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  • Section B

    11. Excuse me,do you know A. No. I'm not going to the post office. where the post office is? B. Yes, the post office is open today.

    C. It over there, next to the bakery. D. Do you want to buy stamp?

    12. No, thank you. A. Is this tea? B. Do you like tea? C. May I have a cup of tea? D. Would you like more tea?

    13. t A. Thank you.

    B. Where is the food?C. We are eating out today.D. Congratulation!

    14.A. Thank you.B. I will try.C. I'm sorry mum.D. You are welcome.

    15. A. Don't forget to eat them.B. There are 10 apples and 4 oranges.C. There are 10 apples.D. I will make a pie.

    16. Mrs. Wong want to buy ..................computer for her daughter.

    A. __ B. A C. An D. The

    17. While she __________ the baby _________________

    A. slept,cry B. Were sleeping, was cried C. Was slept, has criedD. was sleeping, cried

    18. Kok Wah _________________ late yesterday. A. Were B. Was C. Is D. Are

    19. They __________ lock the doors last night. A. Doesn't B. Wasn't C. Didn't D. Don't

    Please help yourself to the food

    Be careful next time

    How many apples are there in the Refrigerator?

  • 20.Chef wan is going _______________ a cake now.

    A. to bake B. To cook C. To fry D. To stir

    Choose the words that has the opposite meaning.

    21. The bus door opens automatically.

    A. rip B. Start C. Slide D. Shut.

    Choose the correct spelling

    22. The ____________princess married the prince.

    A. Beatiful B. Beautiful beutiful D betiful

    23. The _______________ grow in damp places. A. Muchroom B. Mushroom C. Muchrom D. Musrom.

    Choose the sentences with correct punctuation.

    24. A. he went to kuala selangor last week B. He went to kuala selangor last week. C. He went to Kuala Selangor last week. D. he went to Kuala Selangor last week.

    25. A. Yuck! This curry puff taste horrible! said andyB. Yuck, This curry puff tastes horrible;said Andy.C. Yuck! This curry puff tastes horrible! said Andy.D. Yuck! This curry puff tastes horrible? said Andy.

    Sect. D Question 26-30

    Sarah and her mother is at the nursery. Sarah 26. _________ to buy some plants. She is looking at the 27.___________ plants. They have beautiful leaves. Her mother has bought __________pots of flower plants. She wants to put it in the ____________. It is ___________their house.

    26. A. Wanted B. Wants C. Want D. Wanting

  • 27. A. pot B. Potted C. Pots D. Potting

    28. A. much B. Plenty C. Several D. Little

    29. A. garden B. Hall C. Kitchen D. Porch

    30. A. Behind B. Near C. In front of D. Next to

    Question 31- 35

    Study the bar chart and answer the questions that follow.


    Percentage % of pupils

    31. The bar chart above showsA. the percentage of weak pupils in a school.B. the percentage of pupils who passed the UPSR examination according to subject.C. the percentage of pupils who failed the UPSRD. the percentage of pupils who sat for the UPSR examination.

    32. What was the percentage of pupils who passed Bahasa Malaysia in year 2010?A. 20% B. 60% C. 70% D.80%

    33. Which subject had dropped in percentage in the year 2010?A. BM B. MT C. SN D. BI

    34. IN 2010 there was a great increase in performance for A. BI B. SN C. MT D. BM

    35. The survey recorded pupils' performance in _______subjects.A. two B. Four C. Six D. Eight.

    BM BI MT SN0