Using ArcGIS for Water Utility Workflows - Esri ArcGIS for Water Utility Workflows STUDENT EDITION. ... Geographic Design System, Geography Matters, Geography Network, GIS by Esri, GIS Day, ... Exercise 4A

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  • Using ArcGIS for Water UtilityWorkflows


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  • Course introduction

    IntroductionCourse goalsAdditional resourcesIcons used in this workbookUnderstanding the ArcGIS Platform

    1 The ArcGIS platform for water utilities

    Lesson introductionCommon GIS patternsHow do you use GIS in your organization?The ArcGIS platformWeb GISDataPortalsWeb layersGroupsSolutionsPlatform components used by each solutionRelated patterns and solutionsWater utility solutions and the LGIMNavigating an ArcGIS Online organizationLesson review

    2 Maintaining utility asset models

    Lesson introductionThe Map Change Request solutionThe Water Utility Network Editing solutionGeometric networksEdges and junctionsSimple and complex edgesRelating geometric networks to water utilitiesUsing Water Utility Network Editing toolsThe Attribute AssistantExercise 2: Edit water utility network assets

    Sign in to ArcGIS OnlineAdd the Map Change Request layerStart an editing sessionAdd water mainsAdd fittingsAdd meters and associated featuresIdentify disconnected meters, and connect them to the networkAdd gate valvesAdd hydrant and associated features


  • Lesson review

    3 Utility network tracing

    Lesson introductionNetwork tracingSources and sinksFlags and barriersValve Isolation traceSecondary Valve Isolation tracePerforming Valve Isolation trace analysisExercise 3: Identify valves to close in the event of a water main break

    Identify valves to isolate a water main breakIdentify additional valves when a valve is stuck open

    Lesson review

    4 Sharing information with the platform

    Lesson introductionThe Foundational Viewer solutionTypes of web layersPublishing web layersExercise 4A: Publish web layers

    Sign in to your ArcGIS Online accountPublish services

    Web mapsCreating a web mapExercise 4B: Create and configure a web map

    Sign in to ArcGIS Online in a web browserCreate a web mapConfigure pop-ups

    Web appsCreating a web appExercise 4C: Create and configure a web app

    Create a web appConfigure your web app

    Lesson review

    5 Creating a web map for mobile data collection

    Lesson introductionThe Hydrant Maintenance Inspection solutionConfiguring a web layer for data collectionCreating a web layer for data collectionExercise 5A: Publish and configure the Hydrant Maintenance Inspection web layer

    Sign in to ArcGIS OnlineExplore the solution map document


  • Publish the web layerConfigure the web layer

    Configuring a web map for data collectionCreating a web map for data collectionExercise 5B: Create and configure a web map for data collection

    Create a web map for data collectionConfigure the web map for searchingShare the web map with field crews

    Lesson review

    6 Creating a dashboard with Operations Dashboard

    Lesson introductionDashboardElementsData sourcesFiltersSelect elements based on reporting needsCreating a dashboard in Operations DashboardExercise 6: Create an inspection progress tracking dashboard

    Create a dashboardAdd a Map elementAdd a Gauge elementAdd an Indicator elementAdd a Pie Chart element

    Lesson review

    7 Using Collector for ArcGIS

    Lesson introductionUsing web maps with Collector for ArcGISUsing Collector for ArcGISExercise 7: Collect data

    Open the web map for data collectionOpen the Operations Dashboard viewCollect hydrant maintenance inspection information

    Lesson review

    8 Connecting with customers

    Lesson introductionThe Sewer Service Lookup solutionThe Information Lookup configurable appConfiguring the Sewer Service Lookup solution web appExercise 8A: Challenge - Create a web app to connect with customers

    Locate the solution and open the mapPublish a web layer


  • Create a web mapCreate a Sewer Service Lookup app

    Exercise 8B: Detailed - Create a web app to connect with customersLocate the solution and open the mapPublish a web layerCreate a web mapCreate a Sewer Service Lookup app

    Lesson review


    Appendix A: Esri data license agreementAppendix B: Workflow: Identifying datasets used by a solutionAppendix C: Water utility network editingAppendix D: Answers to lesson review questions

    Lesson 1: The ArcGIS platform for water utilitiesLesson 2: Maintaining utility asset modelsLesson 3: Utility network tracingLesson 4: Sharing information with the platformLesson 5: Creating a web map for mobile data collectionLesson 6: Creating a dashboard with Operations DashboardLesson 7: Using Collector for ArcGISLesson 8: Connecting with customers


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