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UNITED STATES Subject Index... · PDF file United States Secret Service suispcssassination of President Kennedy - Dallas . • • CIPTIOALL

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  • • • • '14'

    Memorandum TO : Mr. J. Lee Rankin, General Counsel.

    President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy


    Mr. James J. Rowley, Chief United States Secret Service

    suispcssassination of President Kennedy - Dallas

    . •

    • CIPTIOALL FOAM 140 10 1010.101 MIST 1141 E01110111 GSA LEN. 11E0.140.


    " • Lle13.03.9., • :1.10 • 44

    U. S; SECRET SERVICE CO-2-34,030 DATE: . February 26, 1964

    There is forwarded herewith the report of ATSAIC Leon L. Gopadze of our Los Angeles Office concerning his contacts with Marina Oswald as they relate to her contractual agree- ments with James Martin, John Thorn and Robert Oswald.



  • Chief

    ta5:%)..0 Leon L. Copad;:e Loa An3eles

    U. S. SP.CRII.:T StRVICE CO*2-34,030

    Pcbruary'26, 1964 • • " .

    V S

    Assassination of President Kennedy .• Dallas . . •

    ' • - • .

    • Th1.3 mezorandum is cubratted upon the request of Irma for ' Tho,-.71as . for the purpose of ascertaining whether . the questioning of Marina Ozavald by. the R47,-:rortinz, Agent, tiez:• n.: ever conducted in the presence of James Martin, her Duel.- •

    . ness Faneser. Inspector Kelley also requested the--iteportirig Agent to relate any conversations, in vhich he participated .

    '••• as tranalator, occurring between Marina Oswald, JEtnea Martin. • - • an. it Attorney John Thorn, relative to arty business trans- -

    •-• actions. •-• "• • . •

    The first time the Reporting .Agent met ilzunes Martin was on .., the at:terms= of Novat6:er 21, 1963, at the Six Plage Inn;

    • Arlington, Tares. At this time Marina .Cstfald was beinz . questioned by 711I Special Iv.tents ilosty and Bram.. The Lcpa:tins gent participated as translator only. The meet- - in,s was very brief and no coriveratiemoccUrred between the •

    ort ins Lguat and I;lartin, otter than Narti-a stated that he was sorry for Na_riaa Ozwald and that he was doing everythinz

    - .to Lanka her coefortablo at the Inn, The Colloraing day,wilich • was `.0.1anksgivinz; Day, the ileportin3 Agent translated comer-

    • antions .betvenn. !Farina 0.7..zald and Martin in connection with -the Thrnitte,,,,,ivinz, Ley dinner givep. by „the 11"e--xtinl,:.; at their ` residmce for tiarina Oswald. The •Reporting Ageut was not

    - at the dinner. • • :•- .L - . !A

    On november 29, 1963, the Reporting-Agent interviewed Ilarina at eno Inn concerning Leo Orz-mt..1d. Follm-

    ing this ir.tOrvies7 thc.: acpar.tiuz; Agent tranalated to klarina . Crs-,;ald varicus Cutzsostit.-::4a made by E.obert Osvald cl-td &trues

    Herein col-lac:min? the request of the. nosehill Cemetery officicis for the runoval.of the body of Lea Oswald from his grave. Thio request vaa made by the officials .because of

  • e 2


    threats received by than coar.,t.ernisr, the .disintement and • destruetion of the boy of. Lee Oswald. tiarinn. Oswald re-- • lutztr.stly c!! to the. cre:::ation c Ozwald t z.., body prcr,rified- the cemetet7 ofilcials would.assume the et:pease:, ineurredv .,:_ including t43 urn azd .03.1 subsequent e-.4..pc.uses •

    .00rtnoeted therewith.. Duriu this interview II:Irina Oswald rcquetted the Rt....porting ALF,.-±...xt to trm.-1.1:ilate to .,Taaes

    _hor• Ftpprecintion of the Thanksgivinz Day dinner 'at the - • liartin hem. She also asfmd the Reporting Air,,,-ent to e.:prese

    her gracitUde. for their .1zitl.d.7.sess mtd hospitality and further wished to lays if the Iltxtin Emily liked her. Apparcetly

    previous offer had been rukde• by . the Li:ex-tines to hta.rina• '-- Osweld to r.,.c-Are into their Ta=e and 1-.x.eame a pert of their.,

    •:- household, Apparently IlExina Oswald hr.d accepted this invitaticra at a preViOuS ,Thes B.epartiun k;ent was not .present tho title the convanation concerning her living Frith the Wirtin's took place.. Marina Ornw...114, after lee rhin3 frens the Repartiw; Agent's tfunslati6n e ilk'. z:nxtints • asst./ram:se that his family liked ham., then .r.ziched to knou

    lort3 she might with the 11rxtints and under whist • • conditions.. James Eartin stated that she could stay with • - - ,•them as low; as she wir,hed, that they wished no• compensation frog her other tilza helping around the house. Althou.:711

    • arrange:11E3.4s had 1,,eten mf.Ale t o uzove her into the heusehold that ni, ILuxine Oswald requested this be post poned until the iollemina 'day. •

    At the conclusion of the emversatioa betveaull.nri5sa Oswald, Oavald and Robert Ozwald told the .

    --..Reportia5 Agent of 1113 pertoar-- dislike of Iluth Paine. Robert Gsveld cllso mentioned his mother's dislike of Ruth Paine and stated that they did not with Marina to have any.. thin.z further to do with iwth Faine. he did not elaborate

    - en his rcesons, stotin5 that Itz-s. Parse eras a bad lierina.. At ttlis portieuicr time Vtarins. indicated

    ,t h t rise would do Lcbert wished. her to do .and. stated that Else trusted Robert contpletely. •

    • ,,,,•••••■•••• 1107. .r.r"r

    '""""""r' R 73- C 0 R

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    •roT3riaT4Itmeo ezil. U0 f:Tr17,I17.-;1 403; tyrt-'2:1 polazoamo ktatas • sn:01.&103ull yeariX spre.z.:,:4) 007 4i41 7,0 VOTZ,VI740

    p;-)36.2-_%43,3 'arra ovva pr .•3 saptravo ' • • ern, %314-1.CV.2.0 OD atZ•V;1. triVier. ZOCITa k::43 £q z31141:00a:Latoxf v-Fat ptvzzo irtn;itil Se pnv 1/ ,xactioao,,,t/ ;0 aka?? Strportog ztla ro

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    • *3 xogir..,-.:1 roltrzneloa pyro 11-:Tia 1,r52,:u.N oa • a3trz.In2; pav 4msso Act tr).A.T.;1z,:c 0.7,171.p.uatIv)axoo puu

    oirolat)-( g-aozawrat 03T3.":_r!.13 o ,zoar-Tatraxa tt. 3o • avvFAx:a o12 trivago Ciz 47;114 uTaaL::leutm: 02 pa3ta22nn -41n2y

    • th1•4gadaa nqa u*ort=tv-12 sltla f/.24.7ra spiu=a vn7.x%A oa c-fma av olcivvox3c 1177).1.-u-a6.52 0:=u 4mioa0v ao;

    reSco,7,trand u 3o- en rryta • M.7.110 07,* ralasia oa tivva ar f.ltrf -3Iaods,p trama pIXR cit6i11 sp4 14-ratri %up:10pm Aq sAncri.p 1.10T4

    -.mop 0(12 eavIarAtra p/noil pe,,,11 wiz-11m utt-3.2.7:1 7.0 WE AL zvt.:4 u'r tru tract° Innoa. *T1 tri1.1Oliki Mil.Mq ;."0 TIT?. uo-Fa,,-

    -.woe ? punog put/ vti rg.'q3 p03330 erl .10A,-31A0H - • plCt40 1:1Z.11:UP-g . A. g.0 Gtzli otia laptla auctoo0R vaittia glquaq -

    Ivan 0112 .T.T3TA 43-0.0T34To !,:',Tri.:toattnootra sun eel alma ma-r.2. s-p43 p,munauvta ulaxtm sat r •oau 4orsou zeg '21q1Azisru.o aaouu

    -...arcciclu .:Efat;-..„/ Vu-pntilo pa4 3 eSrart3 U311.1.7.11 "call `Eat! . EaTocAlrfuu Co c'.3ait:,•,3 ova riEtOti r1.7.01:11t114 n 0112 30

    _7' (5".,1 onuv):-iasti trup:5-41 tIlTa'paq=3,7,x30. 3t1la • paxolad3 otp ul.:1/141 caurlr °sail 3:st.3 Strr3,7.od-,31.r, vtia •

    ‘oouisr.soz trcaatni alp UOdj Ett-;, Dam " Ott). trcaxmi asuxr go orti;n:4-a,-4.1.1 otpl. U truz,,z73 °al Virizazaatioo

    mrfavyt tw.r.lo.ratIonb 27.3.-f_aztrizi orla 01-Yfx 31.143Ar,T=rr •f..-r„:m/ dstrtria 44a0.7.3s lux-Ai/1197T 31? poz000t 4notrpircfr.),7 1:t.f40.s!

    02 ef.3.iryz riv:4 • • ' .4ct p473axocirArral .'aircz2v

    • "tmrpipla ooa IZrq ptra pltuaco raiv.":73 1c96-1 coz

  • .• •

    • • •


    . • On December 4 while inten.7ieving Marina at the Tiartin /toms. ci.:Acoir.-ning r.c-ore her Occ C:al3ed burl and' minht taws clone r.ce-le rifle practice, /fr. at the • house with an individual v;hcEa he introduced to the Reporting tc.,,ent as Attorney J,c,-1-zn M.. Thorn, v.Jho r.a.inta•L--ted oii!ices

    • Cr and Prniries -t1r. Martin Stated that he had 1:nrwn for sortetime and that Mx.' Thera was willing to _

    handle leg:7.1 affairs.. Mr. Thor* is ea seked thn 1',.sportin.3 Ascw.t. tale Lher Marina Osvald, had. be involved in any criminal actitnas with hex husband cu he, Thorn, was not a criminal Lowyos. • Mr.' Thorn stated he was willing._ to re-.. present Otp-Jald only in cemlaction. xiith her personal..:.

    -;. - .business aftairs. 'The Ro?otting.t.zont told Mri Thorn that insofar as Marina wae_concerr,.ed at present there were no indications that she had involved in her husband's • .

    acf.masin.atior.: of Praaident Ken y. lIcmcver, the ..- ::Reportizts tvalt stated that it was entirely Up to 1-ir."-Tb-Qrft:t..-. whether he chose to accept Marina Oswald as his client.-

    . ,••• Mr. Thorn stated that he could not represent Marina witheut

    - compensation and 43.$0 sag ,se at that tiny that Mr. James Martin be ,,:polated by Viarina as her Business Mancger. Marina Onwald ev.r..;,...tell to bzve lir. Thorn act as her repro.scotative lnal natters and also agrecd to have Hr. Martin es her- .•' Iusiness i f1ti3,.4er : uton It3r Tbornss additional miggestim Ake -further avreed that alqzropriate contracts should be clrairn by

    T11 for the, purpose c2 bi

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