Uri 101 Traditions and Transformations

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URI 101 TRADITIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS SECTION 99 - FALL 2011Class Meets: Instructor: E-Mail: Office Hours: Monday 9-10.15 Location: Eddy Hall Lounge Room 142 Mentor: Alyson Yeomans E-Mail: alyson_yeomans@my.uri.edu

Monica Nanda mnanda@my.uri.edu By Appointment, Chafee 313

Learning Communities: Your URI 101 is part of a learning community for your major interest or as an undeclared student. Everyone in this class is also enrolled in Psy113 & Mth107. To make the most of this opportunity, you are encouraged to form study groups, discuss course materials, and get to know your faculty and peers. College learning is more fun and meaningful when it is collaborative. Course Purpose & Goals: The purpose of this course is to help you explore issues relevant to new students at URI. When you complete this course you should have a better understanding of the University of Rhode Island, its resources, the various opportunities available to you, issues important to the URI community, and your own academic goals. Most importantly, you will have experienced working collaboratively in a group, and will have developed some important skills for your academic success. OUR MAIN GOALS: Practice collaborative learning skills in the learning community Make meaning of your academic experiences Explore academic, co-curricular, and career options Know yourself as a learner in the context of your discipline while enhancing your academic skills Encourage leadership via service learning through the Feinstein Enriching America Service Project Provide a safe and fun place to ask questions where you will gain valuable information

This is a one-credit class and we will assign work accordingly. You will get credit for the work you do in class, as well as the preparation and meeting times out of class. You are expected to do all assignments on time. COURSE REQUIREMENTS & GRADING: ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION (20 Points) You have to be in class and be prepared to earn full credit for attendance and participation. Class will be more fun and productive if everyone completes readings and assignments, on time and thoughtfully. We expect you to e-mail or call us if you have an emergency and cannot attend class. You will lose points for unexcused absences. Class attendance and participation is worth 20% of your grade. COMMON READING (10 Points) The 2011 Common Reading selection is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. Please visit and blog at www.uricommonreading.blogspot.com and post your reactions to the questions. Also, hand in a printout of your reactions in class by Monday, November 7th. Mr. Beavan will be at Edwards Auditorium on September 22nd at 3:30 and 7:00pm. (+5 bonus points if attend after service project at 7pm) MAP-WORKS TRANSITION SURVEY (10 Points) In week 3 (starting September 23rd October 16th), you must complete the MapWorks Transition Survey as part of your URI 101 course requirement. This survey is found at http://uri.map-works.com and will provide instant feedback about how you are doing at URI compared to your peers, and will be a tool that you and your URI 101 instructor and academic advisor can discuss. *A Check-Up Survey at the end of the semester will provide +10 extra credit points! ONE-ON-ONE meeting with me (10 Points) One of the only ways I can get to know you is to meet with you individually. At this meeting we will review the MAP- Works survey results and have an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. E-mail me once you complete your survey to schedule this very brief meeting. Sign-up sheets will also be passed around for the meeting with me. ATTEND DIVERSITY WEEK EVENT (10 Points) Diversity Week, (October 3 7) celebrates the importance of diversity and identity in higher education, in the workplace, in the community and in the global arena. You are welcome to attend as many events as you like, but you must go to at least one for

which a reaction paper is due by Oct 12th. A detailed schedule of Diversity Week activities can be found at: http://www.uri.edu/mcc/ CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROJECT (15 Points) In the fall of 1995, Rhode Island philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein generously endowed the service-learning component of URI 101, ensuring that each URI student would have the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful service activity, to reflect upon that experience and to better understand the needs of the broader community in which you live. As Mr. Feinstein says, your "commitment to the values of caring brotherhood and community service gives you the opportunity to make a profound difference in the future." A reflection about your experience is to be submitted by Monday, October 3rd. Our Project is the Literacy Project Scheduled on Thursday, September 22 from 4 to 7pm, Memorial Union Senate Chambers. Attendance is mandatory. An estimated 70-80% of children in the Jumpstart program are from low income working families that might not have access to take home resources that are age appropriate for their child. The fall 2011 Literacy Project seeks to change that by creating take-home literacy kits for 200 Jumpstart partner children that include activities that can be completed by the children under the guidance and with the involvement of family. MAJORS FAIR- ATTENDANCE AND REFLECTION (10 points) Wednesday October 5th, 2011 from 3:00-5:00 Memorial Union Ballroom. Join representatives from the academic departments to learn about majors at URI. Free food! A reflection about your experience is to be submitted by Wednesday, October 12th. CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT EXPERIENCE (5 Points) Joining a campus club or organization is a great way to meet other people on campus who share similar interests, strengthen your resume, help you learn time management skills, all while learning and developing valuable skills. For this assignment you will attend the meeting or join a campus group that interests you in order to help you get involved early in your college career, as well as increase your classmates awareness of available opportunities. You may choose a club within your major, a student leadership organization, a multicultural association, community service org, or a social/recreational club. You can find information about campus clubs and organizations at www.uri.edu/studentorg, at the Student Organization Fair, September 21 from 11am 2pm outside the Memorial Union, or at the Community Services Fair, September 15 from 10am 2pm on the Quad (rain location: MU Ballroom). To share what you experienced, you are to prepare a flyer that addresses the following: Name of the organization Meeting times/location Describe the organization (i.e. whats its purpose, who are its members, etc.). What are the rules for joining? What are attendance requirements? What are meetings like? How do you feel about this organization? Would you recommend that others join? Who? Why? GRADING: Attendance and Participation MapWorks Transition Survey Majors Fair attendance & reflection Campus Involvement & flyer AEC Assignment (see handout) MapWorks Check-Up Survey Common Reading Event 20 Points 10 Points 10 Points 5 Points 5 Points One-on-One mtg with me Diversity Week event & reflection Common Reading reflection Civic Engagement Project Type Focus Assignment (see handout) 10 Points 10 Points 10 Points 15 Points 5 Points

+10 bonus points +5 bonus points

Anti-bias statement: Each member of the University community has the responsibility to foster an environment of acceptance, mutual respect, and understanding. If you are a target or a witness of a bias incident, you are encouraged to contact the URI Bias Response Team www.uri.edu/student_life/brt where you will find people and resources to help. Important Please Note: The course catalogue (8.33.13) states Students not attending courses in which they enrolled have the obligation to drop those courses before the drop deadline. (This applies to all your courses.) Names of students who are absent from the first and second class meetings of a course and who do not notify the course instructor of their intention to attend future class meetings may be submitted by the course instructor for deletion from the class. In other words, go to class or you may be dropped so that other students may enroll during the add period.

SCHEDULE Class Date Week 1: Monday 09/12/11

Discussion Topic Introductions Maximize your learning community Study groups Shared assignments Web-assignments URI 101.com as a resource Reading Blog Type Focus MapWorks URI/Psych Dept Web resources

Homework and Assignments Due Homework due next class: URI101.com: Read Adjust sections High School vs. College Residence life and commuting

Ask the mentor: Opportunity to ask questions Study Abroad Fair Wednesday, September 14 11am 2pm Memorial Union Ballroom Community Service Fair Thursday, September 15 10am 2pm On the Quad (rain location: MU Ballroom) Homework due next class: PRESENTATION - LIBRARY Type Focus Assignment (see handout): We will be meeting in the Library Print out your results for next class NOT our usual room! Campus Involvement Flyer

Week 2: Monday 09/19/11

REMINDER: CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROJECT Thursday, September 22 at 4pm in MU Senate Chambers

URI101.com: Read Enhance sections Working with your learning styles In Class: Working with your professors College Reading Student Involvement Fair Wednesday, September 21 11am 2pm Outside the Memorial Union

Week 3: Monday 09/26/11

Common Reading Presentation Colin Beavan: No Impact Man September 22 Presentations at 3:30pm and 7:00pm Edwards Auditorium Understanding yourself as a learner Homework due next class: Civic Engagement Reaction Paper Discussing Type Focus Academic Enhancement Assignment Connecting natural abilities to a major/minor selection Work and study space URI101.com: Read Enhance sections Relationships Memory Techniques Stress-Free Test Preparation Study Tips (Relevant sections) URI101.com: Read the following Adjust sections Exploring diversity One Campus, Many Cultures MAP-Works Transition Survey Log into MAP-Works (https://uri.map-works.com) Beginning September 23th. Survey closes October 16th. Alcohol Screening Wednesday September 28, 11:30 2:30 in the Memorial Union Ballroom. Free Pizza Coupon to first 100 participants

Class Date Week 4: Monday 10/03/11 DIVERSITY WEEK : October 3 7

Discussion Topic Being successful in your major Putting learning styles to work for you Study strategies that are effective for general education and major courses In and out of class learning opportunities Majors sheet Academic Enhancement Center Make your MAP-Works results individual appointment with me.

Homework and Assignments Due Homework due next class: Diversity Event Reaction Paper URI101.com: Read Plan sections Working with an academic advisor Creating a balanced schedule Setting and meeting goals Planning for your career MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH AN ADVISOR ON E-CAMPUS

Week 5: Wednesday 10/12/11 (Monday classes)

Week 6: Monday 10/17/11

Majors Fair Wednesday, October 5 3pm 5pm Memorial Union Ballroom Homework due next class: Majors Fair Reaction Paper Self-Management/Responsibility/Time Management URI101.com: Read the following Adjust sections Sex and Sexual Relationships Drugs and Alcohol Homework due next class: PRESENTATION HEALTH & SAFETY

Location: Womens Center/ 22 Upper College Road We will NOT be meeting in our usual room!

URI101.com: Read Plan sections Working with an academic advisor Creating a balanced schedule Setting and meeting goals Planning for your career Homework: Bring ideal spring class schedule next week Find the curriculum sheet for your major on the UC Advising website (www.uri.edu/advising) and fill-in the classes that you have completed Be prepared to share with each other courses you are taking currently (how is the class taught, what is expected within course) Homework due next class:

Week 7: Monday 10/24/11

Academic Planning Thinking toward your Spring semester and beyond Creating an Academic Plan for in and out of the classroom learning General Education

Week 8: Monday 10/31/11

Academic Planning Major Requirements

No Impact Man common reading blog/reaction questions. www.uricommonreading.blogspot.com

Week 9: Monday 11/07/11

Career Options in the Major Research Opportunities Faculty Specialties Career Trends Interdisciplinary Work Graduate School Closing the Class

Homework due next class: MAP-Works Check-Up Survey -- 10 extra points! https://www.uri.map-works.com

Week 10: Monday 11/14/11

SERVICES: Any student with a documented disability is encouraged to contact their professor early in the semester to work out reasonable accommodations to support your success in your courses. Students should also contact Disability Services for Students, Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. Be sure to take advantage of the support offered by the Academic Enhancement Center, where tutors and learning specialists can help you find an approach to studying that suits your needs and schedule, to develop effective study strategies, and to understand course concepts and effective practices. All services are free, and by appointment or walk-in. Located on the fourth floor of Roosevelt Hall, or call at 874-2367.