Using web 2.0 to create promote higher order thinking skills Stephen Pate MEDT 7472

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  • Using web 2.0 to create promote higher order thinking skills Stephen Pate MEDT 7472
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  • For this tutorial we are going to be developing questions that require higher-order thinking skills questions. We are going to be using the revised Blooms Taxonomy as our guideline for this tutorial. Here is a copy of the revised version of Blooms Taxonomy. We are going to try to create questions that involve the top three pieces of the triangle. These are the three areas whose questions require higher-order thinking skills.
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  • What are we doing and why are we doing it? We are going to be using a Web 2.0 application to create these higher-order questions. Using Web 2.0 will allow a teacher to give more time to students to answer these questions. Having the questions online means that the students can answer during lunch in the media center or at home. It also allows a teacher to store answers in a centralized location making them easier to grade. The Web 2.0 application that we will be using is
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  • 1.) Go to Click on quiz school
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  • 2.) Click on register Here is the register button
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  • 3.) Fill in registration information Fill in the required information
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  • 4.) Click on Create Quiz Click here
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  • 5.) Choose to do scored quiz Click on scored quizzes
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  • 6a.) Fill out the quiz title and tags. Tags can be used by others to search for quizzes. Fill out the first pieces of information on your quiz. The next few steps will be on this page so dont hit enter.
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  • 6b.) Complete a description of your quiz On the same page, write a 2 t0 4 sentence description of your quiz
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  • 6c.) On the same page, click on add essay question. This button is below the first question.
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  • 7.) Type your question Note the first word of the question. Create! Its the top of the revised triangle.
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  • 8.) Complete quiz options. This area is below the new question buttons on the same page
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  • 9.) Click on the complete quiz button.
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  • 10.) Click on continue to your quiz
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  • 11.) To explore grades, click on the score reports button on the side. These two button will provide information on your students attempts.