Value-based Selling

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Value-based Selling

Brian Fawcett


Truck Team Metrics On-site ConversionRevenue per HourAverage Daily RevenueAverage Job SizeDump PercentageFuel PercentageNet Promoter Score



The Big Three are Sales Metrics



The Big Three



The Big Three



Value- based SellingThe Big Three


27% increase = $148,680 in additionalmonthly revenue!!

Money for Nothing...the power of Onsite Conversion Rate & AJS


Customer Personalities

Identifying Customer PersonalitiesBeing prepared for the next customerBuilds rapport naturallySynergies from the Sales CenterLeverage the Job NotesReconfirm and recognize the personality type on call ahead

The Director

Type A personalities fast paced & assertive, little to no chit-chatRely on themselves for decision makingControl the situationThe salesperson should:

Avoid beating-around-the-bushSpeak confidentlyGet right to it and talk about the bottom lineDownplay enthusiasm, directors view excessive enthusiasm as "hype"

NPS from a Director

Quick, efficient, worth the money- Chris Carter (Toronto, Ontario)

The Socializer

Relate topics of discussion to people they know or similar experiencesThey want to be known and liked by others Fast-paced, higher priority on personal relationships

The salesperson should:

Show an interest in themBe flexible with your time, tolerate things such as stories and anecdotes Listen and support their ideas or dreams, and flatter them

NPS from a SocializerThese guys (Brian and Montego) were the BEST! This is the second time I used these guys and I would recommend them to anyone. They arrived on time, got to work immediately and finished emptying my house in one hour. I couldnt believe itPlus, I loved how they took the time to chat and have fun!- Carolyn Bauer (Los Angeles, California)

The Thinker

Numbers-oriented, logical, seek a lot of information in making decisions Ask lots of questionsQuieter, slower to decide, less assertiveMakes decisions privatelyThe salesperson should:

Ask their opinions and incorporate their opinion in the dialog Follow their lead and listen moreUse lots of logic and factsDo not push the process

NPS from a ThinkerYour team delivered on everything they said they would. At first, I thought the price was a little high but after I thought about what it would have cost me to do the work myself, Im a widow, it was well worth the price. Thanks!- Gary Cohen (Vancouver, BC)

The RelatorSimilar to the Socializer but not as fast-paced or assertiveNeed to build relationships firstAgreeable, warm, accepting, considerate The salesperson should:

Ask their opinions and incorporate their opinion in the dialogFollow their lead, listen more than you speakShare your feelings and show an interest in themBe flexible with your time, tolerating digressions, such as stories and anecdotesStress your warmth and sincerity

NPS from a RelatorI use to do hard, labour intensive work like this when I was their age and believe me, it isnt easy. I commend them for being so strong and efficient.- Peter Tobin (La Jolla, California)

PassiveNot much of a personality at all Often speak deliberate and subduedThey will not volunteer information and need to be convinced to make a decisionMonotone, no enthusiasmThe salesperson should:

Lead conversations, offer recommendations and adviceDig deep to find out further information on their situationUse assumptive phrases Passive people give in to reasonable advice from others

NPS from a Passive

My things were removed on time- Karen Shultz (Danbury, Connecticut)

Value-based SellingThe Key to REEAP Success



What is promised from ourSales Agents and on our Website? Where does a Truck Teambegin building value?

Value in Delivering our Promises

The Truck Team Call AheadNo big deal right?Just a formality right?Customer really doesnt care right?WRONG!!!!!First shot at making a connection & being harmonious


Value In Your Attention


Value inAcknowledging Loyalty

I know this is your eighth appointment with us. Thank you for trusting us again!Its great to see you on our schedule again since the last time you used us was in 2009! Can you believe its been three years?Sam & Justin are not schedule tomorrow, but I will be sending Bob & Simon, who will take great care of you and will be right on time.

Onsite IntroductionValue in Keeping Our PromisesOn-time Service; Clean, Shiny Trucks; Friendly, Uniformed DriversValue in Your AttentionCompliment property, etc. and LISTENValue in Acknowledging Repeat Clients

The ChallengeThe challenge our Truck Team Members have is closing a sale they did not start

Value in ContinuityContinuity from the SC or WebsiteContinuity with the Truck Team


What is the Value of our Service?E STABLISH VALUE

The Value in REALLY Establishing Value

We price by how much volume your junk takes up in the back of our truck. It includes all the lifting, loading & clean-up.

A large percentage of truck team members currently establish value like this:

ValueWhat is the primary value of our industry?

TimeUrgency same day and ease of booking; saving their weekendSpaceJunk removed, Space cleanedEffortCustomer can leave items as is. We come into the house. We do all the work.


What else do our customers find valuable?

InsuredPricing model all inclusive, not just up-front.Reputation Worlds largestFootprint

Value in Replacing Painwith PleasureMost of our customers have pain

1-800-GOT-JUNK? provides a solution

Sell the value of the solution, not the cost of the solution

Value in EmpathyFeelFeltFound

Value in DiversionOur job doesnt end here

We dont stop working when we leave here. We are proud of our Landfill Diversion Program which includes responsibly recycling metals, appliances, tires, t.v.s, computers, yard waste and many other items. Also, we make every effort to ensure reusable items are donated to one of several local charities that we work with including


Value in Volume



Value in Volume

Value in Volume


Value in VolumeMy job is to provide the most value for you. So before I give you a quote, is there anything else you need us to take away todaybecause..

Value in VolumeThe more we take today, the more value you get per square foot of the truck.We are a lot like

Value in IntegrityQFA Up-front PricingFair, accurate priceShow the truckShow the price list


Value in Confidence


ositive EndingValue in ThoroughnessThis is where you put the finishing touches on the process.Clients often remember how the process ended.This is your last chance to ensure client was wowed!

ositive EndingValue in ThoroughnessIs there anything else we can do today to make this an amazing experience?Walk ThroughAnd of course the

Super Sweep!!!

ositive Ending

ositive Ending

Invoice Neat and CompleteReferral Materials Lawn Sign

ositive EndingP

The Challenge$500

Junk Removal


Value-based Selling The Key to REEAPAPPORTSTABLISH VALUESTIMATE AND PRICESK FOR THE BUSINESSOSITIVE ENDINGREPAE1. Value in Delivering our Promises2. Value in your Attention3. Value in Acknowledging Loyalty4. Value in Replacing Pain with Pleasure5. Value in Empathy6. Value in Diversion7. Value in Volume8. Value in Integrity9. Value in Confidence10. Value in Thoroughness


Provide Value At Each Stage Of REEAP


The only difference between us and the competition is how we make our customers feel when we drive away with their junk.

The ResultsVBS that Wows will Exceed Expectations

Exceeding Expectations will Generate Loyalty

Loyalty will Generate Repeat & Referral Revenue


Sheet1Leads: 2000Full Load Rate: $598Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Conversion Rate: 85%Conversion Rate: 88%Conversion Rate: 91%AJS: 55% ($329)AJS: 60% ($359)AJS: 65% ($389)Total Revenue: $559,300Total Revenue: $631,840Total Revenue: $707,980