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  • VirginiaMarylandNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaGeorgia

  • Maryland

  • A royal charter was granted to George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, in 1632A proprietary colony created in 1634Tobacco would be the main crop.Land owners required to also plant cornHis plan was to create a haven for Catholics to escape persecution from Protestant EnglandHuge tracts of land granted to his Catholic relatives.Protestants able to buy small amounts of landThe Settlement of Maryland

  • More rights given to Catholics (minority) than the Protestants (majority)Protestants begin to rebel against colonys Catholic legislature.Toleration Act of 1649Passed to end the fighting between Protestants and CatholicsGuaranteed toleration to all CHRISTIANS.Milestone in the history of religious freedom in the coloniesConflict between Religions

  • The Carolinas

  • Founding of the Carolinas1663 King Charles II granted Carolina to 8 Supporters known as the Lord Proprietors1670 a group of small English farmers from the West Indies arrived in CarolinaBrought a few black slaves with them

  • Primary exportWas grown in Africa, so planters imported West African slavesBy 1710 black slaves were a majority of the population in CarolinaCrops of the Carolinas: RiceAmerican Long Grain Rice

  • Crops of the Carolinas: IndigoThe main use for indigo was as a dye for cotton

  • Conflict With Spanish FloridaCatholic Spain hated the Protestants close their borderThe Spanish conducted border raids on CarolinaWould incite local Native Americans to attack or attack themselves

  • The Split of the CarolinasSettlers in the North and South very different and didnt get along1712 NC separated from SC, but it doesnt become official until 1729

  • Georgia

  • Late-Coming GeorgiaFounded in 1732Founded by James Oglethorpe

  • Georgia--The Buffer ColonyChief Purpose of Georgia:A haven for debtors thrown in to prison Bonus: a buffer between the Carolinas & Spanish Florida British govt. gave subsidies to offset costs of defense Smallest populationDetermined to keep slavery outSlavery in GA by 1750

  • B. New England ColoniesMassachusettsRhode IslandConnecticutNew Hampshire

  • Rhode IslandComplaining/Criticism is not socially acceptable in MA Bay

  • Roger WilliamsYoung, popular minister in Salem, MADid not believe the Puritanswere an elect group chosen by GodWanted separation between Church and StateBelieved in religious tolerationWanted fair dealings with Native Americans1635 found guilty of preaching new & dangerous opinions and was exiled.

  • 1636 Roger Williams fled southwardRemarkable freedoms in Providence, RIUniversal manhood suffrage later restricted by a property qualification.Toleration of all religions including non-Christian religionsRI becomes known as the SewerRhode Island

  • ConnecticutFounded in 1636Thomas Hooker Believed in the suffrage of all men, not just church membersWrote the 1st Constitution Fundamental Orders of CTElected all Political offices

  • New Hampshire1691Created to curb the power of growing MA

  • C. The Middle ColoniesNew YorkPennsylvaniaNew JerseyDelaware

  • Not originally British colonies

  • New NetherlandsNew Netherlands founded in the Hudson River area (NY) between 1623-1624Purchased from Native Americans for pennies per acreTotal cost $30

  • CommonalitiesMelting Pot made up of diverse cultural groupsEconomy The Bread Basket

  • New Netherlands Becomes New YorkCharles II granted New Netherlands land to his brother, the Duke of York1664 English soldiers arrivedDutch forced to surrender without firing a shotRenamed New YorkEngland gained strategic harbor between her northern & southern colonies

  • 1681 William Penn received a grant from king to establish a colonyNamed Pennsylvania [Penns Woodland]Wanted to create a safe haven for the Quakers


  • The QuakersCalled Quakers because they quaked during intense religious practices.They offended religious & secular leaders in EnglandRefused to pay taxesNo ClergyWouldnt take oathsPacifists

    Treated the Native Americans with respectBought land from them

  • New JerseyE. Jersey originally part of New YorkW. Jersey part of Pennsylvania1702 E & W NJ combined into one colony.

  • DelawareOriginally part of Pennsylvania1703 granted its own assembly.