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  • 250428

    JPRS 81195

    .1 JULY 1982


    USSR Report


    No.- 106

    Reproduced From Best Available Copy






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  • JPRS 81195

    1 July 1982



    No, 106



    Boguchanskaya GES Construction Report (PRAVDA, 15 Apr 82) 1

    Rostovskaya AES Construction Report (L. Shamardina; EKONOMECHESKAYA GAZETA; Apr 82) 3

    Bureyskaya GES Construction Report (0. Kvyatkovskiy; STROITEL'NAYA GAZETA, 2k Mar 82) 5

    Nizhnekamskaya GES Construction Report (R. Sabirovi,.Kh. Mukhametshin; PRAVDA, 23 Apr 82) 9

    Briefs Urengoy LEP 11

    . Eurpsayskaya GES Power Line 11 Dem'yanskaya-Surgut Substation 11 Kuvandyk-Orenburg Electrified Railroad Line 11 Mary-Karakul' LEP 11 Navoyyskaya GRES Report 11 Kievskaya Tests-6 Report 12 Moldavskaya GRES Report 12 Svir'- Petrozavodsk LEP 12 New LEP on Kola Peninsula 12 Ust'- Kut LEP Over Vitim River 13 Atomgrad in Tatar ASSR 13 Ust'- Sredekaskaya GES Report 13 Geological Map of Soviet Northeast 13 LEP-500 From Luchegorskaya GRES lk Neryungri Boiler lk Tyumen' TETS Report lk Neryungrinskaya GRES Report lk

    -a - [III - USSR - 37]

  • Cheboksarskaya GES Report 1^ Dneproges 'Report lk Kolymskaya GES -Report 15 Transformers for-Ekibastuz 15 Ekibastuzskaya GRES-1 Smoke Stack 15 Rovenskaya AES Report 15 LEP-500 For Primorskiy Kray l6 Zaporozh'ye Transformer Plant Report l6


    Separate Pipeline Shipment of Oil Sulfur Content Mastered (L. Levitskiy; IZVESTIYA, 7 May 82) 18

    Erection of Compressor Stations on Gas Pipelines Must Be Speeded Up (STROITEL'NAYA GAZETA, 28 Mar 82) . .. . 20

    Magnitude o'f Task Work Status' Summarized Novokazymskaya Station Completed Early, by A. Zhdanov Republic, Oblast Organizations Help Working, Living Conditions, by A. Serbinov Late Equipment Deliveries, by V. Parshin, V. Melikhov Concluding Remarks

    Pipeline Construction Progress in Ufa Area Described (A. Zinov'yev; IZVESTIYA, 29 Apr 82) 28

    Gas Pipeline Construction Progress in Sverdlovskaya Oblast Reported (M. Makhlin; EKONOMICHESKAYA GAZETA, Mar 82) 33

    Gas Pipeline Construction Progress in Kursk Region Described (V. Kulagin; IZVESTIYA, 23 Apr 82) 38

    Briefs Pipe Manufacturing Efficiency 1*3 Gas Pipelin e "in Karakumy ^3 Gor'kiv Pipeline Welding 1+3 World's Greatest Pipeline Capacity 1+3 Pipeline Construction in Lithuania k3 Perm'- Al'Met'Yevsk Oil Pipeline kk Powdered Paint for Pipelines kk Almaznaya Turbocompressors Installed kk Ukrainian Pipeline Builders' Amenities kk 'Pockets' (for Weighting Purposes kk Petroleum Tekhnikum Modernization 1+5

    b -



    Moscow PRAVDA in Russian 15 Apr 82 p 1

    /Article: "Another GES on the Angara River^/

    /Text7 Kodinskiy, Krasnoyarskiy Kray, 15 April, (PRAVDA correspondent V. Prokushev). On 17 April, All-Union Com- munist Subbotnik Day, the first cubic meter of concrete will be poured into the foundation of the dam of the Bogu- chanskaya GES. The construction of the fourth hydroelec- tric power station in the Angara River cascade will at that time begin a new and crucial stage.

    The builders of the Boguchanskaya GES worked hard last year, having "shoveled" more than 100,000 tons of rocky earth. In September, one month ahead of schedule, they backfilled the coffer for the trench of the first section.

    This past winter was a serious test of the Boguchanskaya GES builders' workmanship and courage. Having closed off the coffer, they pumped water from the trench so that they could begin deepening it. To pour concrete they had to remove no more and no less than 250,000 cubic meters of rocky earth. Not an hour could be lost. But a threatening barrier unexpectedly blocked the work of the blasters, excavator oper- ators, and BelAZ drivers: every hour as much as 2,000 cubic meters of so-called filtering water began filling the trench.

    The brigade of M. Brudnev was sent to fight against this problem. In the northern piercing wind the pumps froze and would not start. But the men were stronger: unwillingly, millimeters at a time the water began to recede. They did not wait for it to completely drain - they geared up to blast and use a re-equipped excavator to remove the earth from under the layer of water.

    In a word, the considerable experience and tested character of the hydroelectric power station builders was victorious. Let us take a look at Maksim Vladimirovich Brudnev, He has never »chosen easy paths:

  • as an adolescent during the war he went to work at a plant in Komso- mol ' sk-n a- Amur e ; then he helped to build the Krasnoyarskaya GES; he returned home to Zeya; and now he is again in the front ranks of the first to volunteer. Such men can shoulder any difficulties.

    In addition to the trench, they are building an airport, roads, and the workers' settlement of Kondinskiy. Modern housing units consist- ing of five and nine-story buildings are already beginning to take


    Now, when the concrete work will get underway, the tasks of the build- ers will become more complicated. As quickly as possible they must decide how to organize the smooth production of a great deal of con- crete. The gravel-sorting facility is going up slowly; and there are not enough railroad approaches. And the customer - the directors of the future GES - does not always supply the builders with high- quality technical documentation.

    The construction of the Boguchanskaya GES is entering a new stage in its development. This requires even better organizational work and more responsibility on the part of all who are participating in the construction of the hydroelectric power station.

    8927 CSO: 1822/15 8



    Moscow EKONOMICHESKAYA GAZETA in Russian No 16, Apr 82 p 9

    /Article by L. Shamardina, correspondent, Volgodonsk, Rostov Oblast: "Around the Dam: How To Speed Up the Construction of Facilities for the Rostovskaya AES^T

    /_Text_/ As a rule, special cooling ponds must be built for atomic electric power stations. At the Rostovskaya AES due to its special situation near a large body of water, they have been able to come up with another, more economical solution.

    Meter by meter the dam proceeds from the shore. The ten-kilometer crescent of the dam will separate the bay of the Tsimlyanskoye reser- voir. These 50 square kilometers of water surface, which are set apart from the reservoir by a reliable, multi-layered wall, will be- come the cooling pond.

    The construction of the dam must be completed no later than September of 1984. To accomplish this it is necessary to pour 120,000 to 130,000 cubic meters of rubble stone into the body of the dam every month. As of now the actual pace of the work is 35,000 to 40,000 cubic meters every month.

    The rubble stone is brought to the construction site from Re_pnyanskiy quarry