Unit3 Hobbies

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Unit3 Hobbies. 常州博爱小学 丁雪. She like s going shopping. go sh o pping 购物. hobby 兴趣. h o t h o b h o bby h o bb ies. Barb and I. She like s taking photos. take ph o to s 拍照. st a mp. coll e ct 集邮. s. She like s collecting stamps. a horse stamp. a dog stamp. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Unit3 Hobbies

  • Unit3 Hobbies

  • She likes going shopping. go shopping

  • hobby hot hob hobby hobbies

  • Barb and I

  • She likes taking photos.

    take photos

  • stamp collect sShe likes collecting stamps.

  • a horse stamp

    a dog stamp

    animal stamps

  • ship a stamp

  • collect old coins

  • grow flowers know show grow

    how now flower

  • A:Do you have any hobbies?

    B: Yes, I do. I like

  • HobbiesDo you have any hobbies?Yes,I do.Yes,I do.I like taking photos.Oh,me too.Oh,me too.

    Do you have any hobbies?Yes,I do.Yes,I do.I like growing flowers.Oh,me too.Oh,me too.

  • make clothes

  • A:Does he have any hobbies B:Yes,he does. He likes making model ships.?

  • Does he/she have any hobbies?Yes,he/she does. He/She likes

  • A: Hello, do you have any hobbies?B: Yes,I do.I like A: Does he/she have any hobbies?B: Yes, he/she does. He/She likes

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