Unusual Tips - How to Attract Women

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Men have always been in quest of that eternal pursuit - how to attract women. http://www.AlphaWithin.com


  • Unusual Tips - How to Attract Women


    Men have always been in quest of that eternal pursuit - how to attract women. Even the most successful womanizers have failed many a time before they achieved their status of Don Juan. So is there any sure shot way to attract women?

    Firstly, if one is just practicing how to attract women in general, it is wise to not care about the outcome and concentrate on sharpening ones skills instead. It is more difficult to pick up a

    particular woman one is already very much attracted to because one acts purely to please her. Satisfying a woman's wishes may not always attract her to you.

    One of the surest ways to attract women is to play one of the games they themselves are best at. It is called "Hard to get." By making yourself seemingly unavailable and disinterested, you immediately arouse the woman's curiosity in you. Thus you successfully turn the tables on her; from being the pursuer you become the pursued. This tactic works especially well on attractive women who are used to being complimented on their good looks. If you don't compliment them, they will be stirred by the challenge you pose. Also, women don't like competition. By paying attention to other women instead of the one you have targeted, you will provoke her annoyance and have her re-evaluate her self- image. To regain her bruised ego, the woman will now start paying attention to you. Thus, you have won half the battle.

    A perfect way to learn how to attract women is to spend time with men who are already good at the game. By observing their tactics, one can not only learn new strategies, but can also polish earlier tips. The most successful men have their own individual formula for picking up women. There are more chances of victory if one develops a method which will suit ones personality. It will look more genuine and in the end, be more attractive.

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