UNIT 6 Section B Topic1We are going on a spring field trip By Chen guohuai Jinhuo Middle Shool

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  • UNIT 6 Section B Topic1We are going on a spring field tripBy Chen guohuai Jinhuo Middle Shool

  • Task:

    How to make hotel reservations?

    Go on learning infinite mood: To do

  • Work in pairs to make a conversationA: HelloWhat can I do for you?B: A: How many do you want?B: A: your name, please?B:

  • Facilities price

    Room priceTv set20Bathtub20 Air conditioning20Fridge20TotalpriceFor 1person60For 2 people80For 3 people100For 4 people120

  • 1b Look, listen and sayListen to the tape carefully and answer the following questions:Q1: How much does a room with a single bed cost?Q2: How many rooms will Maria book?Q3:How long will the they stay?140 yuan.Eleven rooms.About two days.

  • A: Hello, Dongfang Hotel. Can I help you?B: Yes, Id like to make hotel reservations.A: OK. We have rooms with a TV set, bathtub, air conditioning and fridge. The bed is comfortable. B: How much does a standard room cost?A: A standard room with two single beds costs 160 and a room with a single bed costs 140. How many rooms do you want?B: I want to book 10 rooms with two single beds and one with a single bed.A: How long will you stay?B: March 13th and 14th, about two nights.A: OK. Let me count. The total price is 3480. I hope you will enjoy staying at Dongfang Hotel.

  • Language points:2,How much do\does cost?eg: How much does this book cost?3,a standard room with two single beds with eg: a girl with red hair 1,I want to make hotel reservations. make a reservation

  • Read the conversation in 1b again and make similar dialogues with your partnersClerk: HelloCan I help you?Traveler: Hello ,we want to book some rooms.Clerk: OK, we have many kinds of rooms. The room for one person..Traveler: ..

  • Work aloneListen to the tape and fill in the blanks.Clerk: ______! Can I help you?Lianlian: I want to ______some rooms. What kind of room do you have?Clerk: We have ________rooms for 1~4 people. A standard room with a bathtub and air conditioning_____40 yuan per person. But a room without Bathtub or air conditioning only costs 20 yuan. Which would you like?Lianlian : Id like one room for_______ people and one room for ______ person. Its so cold that we would like the rooms with_______ and ____________

    Hellobookstandardcoststwo onebathtubair conditioning

  • to climbto travelto goto goto taketo bookto make


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