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  • Unplug Your Mouse Workflow Automation

    with AutoHotKey

    Andrew Weidner

    Robert Wilson

  • Mice make simple things easy and complex things impossible.

  • Mice make simple things easy and complex things impossible.

    Mice are useful and fun, but they tend to slow down repetitive file management tasks.

    Do things faster with your keyboard.

  • Keyboard Optimization: why type fifty-two keys when you can do the same thing with two?

    (Ctrl + 4)

  • Overview

    • Keyboard Shortcuts

    • AutoHotkey Scripts

    • Tools & References

    • Demonstration

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Windows Explorer

    Tab = cycle fields (add Shift to reverse)

    Alt + Tab = application switcher

    Enter = open selected file/folder

    Backspace = return to parent folder

    Alt + F + M = rename selected file/folder (also F2)

    Alt + F + W + F = create a new folder

    Home/End = go to first/last file

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    ACDSee Viewer

    Page Down = next image

    Page Up = previous image

    (NumPad) * = fit image to window

    (NumPad) + = zoom in

    (NumPad) - = zoom out

    Arrow Keys = move around the image

    Home/End = go to first/last image

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Mozilla Firefox

    Ctrl + T = open new tab

    Ctrl + Tab = cycle tabs (add Shift to reverse)

    Alt + Left = go to previous page (also Backspace)

    Ctrl + L = focus on address bar

    Tab = cycle links (add Shift to reverse)

    Arrow Keys = scroll through the page

    Ctrl + B = show/hide bookmarks sidebar

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Simple: another Enter key

    ; plain text file with .AHK extension

    ; comments begin with a semicolon

    ; define the hotkey: Alt + a


    ; define the action

    Send, {Enter}

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Simple: type some text

    ; hotkey: Ctrl + 1


    ; use the ` symbol before a literal comma

    ; `n inserts a new line, `t inserts a tab

    Send, Sincerely`,`n`t

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Complex: create a folder

    ; hotkey: Win + k


    Send, {AltDown}f{AltUp}

    Sleep, 200

    Send, w

    Sleep, 200

    Send, f

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Complex: rename a file

    ; hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + r


    Send, {F2}

    Sleep, 200

    Send, {Home}

    Sleep, 200

    Send, 2013

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Complex: paste a file in multiple folders

    Pause::Pause ; pause script with the Pause key

    !v:: Send, {CtrlDown}v{CtrlUp} sleep, 400 Loop { Send, {Backspace} Sleep, 1400 Send, {Down} Sleep, 400 Send, {Enter} Sleep, 800 Send, {CtrlDown}v{CtrlUp} Sleep, 400


  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Complex: open with Photoshop

    NumpadDot & NumpadEnter:: ClipMem = %Clipboard% ; save current clipboard value clipboard = Send, ^c ; copy the file name ClipWait

    ; insert the file name at the end of the Photoshop Run command Run, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe %clipboard% clipboard = %ClipMem% ; restore the original clipboard value Return

  • AutoHotkey Scripts

    Application: ETD_Metadata

    Finds keywords in author-provided metadata

    and enters them in an XML file.

  • ETD Metadata: Part 1

    #Home:: DefinedAddress = DefinedKeywords = KeywordMeta = Clipboard = SendInput, {F4}{ControlDown}a{ControlUp} sleep, 200 Send ^c ClipWait Sleep, 100 DefinedAddress = %clipboard% SetWorkingDir, %DefinedAddress% Run, Wordpad.exe index.docx WinWaitActive, index

    Open author-provided metadata

     Declare blank variables for future use

     Copy file path

     Assign file path to variable

    Open index.docx file in Wordpad

  • ETD Metadata: Part 2

    Keywords: Sleep, 100 clipboard = SendInput, {CtrlDown}f{CtrlUp} WinWaitActive, Find Sleep, 100 SendInput, Keywords Sleep, 100 SendInput, {Enter}{Esc} Sleep, 100 SendInput, {Tab} Send ^c ClipWait DefinedKeywords = %clipboard%

     Function title

     Open Find dialog

     Type ‘Keywords’

     Copy text

     Store text in variable for later use

    Find Keywords

  • ETD Metadata: Part 3

    /* Comma + space occurrences in DefinedKeywords variable are replaced

    with Tab so keywords are sent to appropriate fields later */

    StringReplace, DefinedKeywords, DefinedKeywords, `,%A_Space%, %a_tab%, all

    ; create window for keyword input, separated into individual variables


    Gui, 30:+AlwaysOnTop

    Gui, 30:Add, Text, x6 y6 w100, Keyword1:

    Gui, 30:Add, Edit, x6 y+5 w100 vKeyword1

    Gui, 30:Add, Text, x6 y6 w100, Keyword2:

    Gui, 30:Add, Edit, x6 y+5 w100 vKeyword2

    ; code repeats to Keyword10

    Create GUI for Keyword Input

  • ETD Metadata: Part 4

    ; submit each field as a defined variable: Keyword1-10

    Gui, 30:Add, Button, x6 default, OK

    Gui, 30:Show,, Keywords

    Sleep, 100

    WinActivate, Keywords

    SendInput, %DefinedKeywords%

    Sleep, 100



    Gui, 30:Submit

    Send Keywords

     Create OK Button

     Send formatted keywords

     Close Window

  • ETD Metadata: Part 5

    IfExist, C:\Program Files\jEdit\jedit.exe

    Run, C:\Program Files\jEdit\jedit.exe metadata.xml


    Run, C:\Program Files\jEdit\jedit.bat metadata.xml

    WinWait, jEdit

    Sleep, 1000

    SendInput, ^{Home}

    Sleep, 200

    Send, {ControlDown}f{ControlUp}

    Sleep, 200

    Open Metadata XML File  Open metadata.xml in jEdit (.exe or .bat)

     Wait for jEdit to load the file

     Move to top of file

     Open Search window

  •  Wait for Search window to open

     Search for ‘#Keywordmeta’

     Close Search window ‘#Keywordmeta’ is highlighted

    ETD Metadata: Part 6

    Prepare for Keyword Entry WinWait, Search And Replace,

    IfWinNotActive, Search And Replace, , WinActivate, Search And Replace,

    WinWaitActive, Search And Replace,

    SendInput, {#}{ShiftDown}k{ShiftUp}eywordmeta{Enter}

    Sleep, 200

    SendInput, {Esc}

     Types ‘#Keywordmeta’

  • ETD Metadata: Part 7

    If (Keyword1 "")

    SendInput, %Keyword1%

    Sleep, 100

    If (Keyword2 "")

    SendInput, `r%Keyword2%

    Sleep, 100

    ; code repeats to Keyword10

    Enter Keywords  Send keywords stored in

    variables (IF they exist!)

  • Tools & References

    • AutoHotkey Recorder: produces script code

    • Mobile AutoHotkey: use on any Windows system

    • AutoIt Window Spy: screen coordinates & title info

    • Website: www.autohotkey.com

    • Documentation: www.autohotkey.com/docs

    • Forum: www.autohotkey.com/board

    http://www.autohotkey.com/ http://www.autohotkey.com/docs http://www.autohotkey.com/board

  • Demonstration

    • ETD_Metadata (rw)

    • SuperPaste (rw)

    • OpenWithPhotoshop (rw)

    • TDNP_Microfilm (aw)

    • NewspaperNotes (aw)

    • DashboardTools (aw)