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The changing climate for online video advertising

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  • 1. Video on the Net CONFERENCE March 21, 2007 Video Disruption 3: The Next Generation By:John Pillsbury, Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

2. 3. Destiny Media Technologies, Inc.

  • Leader in development of new digital media software for the Net
  • PlayMPE, the industry standard for digital distribution of pre-release music to radio stations in North America.
  • Developer of CLIPSTREAM, the secure, instant play streaming video software. ASun Microsystemstechnology partner.
  • the creator and publisher of thePirate Radiointernet radio network with thousands of Netcasters.

4. Video on the Net CONFERENCE March 21, 2007 Video Disruption 3: The Next Generation By:John Pillsbury, Destiny Media Technologies, Inc. 5. LIVE THE FLAVOR#1 SUPERBOWL AD 6.

  • disruption( plural disruptions )
    • break intoseparateparts
      • The network created adisruptionin the show
      • when theybrokein with anewscast .
      • Wiktionary

disruptions 7. 8. Video Disruption : First Generation 2000-2003 A New dimension is born, audio/video as websites come alive (not the Wright brothers, but yes lift off!) Real and Windows battle for who has the most players? Sell You SpecialStreaming Servers.BIG, and Power Technical dominance, and early adopter experiments.A Streaming Industry in born, and hundreds join the early Techies. Professional certification and standards Is it IT, Web Developers, Advertisers, or Intreractive Specialists. But, who has content? ,and how much is it worth? Buzzword : Convergence 9. Video Disruption : Second Generation 2003-2006 Big and better streaming server.Mass production.Quality and delivery measurable. Versions, 7, 8, 9, 10. Marketers chase after new verticals, and revenue models.Some making money and building value for new customers, and advertisers coming online with rich media. Now getting simplerUser generated content, podcasts, and the community is building. No longer does it fly?,but how fast, at what cost, and who values the experience the most. Buzzword :Re-purpose 10. Video Disruption : The Next Generation 2007 - It is always about who can cross the chasm, form the beachhead and then lead the new media tribes.How do all the varied video culturesinteract on open platformsfreedom, and creativity to flourish. Interaction take on new dimensions, from click create, and share. Buzzword: monetize 11. Video Disruption: The paradigm for us all? It is not audio and video only Itsnew media communications Video is means to an end..Better communicating, entertainment, advertising, training, building community. And the winners are: Creativity in content make and delivery to everyone everywhere. Equalizers make accessible and valuable to common man . Long tail old is new again on the VideoontheNet. Buzzword: disintermediation (or, simply get with it) 12. Experience the Future of Rich Media Nowwith Clipstream 13. What is Clipstream ? Clipstream is a software solution for embedding audio and video directly into web pages and emails and online advertising.Made by Destiny Media Technologies. We are one of the leading developers of easy-to-use tools for distributing digital media through the Internet. 14. How has Clipstream contributed to rich media market? Hundreds of online video and audio ads in the marketplace ) Brands advertised using Clipstream 15.

  • Clipstream Video 3Enhancements
          • Full Screen capability
          • Playlist
          • Dynamic Watermarking

16. Disruption Video : Why Clipstream ?

  • Playerless no downloads, no plug-ins
  • Maximize Reach 93% global audience reach
  • Secure your video content is safe
  • Customizable make your video look and play the way you want
  • Reduce costs no special servers required, save bandwidth

17. Video Disruption: One paradigm unlocking key Clipstream Video - Just click and play.Its your turn 18.