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  • 1. Indie MusicVideo Analysis

2. Music Videos :A Brief History- A music video is a short film or videowhich is merged with a song. It is mainlyused as a form of publicity and marketingdevice intended to promote the sale of asingle, album and sometimes a film.- Music videos are almost vital for anartist/band success. It is used as aplatform to promote and distribute anartist/bands music, to a mass audiencetherefore gainingrecognition, acknowledgement andpublicity. 3. Music VideosIndie Genre- Indie/pop is an alternative to indie rock- Jessie Wares 110% reflects this aspect of themusic. It is much more melodic, less abrasivegenre as she is under the independentand angst-free.record label PMR records. The music video is-Wikishot in Painshill Park which has a small entry fee.- The term indie derives from independentas originally this style of music was owned by - The simplicity of the location choice leaves aindependent record labels. blank canvas for creativity for gathering ideas. This draws focus onto the visuals and- Over time this has developed and now a concepts.huge part of indie music is the image andthe concept .- In an indie music video I expect to see many visuals including short clips of scenery, close- Indie music represents independence within ups, obscure angles, experimentation withan individual, and embracing uniqueness focus and of the artist dancing, singing andthrough the lyrics and visuals. performing live possibly in slow motion.- Independent record labels usually producelow-budget, inexpensive music videosfocusing on visuals of theartists/bands, dancers and scenery asopposed to expensive extravagant Hollywoodstyle music video concepts, such as fast carsand money. 4. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSISJessie Ware-110% 5. Artist & Record LabelBackground- NAME: Jessie Ware- HISTORY/BACKGROUND:- English Singer/Songwriter- Signed to PMR Records- 1985, United Kingdom- SINGLE RELEASE DATE: April 13th 2012- PMR HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: London Based- PMR ARTISTS:- Jessie Ware- Two Inch Punch- L-vis 1990- Julio Bashmore- Javeon McCarthy- Jessie Wares music videos are not big extravaganzas,usually they are shot in inexpensive locations, forexample; Painshill Park 6. Jessie Ware:Goodwins Theory Music Video Demonstrates Genre Characteristics-Within the indie music genre there arecharacteristics such as focus on the artist/bands whist in performance. i.esinging, dancing- This is demonstrated in Jessie Wares 110%through the short clips of her singing and dancing in slow motion.- The interesting use of slow motion drawsattention to the artist and the particular details of the lyrics 7. Jessie Ware:Goodwins TheoryRelationship Between Lyrics & Visuals - There are moments when this is illustrated, for example;But Im still dancing on my own At this point she is literally dancing by herself-However, when the lyrics say Wont dance, not without you She doesnt dance; this is also illustrative-The relationship is also amplified where she sings Make mecome to you/Although Im coming close to you Jessie Wares walks closer and closer to the camera; coming close to the audience. By the end of the song this isillustrated as she finally gets to the boy shes beenwalking towards-Finally, the artist sings a contradictory line You keep mewishing in the dark this is interesting as the music videotakes place in the park, whilst the sun is out and in the sunset 8. Jessie Ware: Goodwins Theory Relationship Between Music & Visuals -The relationship is illustrative as when she beginssinging the camera focuses on the artist to show she is the solo artist-The relationship is also amplified by the fast cuttingrhythms, when the music speeds up the cuttingrhythms also does and the same for when itslows down 9. Jessie Ware: Goodwins Theory Demands of The Record Label -The demands of the record label are met by brandishing a certain style throughout the music video. Jessies hair, makeup, and outfit are shown through the use of medium close up shots, closeups and medium long shots. The shots show theartist is of the indie music genre-Also, some obscure angles and interesting shots are used to create a sense of mystery so that theaudience want to find out more about the artist,therefore creating a following 10. Jessie Ware:Goodwins Theory Voyeuristic Treatment -There is voyeuristic treatment of the female artist throughout the music video. There are close up shots of her body, focusing on her neck, hair and chest -There is also a shot filmed from an angle tosee the artists reflection in the water. This combined with the obscure angles and use of pull focus creates a sense of voyeurism, as if the audience are watching her through the trees and the grass 11. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSISFlorence & The Machines-Shake it Out 12. Artist & Record LabelBackgroundARTIST NAME: Florence WelchHISTORY/BACKGROUND: English Singer/SongwriterSigned to Island RecordsActive since 2007, United KingdomSINGLE RELEASE DATE: 14th September 2011 RECORD LABELS-ISLAND RECORDS: Founded in Jamaica, bought by Universal Music GroupMOSHI MOSHI: Small, London BasedARTISTS: The Rakes Bloc PartyHot Chip Kate NashFlorence & The Machines are signed by Moshi Moshi,IAMSOUND and the most prominent, Island Records.Island Record s is owned by Universal Music Group and therefore can afford to make a music video on a larger and more extravagant scale 13. Florence & The Machines: Goodwins Theory Genre Characteristics -The filming style of the music video includes ahazy effect and a kind of film grain effect, this reflects the genre characteristics as it links inwith concept of indie music; indie music is different and unique and is closely linked with avintage image, therefore the effects demonstrate the music videos relationship withthe genres conventional film style. -Also, the costume and make up also reflect the genre characteristics as in music videos thecostume, hair and make up are usually dramatic anddiffer from pop music videos distinctively. Forexample, in this indie music video, the costumesand make up are quite animalistic with feathers andmasquerade masks, and Florences (the main artist)make up makes her appear ghostly with a very pale face and bright Ginger hair. This matches the genrecharacteristics as Florence is presented as a veryunique individual with an independent style and that is what the indie genre is all about. 14. Florence & The Machines: Goodwins TheoryRelationships between lyrics &visuals -The lyrics shake it out are illustrated in the chorus throughthe free and dancing of Florence and the dancers. The lens glare and bright lighting creates a whimsical atmosphere whichconnotes the freeness of the song and lyric. -When Florence sings the ghouls come out to play the men dressed in black tuxedos and with fancy masks come out. Themasks and black costumes signify a darkness thereforeamplifying the meaning of ghouls -The line I can see no way is contradicting as when she singsthis, a bright hazy light is shone onto her face. However, the lineis reinforced by the following lyrics Ive been a fool & Ive beenblind which also shows an amplified meaning as the light is so bright it could symbolise her being blinded by the light and asymbolic false optimism. 15. Florence & The Machines:Goodwins TheoryRelationship between music &visuals -The relationship between the music and visuals is illustrative atsome points, for example, as more instruments are added into the song, more dancers and people appear, therefore illustrating themusic through visual effects.-At the bridge, Florence sings harmonious notes which is amplified by the visuals, she is dressed in white clothes and thebright, white, hazy light shrouds over her, these signifiers create the effect of her being presented as angelic. Also as she sings the chorus louder the video becomes a lot brighter and the lens glare becomes more prominent.-There is a reoccurring drone which is low pitched and creates atone and mood of darkness and sadness, the drone is still apparenthowever, when she is dancing and partying where she is shown to be having a good time, this effect is contradictory. 16. Florence & The Machines:Goodwins TheoryDemands of the Record LabelThe indie music genre requires a unique and stylistic individual who usuallyrepresent a minority. Therefore, record labels of this genre usually steer away fromgeneric, pretty popstar looking artists and opt for an artist who looks very different with a strong independent style.Florence embodies this requirement and the record label emphasise her speciallook with the use of :-MAKE-UP: Her hair is bright ginger and in some videos bright red, she has unusual make up which makes her face very pale in contrast to her bright hair, making herappear ghostly -COSTUME: She had an array of striking costumes of bright red to a serene sparkly, white dress, this in conjunction with the upward tilt of the camera evokes the idea that she is an angelic entity who is almost untouchable to the viewers -LIGHTING: The lighting throughout most of the video is very bright and hazy, thisemphasises the sense of mystery and makes the audience want to see more ofher, it also adds to the whimsical mood which she evokes throughout the video. 17. Florence & The Machines:Goodwins Theory Voyeuristic Treatment -The obscure angles of the camera, such as the close up shots from a low angle create the effect of the viewers looking up to her.-The camera movement of the upward and downward tilt creates the impression that the viewers are scanning her body.-The extreme close up shots and close ups of her face,focus on her eyes and lips , the constant use of lensglare and a hazy light also mystifies her and creates aneffect of watching her from a distance. 18. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSISThe Smiths-Panic 19. Artist & RecordLabel Background ARTISTS/BANDS NAME: The Smiths HISTORY BACKGROUND: English indie/a


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