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Using Apprenticeship vacancies

Using Apprenticeship vacancies

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Using Apprenticeship vacancies. Message and purpose. How to register and use the Apprenticeship vacancy system Register Search/find Apply now . What is an apprenticeship. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

Using Apprenticeship vacancies

Page 2: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Message and purpose

How to register and use the Apprenticeship vacancy system



•Apply now


Page 3: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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What is an apprenticeship

An Apprenticeship is a way for young people to earn while they learn in a real job, gaining a real

qualification and a real future


Page 4: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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The benefits

•Earn a salary

•Learn job specific skills

•Gain a variety of transferable skills

•Work towards nationally recognised qualifications

•Progress into higher education

•Advance in your chosen career


Page 5: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Level of Apprenticeships

Different levels of Apprenticeship available

Plus knowledge, competence, and employability skills




• Level 2

• 12-18 months

• Equivalent to 5 GCSEs A* - C

• Level 3

• 18-48 months

• Equivalent to 2 A-levels

• Levels 4,5,6,7

• 24 months+

• Equivalent to foundation degree level+

Page 6: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Applying for an Apprenticeship vacancy


Page 7: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

There are up to 20,000 vacancies on apprenticeship.org.ukright now!

Page 8: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Apprenticeship vacancies


Below are just a few of the companies who have recently advertised their vacancies:

Page 9: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Apprenticeship vacancies

There are 10 easy step to help you secure the career of your dreams

1. Go to apprenticeships.org.uk

2. Complete your registration and profile

3. Activate your account

4. Prepare your application form

5. Ensure your profile details are correct

6. Search and apply for vacancies online

7. Browse your results

8. Set-up ‘alerts’

9. Apply for vacancies

10.Manage your future


Page 10: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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The following slides illustrate what you will see on screen when using

Apprenticeship vacancies

Page 11: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Accessing Apprenticeship vacancies


Click on ‘Search for vacancies’

Visit apprenticeships.org.uk

Page 12: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Apprenticeship vacancies Home Page


Search for vacancies

Log in

Register for the first time

Page 13: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Register to use Apprenticeship vacancies


Page 14: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Home Page


Page 15: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Completing your Application


Page 16: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Search for vacancies


Page 17: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Browse your results


Page 18: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Vacancy Details


Page 19: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Setting up Alerts


[email protected]

[email protected]

Page 20: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Managing your Applications


Page 21: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Applying for an Apprenticeship

You can also download the free smartphone app ‘AV Search’

Page 22: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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The application

When applying for an Apprenticeship vacancy make your application FIT for the job:

•Find out more about the employer, the training provider and job description before applying•Identify yourself, your skills and interests clearly – be professional, but try to allow your personality to come out•Tailor your application to each vacancy – don’t just send the same CV and covering letter to each employer


Page 23: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Case study: Charlotte Adnams

With her GCSEs and A-Levels behind her, Charlotte hoped to study public relations (PR) at university but fee increases mean that she couldn’t afford it so she started looking for an Apprenticeship. She visited the Apprenticeship website and started using the Apprenticeship vacancies system, which she says she found very easy to navigate.  Charlotte found an Intermediate Apprenticeship, which she completed in April 2013, gaining an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration. Her employer is so pleased with her progress that they are now sponsoring her to complete a Higher Apprenticeship in Public Relations.


Page 24: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Checklist for applying

•Be thorough•Be realistic•Qualifications•Work experience•Your application•Be formal•Standout from the crowd•Spell check•Make sure it has been sent


Page 25: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Attending an interview

•Plan your travel arrangements and how long it will take to get there – be on time!

•Prepare for the interview or assessment - research the company and the job – have some examples of when you have used skills relevant to the job

•Thoroughly read information regarding the interview /assessment centre

•Take copies of your CV, the applications and vacancy printout to the interview

•Prepare a couple of questions to ask at the interview

•Dress smartly


Page 26: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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You can now…

Register on Av, search vacancies and apply successfully – to become an apprentice in your chosen career!

Next steps…

•Complete profile•Set up favourites/alerts•Revisit•Apply


Page 27: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

Any Questions?

Page 28: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Additional help

For technical support call the help desk on:

02476 826 482 or 08000 015 040Or email: [email protected]

For additional help download ‘How to write a winning Apprenticeship application” from the website.

If you are not sure what Apprenticeship you would like to do you can speak to a careers adviser at0800 100 900 or search National Careers Service


Page 29: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

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Page 30: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

Employer case study:Gabriele

Gabriele, Channel 4Business administration assistant

Having an apprentice scheme is about recognising raw talent over qualifications or work experience. But ours is also about diversity. We’re proud of the range of voices our apprentices represent. Many of them even take part as key speakers in high-level brainstorms around programming and content for young audiences. They add huge value to what we do.


Page 31: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

Employer case study:Miles

Miles, Bentley MotorsJunior engineer

Apprenticeships give us the flexibility to train individuals to meet the skills needs for the future. Once trained our apprentices become highly skilled, effective and valuable employees. We find that the apprentices have a refreshing outlook and they often bring new ideas to the company. They can be a real inspiration.


Page 32: Using  Apprenticeship vacancies

Employer case study:Sam

Sam, Jelson HomesBricklayer

Apprenticeships bring young people into our industry, many of them with huge potential. If they work hard enough, like Sam did on his Apprenticeship, we can build on their training so they become a vital part of our company. They get a future in construction and we get quality employees. That’s worth its weight in gold.