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VCE ENGLISH. PRESENTED TO YOU BY:. EMILY TANG. SECTION A READING & RESPONDING . Write up your own summary notes for: characters, themes, symbols, setting, context, literary techniques. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Write up your own summary notes for: characters, themes, symbols, setting, context, literary techniques. Divide your notes up and spread them across 2-3 lessons. Spend 2-3 lessons going through them with your student.

Spend 3-4 lessons going through topic questions on the text. Practice writing the essay structure, sentences and expression for: introduction, body, conclusion.

SAMPLE OF ESSAY PLANINTRODUCTION:1) Context sentence about the text:2) Sentence for agree/ disagree with the question:3) Characters who you will discuss about:4) Argument 1 Argument 2 Argument 3

BODY:1) Topic sentence (argument 1):2) Characters (explain how he/she links to topic sentence):3) Literary techniques: (Setting, symbol, language, structure)4) Quotes:5) Authors message:

CONCLUSION:Reiterating your stance on the topic question:Argument 1 Argument 2 Argument 33) What the author is trying to show and the final message that the reader takes away:

SECTION BCREATING & PRESENTINGThe 4 different context topics are: (Schools will only choose 1) Identity and belongingEncountering conflictImaginative landscapeWhose reality

Know your stuff! i.e. you must read materials on the context idea and gain in depth knowledge about how things work in society regarding these topics. Research, research, research: anything ranging from literature- movie- real life examples- social studies or theories psychology- historical events or people.

Ask questions about context idea(Identity and Belonging)

1) What makes up our identity, why is identity important? Is there only one type of identity- do we have a true identity? Etc

2) Why do we need to belong? What are the advantages or disadvantages of belonging? What groups do you belong to and what kind of social codes of conduct do you have to abide by in order to fit in? What happens when belonging stifles your identity? Etc

3) Give examples of your personal experience, historical events or figures, social studies and research findings to support your ideas.

SECTION C LANGUAGE TO PERSUADEGather as many articles, speeches, weblogs or any other forms of persuasive texts as you can.

Ideally, you should be giving your student practice articles throughout the year so that they dont forget about language analysis when it comes to the final exam. Beginning of the year (3 lessons), middle of the year (3 lessons), end of the year (3 lessons). Ask your student to write up one major argument for each body paragraph and describe what persuasive techniques support the writers arguments.


In the opinion piece (form) Technological Trauma (Title) that was published the Herald Sun 10 October 2010 (publication date and place) , Larrisa Dubeki (Author) contends in a serious and logical tone (tone) that cyber bullying should not be tolerated by parents and authorities of the community (targeted audience) because it is causing physical, emotional and psychological damage to young people (contention).ESSAY STRUCTUREBODY:Each body paragraph should deal with a different IDEA or GROUP that you identified. The body paragraphs should be structured according to TEEL.

Topic sentence: Re-introduce the author, tone word and the first argument you will be examining. Rephrase the sentence that you used in your introduction.

Evidence and explanation: State what kind of language the writer used to persuade their audience. Then explain the narrow and broad effect using an intended effect sentence. Repeat this pattern until you have analysed all the relevant language.

SOURCE: http://www.vu.edu.au/sites/default/files/mcd/pdfs/English%20VCE%20Lecture%20Notes%20Final%2024-9-11%202011.pdf ESSAY STRUCTUREESSAY STRUCTURECONCLUSION:Repeat the introduction e.g. Contention, major arguments and techniques that enhance these arguments.

End with an overall statement about the authors use of techniques and contention. Are the techniques effective?

The effectiveness of the text/s be they written or visual. You could make a comparison between the visual and written or comment on the appropriateness of the progression of the piece.

GOOD LUCKThe above ideas, instructions and essay structures are only points for you to consider. The most important tip is to enable your student to develop their own imagination and skills. Albert Einstein: It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.Maid with the Flaxen HairRichard Stoltzman/Slovak Radio Symphony OrchestraFine Music, Vol. 1, track 22008Classical169700.17eng - Navona Records - Navona Records