Useful tips for earning a steady income from reseller hosting

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  • Reseller Hosting is a process in which you can

    sell servers, bandwidth, and hosting services of

    a provider as if they were your own.

    The best part is you can sell the services under

    your brand name and at a price you choose.

    Reseller hosting is a great way of starting your

    own web hosting business or add more choices

    and supplement to your existing development or

    design services for the convenience of your


  • In reseller hosting arrangement, the parent

    organization will be handling all the backend

    tasks. These include server management,

    upgrades of hardware and software, and load

    balancing among others. You can focus sharply

    and solely on while you focus on the growth and

    expansion areas.

  • By choosing reseller hosting, you can

    easily and effortlessly set up your own

    business without having to invest huge

    sums of capital that a startup hosting

    business generally requires. All you

    require is a modest budget and a

    trained technical staff to handle day-

    to-day operations. You are spared the

    expenses, hassles and time required to

    create, build and commission your

    infrastructure. The maintenance costs

    are abysmally low and you need

    literally scarce resources while

    starting your own hosting business

    using the reseller hosting model.

  • It is important that you choose a hosting service

    with an impeccable reputation, experience,

    technical superiority and financial stability to be

    able to benefit from the business arrangement.

    Choose organizations offering dexterous reseller

    hosting solutions which come with wide ranging

    features so that you can enjoy optimum benefits

    and steady and attractive returns. Check for the

    following things while choosing a hosting

    service for your reseller hosting business.

  • Is your hosting company having a good

    reputation? Before you sign up, run a check

    by researching the company online or by

    visiting forums dealing with reseller hosting.

    Make sure you choose a cloud CDN server

    organization having their own datacenter.

    Such an organization will be able to

    communicate better between various and

    ensure error-free and seamless delivery of


  • They will be able to monitor services and

    perform critical business tasks professionally. It

    will save your time and effort and also make the

    whole exercise a lot less hassling.

    Choose an organization that offers 24/7 live

    support. Hosting company that has services such

    as email ticketing, phone support and live chat

    will be able to serve your needs better than

    others with just basic hosting facilities and

    minimal backup. Your host must also be able to

    support the platform you choose to work with

    such as Windows or Linux.

  • You must shortlist a host that offers

    software options such an excellent control

    panel accounting management software and

    advanced web development tools. It is

    equally important to choose a service

    provider with a convenient monthly plan

    which does not put you under acute financial

    pressure. The payment options must be easy

    and manageable.

    Reseller hosting is a convenient way of

    earning a steady residual income. You will

    be able to maintain your account without

    having to put in hours of effort and earn a

    tidy profit every month.

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