United kingdom Shawna Bias, Cody Hambly. Capital of UK The capital of United kingdom is London

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  • United kingdom Shawna Bias, Cody Hambly
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  • Capital of UK The capital of United kingdom is London.
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  • Population The population of United kingdom is 61.2million.
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  • National languages The main language of United kingdom is English. The national language is French.
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  • Popular Holidays and Events One of the holidays are Guy Fawkes Day it memorializes a failed plot to blow up the parliamentary building on Nov. 5 1605 Events are Easter Beer Festival it is on April 22 through April 23 Winter Gardens will host this years CAMRA rally which presents it self as one of the largest beverage region.
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  • Popular foods and Music They listen to songs like Greensleaves and have artist like the Beatles They usually they eat fish chips,apple pie, pudding.
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  • Average Climate It is cold it is normally 10-15 Celsius. It can reach up to 20 Celsius. It is very cold in United Kingdom COLD
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  • People and places Some people in United kingdom are Harry Potter. Another person are Queen Elizabeth. The place is New Forest. Another place is the Stonehenge.
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  • Airline Info 916$ Leave March 29, 5:00 PM-12:05 from the Dallas Fort Worth international airport delta airlines Return April 15, 1:00 pm-8 :31pm London Hethro Airport, Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
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  • Pictures This is the United Kingdoms flag. The colors are blue,red,white. The Palm Tower, Spinnaker Tower, Tower Bridge, Castle House.
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  • Currency 1 US Dollar = 0.61949 Of an English pound This pic is a 20 pounds in United Kingdom. COOL!!!!