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United Kingdom - london. Jessica Hakov, Tereza ledabylov. LONDON. London is the capital city of England . Londos has got many sights . For example : Tower bridge , London Eye ,, houses of parlament and the most famous sight is Big Ben. London eye. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


United Kingdom

Jessica Hakov, Tereza ledabylovUnited Kingdom-londonLONDONLondon is the capital city of England.Londos has got many sights.For example: Tower bridge, London Eye,, houses of parlament and the most famous sight is Big Ben.

London eyeIt was finished in the end of millenium, there is a beautiful view from the top.The largest observation wheel in the world since 1999.It is 135m high.Wheel carries 32 air-conditioned cabins for passengers.One revolution takes about 30 minutes.

Big benBig Ben is the nickname for the bell and clock.Tower is on the northeast side of the Palace, where Parliament sits.The tower is named according to Benjamin Halevi.In connection with the sixtieth anniversary of the reign of Elizabeth II, the tower will be call Elizabeth Tower.Big Ben is very favourite sights.

TOWER BRIDGETower bridge is also very famous.Tower bridge is lifting bridge over the river Thames .This bridge sometimes has got name like London Bridge.You can go inside of tower and you can see the historical sights.This year was Olympic games in London and the Tower Bridge had the Olympic Rings.

5buckingham palaceIs seat of qeuen.There are all members of family.Prince William and Harry are gueens grandsons.They live in Buckingham Palace too.Williams wife Kate lives there too of course.Buckingham Palace is the biggest workroom in the world.

TRAFALGAR SQUAREIts the most famous square, in the middle there is Nelsons column, there are fauntains and a lot of pigeons.Trafalgar Square is a public space and tourist attraction in central London.Trafalgar Square is owned by the Queen in right of the Crown, and manages a large office in London.

OXFORD Oxford is city in England.The city has got around 149 800 inhabitant.There is the oldest university, and her name is a UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD (Oxford university).

OXFORD STREETVery famous street in the world is Oxford street.There are many shops and fun.The biggest department store is Virgin Megastore. There is many fun of course.Next shop is Topshop.This is very big house of fashion.The Oxford street is very very popular.

We want go to the England.Visit London, and Londons sights.We want visit Oxford street too. Because we love shoping and fashion.And we also hope, that our teacher take us to England this school year.


Thank you for watching.The end


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