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<ul><li><p>Unity High School Primary Curriculum: Year 3 (2015 2016) </p><p>Subject Term 1 Term 1 Term 2 Term 2 Term 3 Term 3 </p><p>Literacy Fiction </p><p>(40% of teaching </p><p>time) </p><p>Non-fiction </p><p>(40% of teaching </p><p>time) </p><p>Poetry </p><p>(20% of teaching </p><p>time) </p><p>Unit 1A: Stories with familiar settings </p><p>Reading, analysing then planning and </p><p>writing a story in a familiar setting. </p><p>Unit 1B: Instructions Reading, analysing </p><p>then planning and writing instruction texts. </p><p>Unit 1C: Poems based on observation and </p><p>the senses / Playscript Reading, analysing </p><p>then writing poems based on observation </p><p>and the senses. Reading, analysing and </p><p>writing a playscript. </p><p>Unit 2A: Myths, legends and fables </p><p>Reading, analysing then planning and </p><p>writing myths, legends and fables. </p><p>Unit 2B: Letters Reading, analysing then </p><p>planning and writing letters for a variety of </p><p>purposes. </p><p>Unit 2C: Poems from different cultures </p><p>Reading poems from different cultures then </p><p>analysing, then planning and writing a </p><p>poem. 2wks </p><p>Unit 3A: Adventure and mystery stories </p><p>Reading, analysing then planning and </p><p>writing adventure and mystery stories. </p><p>Unit 3B: Non-chronological reports </p><p>Reading, analysing then planning and </p><p>writing non-chronological reports.(3wks) </p><p>Unit 3C: Humorous poems Reading </p><p>humorous poems then analysing, planning </p><p>and writing one.2wks </p><p>Numeracy 1A Number and Problem Solving 1B Geometry and Problem Solving 1C Measure and Problem Solving </p><p>2A Number and Problem Solving 2B Measure and Problem Solving 2C Handling Data and Problem Solving </p><p>3A Number and Problem Solving 3B Geometry and Problem Solving 3C Measure and Problem Solving </p><p>Science 1A Unit 3.1 Life Processes </p><p>1B Unit 3.2 Materials </p><p>2A Unit 3.3 Flowering Plants </p><p>2B Unit 3.4 Introduction to Forces </p><p>3A Unit 3.5 The Senses </p><p>3B Unit 3.6 Keeping Healthy </p><p>ICT 3A Combining text and graphics </p><p>3E E mail E Safety 3D Exploring simulations </p><p>3B Manipulating sound </p><p>3C Introduction to databases </p><p>Humanities Geo Unit 7 Weather, Investigative skills </p><p>Geo Unit 6 Investigating our local area </p><p>Improving the area from our window </p><p>The lives of rich and poor </p><p>Sudanese Customs and Traditions </p><p>Contrasting localities Khartoum, Omdurman, Bahri </p><p>SEAL New Beginnings </p><p>Getting on and Falling out </p><p>Saying no to bullying </p><p>Going for Goals Good to be me Relationships and Change </p><p>Art </p><p>Patterns Relationships Change Places </p><p>Music </p><p>Unit 8 + Unit 9 Exploring descriptive sounds </p><p>Unit 8 + Unit 9 Exploring descriptive sounds </p><p>Unit 8 + Unit 10 Exploring rhythmic patterns </p><p>PE </p><p>Unit 8 Dance Unit 10 Invasion Games </p><p>Unit 18 Athletics Unit 12 Striking and field </p><p>Unit 20 Outdoor and adventure </p><p>Unit 14 Gymnastics </p></li></ul>


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