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Using Quizzes, Audio and Video in Moodle · PDF file •Quizzes using audio files •Employed a student to edit and upload the sound files and the quiz contents •Based on the success

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Text of Using Quizzes, Audio and Video in Moodle · PDF file •Quizzes using audio files...

  • Using Quizzes, Audio and Video in Moodle

    Zhaoxia Pang

    Linda O’Sullivan

  • The Issue

    • Language Teaching and Learning

    • In year 3 BA big group, large gap in ability

    • Limited Class time for students and teacher

    • Need for constant practice to progress

    • Resources (tailored to learners’ level)

  • An email (21/03/2014 )to Linda • Dear Linda: • I really feel grateful for your positive feedback about the design of 302 course using the platform of

    Moodle. To be honest, it would not have come to this stage without your great help and support since it started, which has been so efficient and effective.

    • In fact, I have been thinking, if possible, we could make a testing/learning tool on Moodle to help teaching and learning:

    • I wonder if this tool could support the following:

    • 1. an audio statement with question/or requirement for learners; • 2. a multiple choice: a. b. c. d. for learner to choose; • 3. an indicator to show the choice is right (a tick) or wrong (a cross); • 4. a button for learner to click so as to be able to see/read the transcripts of the statement ( of

    which there may be a note to explain the wording/usage in the statement for learners to understand the meaning of certain key expressions..).

    • Also it must be friendly to teacher to update, to add more,..etc.

    • I actually make 100 something like this, but still use the old way for students to learn, i.e. printouts.

    • It would be fantastic if we have something like this, lots of benefits to every party.......

    • Zhaoxia

  • What we Tried

    • Quizzes using audio files

    • Employed a student to edit and upload the sound files and the quiz contents

    • Based on the success of this the idea was expanded to include weekly lessons updated for Moodle

  • The quizzes

    • 110940

  • Did it work?

    • Good engagement with the quizzes

    • Easy to see from quiz itself

  • Progress was visible

    • Regular in-class tests of quiz materials

  • Audio and Video Lessons

    • Created using the page tool in Moodle

    • Based on printed workbooks

    • Caters for mixed ability and differentiation.

    • Capable students able to extend beyond the written requirements

    • Included gap fill, question and answer, listening comprehension checks

    • Used authentic, current materials

  • A week’s lesson

    • 121981

  • Uses printed resources as well

  • Not just book learning

    • Able to repeat lessons at home and work at their own pace

    • Exposure to real life examples, accents and culture

    • Using video gives exposure to current issues and encourages students to explore more in Chinese.

    • Promotes autonomous learning, less basic questions in class

  • What next?

    • Recycled next academic session

    • Update videos where necessary or desirable to keep them current and retain student engagement

    • Look into embedding videos in the quizzes as well

  • Questions?