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  • Created by Miss Schied, 2012

  • If you see the OPEN sign we are! However, make sure you have a SIGNED PASS, unless you are with a teacher.Watch out for Iris. She can smell bananas a mile away, so its a good idea not to bring any food into the library, unless you want it stolen.

  • If there is ever a fire drill, use this door to go down the stairs and across the parking lot, but make sure you are quiet and careful.

  • This is where you return your books please put them in the slot, not on the counter.This is where you need to sign in AND out whenever you come into the library without a teacher.This is Mrs. LaClair. She will sign your books out for you, but only if you tell her your library number.

  • Fiction books have FIC in the call number.

  • You can tell a book is Non-Fiction if it has numbers in the call number.

  • Biographies are on the back of the last shelf they have a B in the call number.

  • Our Reference section includes

    And Dictionaries



  • The New Book shelf is always stocked, because we are always getting new books be sure to check it out!

  • As you can see, there is plenty of space for you to read and work.These carts will be used if you are using books for a class project.

  • Computers with the yellow signs are only for looking up books on the OPAC. You do not have to ask to use these computers.

  • These computers are available for papers, projects, and research. Please let us know before you use them, and remember to be respectful in your use.

  • The Student Supply Station is full of, what else, supplies for you to use while you are in the library. Just remember to return them when you are done so others can use them.Need citation help check out these handy forms!

  • Please be responsible with printing we like trees!Suggestion box nuff said.

  • The library has four pencil sharpeners

    One hereOne hereOne hereAnd one here

  • Miss Schieds Desk sometimes Im here, sometimes not, but come to me for help with papers, projects, or just to find a good read.