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Uvic Visit. By: Harrison McCorkindale. Why I visited Uvic. I visited UVic because my brother Chandler McCorkindale went there for his first year of University. Chandler went to UVIc because they have a stellar Fine Arts program. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uvic VisitBy: Harrison McCorkindaleWhy I visited UvicI visited UVic because my brother Chandler McCorkindale went there for his first year of University.Chandler went to UVIc because they have a stellar Fine Arts program.Chandler is enrolled in the Creative Writing program, and will continue into it in his sophomore year

ResidenceWhile I was at UVic I stayed at the Emily Carr Residence with my brother.The Emily Carr residence was built in 1964. It was originally a women's residence, but is now home to men and women, with 26 single rooms and 28 double roomsThe residence is located right next to the Cadboro Commons Dinning HallThe picture below is my brothers single room

Cadboro commonsIn Cadboro Commons they have a main cafeteria, a vegetarian restaurant, and a place to get pizza and other greasy treats.Every UVic student living on residence has to pay for a meal plan, unless you live in a cluster apartment.On this meal plan you pay around $2000. Half of this money you pay for the workers and the food to be made, the other half you use to purchase the food with a ResCard.The ResCard gives students 50% of their food in the Cadboro Commons.

Mcpherson LibraryThe McPherosn Library is a massive library with four floorsIt has an research centre, an ESL centre, a graduate studies area, and a caf called BiblioCafeStudents are always holed up in there with their textbooks and coffeeThe library is open 7 days a week, and is usually open for 14 hours a day.

Ian Stewart GymThe Ian Stewart Gym is run by Vikes Recreation and fellow students.Within the Gym there is a workout area, ice rink, dance room, squash court, tennis courts, swimming pool, and many other recreational areas.Vikes Recreation also offers intermural sports for students such as: basketball, floor hockey, ice hockey, flag football, and soccer.The gym pass for the facility costs $90 for students for one year.UVic is currently working on opening a new gym within the next few years.

WRIT100: Intro to writingWhile I was at UVic I attended my brothers WRIT100 course with him. It is a year long course that took place on Mondays and Thursdays for an hour and twenty minutes per class. The course is taught by Caral Funk-Hesketh who is a published poet. During the course I attended we learned about revising screenplays and how to delete your way to success. I was a little lost as I have never written a screenplay before, but my brother seemed very invested in the lesson. The class took place in the Human and Social Sciences building, and was comprised of almost 150 students.