much about protecting ________!Summary( carpetantelopefurwildlife As a resultelephantmercy governmentrainforestmonkeyanimalsdrugsgoneendangered

  • 1. Protect the environment. 3.Never kill endangered animals.4. Never buy endangered animals products and tell our friends not to do so ! 2.Help animals return to nature.

  • *Killing animals is killing ourselves !*Lets leave our children a living planet !Warning

  • As long as everyone devotes their bit of love, the world will become a better one..

  • More and more animals are being killed by humans. As a student, what should you do to protect wildlife? Write a short passage about wildlife protection.Homework: writing