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Vending Kiosks Automation in Selling

Presented By P.Baskaran, P.Baskaran, Senior Lecturer, IFET College of Engineerng, Gangarampalayam, Villupuram

Definition:A "Kiosk" by definition is a small standstandalone unit that performs a specific function, generally without management intervention and are generally intended to provide information to those that use it. Kiosks are generally small, mobile, and are designed to help the consumer find information and they can be strategically placed anywhere you wish to have a presence but cannot or do not wish to have a person staff the location.

Kiosk venues Tradeshows and consumer events, malls, grocery stores, doctor offices or anywhere else that your potential clients may visit. Kiosk functions Kiosks can be made to do just about anything you want. A simple kiosk will attractively display this information in a way that consumers can easily find what they are looking for. Maintain your kiosk While the kiosk has incredible advantages, they do require that someone periodically check on them to make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to do. Keep your kiosk looking good, clean, take care of blemishes, and make sure everything is working properly.

Types of kiosks:

Telekiosk Financial services kiosk Photo kiosk An Internet kiosk Ticketing kiosk Vending kiosk Visitor management and security kiosk Building directory and wayfinding kiosk Mall Kiosk Custom Kiosk

The Key to Kiosks( Karen M. Krol -2000) 2000)


a program It takes money to make money Not for everyone Working Out the Kinks A Wireless Future

Checking out kiosks (Karen M Kroll, (Karen 2000) 2000) Advantages of KiosksFinancial Service which includes: Bill payment, Check cashing and Credit applications Retail product information such as in-store product lookup and ininformation Customer check-in such as airlines and hotels. check Internet access Visitor management and security Human Resources for benefits information Retail check-out POS systems in grocery stores and hardware checkstores. Business benefits

Reduction in staff and real estate requirements since one employee can monitor multiple Self-Service Kiosks SelfUnattended operation with extended service hours and off-site locations offProvide users with a more enjoyable experience boosting customer satisfaction Track usage statistics


Vending Machine:

An older soda vending machine. One of the newest vending innovations is telemetry. (*Michael telemetry. (*Michael Kasavana 2000). 2000). New innovations in service vending machines include internet kiosks and DVD vending. Cashless vending now allows consumers to use debit cards or precharged 'keys' such as the U-Key for added convenience. Vending is a multi-billion multidollar industry, and growing. OffOff-grid fuel cell based vending machines with swappable hydrogen storage tanks are entering the marketDrink Vending Machines Japan Automatiek Snack Bar Dutch Netherlands Newspaper vending machine in Dsseldorf

Real time Applications of Vending machine Bulk candy and gumball vending Cigarette vending Full line vending Healthy vending Specialized vending Issues relating to Kiosks: Safety Malfunctions

Kiosk Retailing A Sample Study in a Regional Platform (Pondicherry)Need for the Study: The following aspects stimulated the researcher to go for this research. The growing customer base and their convenience expectation during buying process. The necessity for finding solution to reduce the stress of human components involved in the selling process. The need to identify the better alternative for applying 24 X 7 availability and marketing concept in the selling essential commodities (like water, milk, food snack, etc) Objectives of the study : Primary Objective: To identify the Consumer parameters of kiosks for checking its technical feasibility and commercial feasibility those enable its implementation in a regional market. Secondary Objective: To identify the customer awareness about the utility of the kiosks. To find the common perception among the consumers about kiosks. To analyse the customer expectation and its matching facilities available with the kiosks. To suggest the means of implementing in a metro or regional market.

Scope of the study: * Based upon this study the corporate sector can takedecisions regarding the utilization of kiosks in their selected product lines at their discretion. * This can even be applied in spares and and accessories retailing. * This research work enables the corporate sector to optimize the utility of kiosks in their relevant product lines or items.

Users: Users:This study can be used by the * Companies in the FMCG Industry * Retailers and Retail Chain of outlets (like Food world, * Subhiksha. Reliance, etc.) * Supermarket owners.

General Observations and findings from the Responses:

Few respondents feel that the implementation of kiosk induces laziness in the attitude of the consuming population. It has got more security threats and consumer feels that there is probability of inaccurate product delivery and service gap. If the companies are about install kiosks to concentrate front end retailing, chances of cannibalizing Intermediaries margins are like to happen affecting the balance economic growth. In other side, Customers / Consumers are likely to be benefitted as there is probability of getting products at relatively lower price. The installation of kiosks may create employment of skilled segment and all likely to create disguised unemployment.

Now also some individuals hesitate to use ATM itself due to the fear of their operation knowledge and lack of awareness about its utility.People doubt it s pricing and billing mechanism as they exposed to difficulty in Coin PCOs. It requires technical maintenance and regular supervision to ensure absolute service to the buyers. The require combination of interactive options in product kiosk with accessibility to Internet and Customer feedback processing and due assurance of serving customer expectations through kiosks. It needs change in attitude of population surviving in cosmos and towns. Consumers want simple operating procedures in kiosks. The respondents reflected their fear of losing their money without product delivery. delivery. The respondents are in need of appropriate awareness and knowledge to use kiosks through corporate ads. ads.

Analytical Findings & Remarks: Remarks:

Except a few, All most all the respondents are seeking for 24/ 7 availability of certain FMCG products which they are about to use on day to day life. Among the respondents seeking for 24/7 availability, the requirement of milk and other soft drinks is prevalent among the consumers followed by groceries. Majority of the respondents say that they require automated selling machine which is free from emotional stress on non stop service. The most suitable location as expected by the respondents in setting or installing kiosk is Residential areas followed by Bus stops and Railway station based upon its security and utility. The most volatile life style of regional population is the major factor identified for the introduction of selling machines like kiosks followed by changes in working timings. The respondent feel the working population with frequent changes in their work schedules will be more benefitted from kiosks, relatively with professionals followed by home executives. Almost the 3/4th of the respondents says that the implementation of kiosks in cosmos and towns of state like Tamil nadu. 3/4th of the respondents believe that they will more benefit than the profit seeking producers as consumers. Nearly 3/4th of the respondents are expecting their product availability at they access due to situation rather than their own attitude.


The corporate players need to identify that all the customers expecting 24/7 availability of certain identified FMCG products like Milk and other soft drinks and so they should think of an alternative like Product Selling Kiosks which widely used in the developed countries like US, Japan,..etc., From this study the Business seekers can think of technology transfer from other countries so as to install and implement the product kiosks in vulnerable points like Residential areas, Bus stops and Railway stations so as to ensure the availability of their essentially required FMCG products. The current customer are confident and ready to accept and use product kiosks and the companies should not hesitate the implement them in semi urban and sub urban areas As the customers surviving in semi urban areas are influenced by situations and the growing exposures create situations that induces the expectation of immediate satisfaction of arising needs and that can be fulfilled by Kiosks to some extent. As the customer themselves believe that kiosk will benefit them than the business holders, the corporate can think of implementing kiosk at least as a trial in certain test markets.

An older soda vending machine.

An Internet kiosk with a touchscreen in Vienna, Austria in 2007

A typical American snack vending machine

Newspaper vending machine in Dsseldorf

The Vendstar 3000, a typical bulk candy machine

A Dutch 'automatiek' Netherlands

A machine that made fresh French fries, Australia

Rice vending machines, Japan

Instant-noodles vending machine, Tokyo

Book vending machine, United Kingdom

Photo booth, Germany

Fishingbait machine, Spain

Dunbar Armored ATM Techs watching over ATMs that have been installed in a van.

A South Korean ATM with mobile bank port and bar code reader


The continuous change in the regional population life style and their