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  • V ISIONTransforming lives by educating for the best

    M ISSION Cagayan State University is committed to transform the lives of people and communities through high quality instruction and innovative research, development, production and extension.

    C ORE VALUESThe Cagayan State University vision and mission are ably supported by six (6) core values which constitute a formidable base to guide and support the CSU administration in the operation of all its programs and projects. The core values are captured in the Taglish acronym, PA-CARE.

    Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles1

    Productivity - Cagayan State University is committed to developing its human and non-human resources to sustain its operations and realize its mandates.

    Accessibility - Cagayan State University is committed to intellectualizing the youth by allowing them a greater access to higher education.

    Compassion- Cagayan State University is committed to alleviating or reducing the poverty incidence of the communities through advance higher education,innovative researches and responsive extension and training programs.

    Accountability - Cagayan State University is committed to building competent professionals, leaders, scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs responsible inbuilding just, peaceful, stable and progressive communities.

    Relevance - Cagayan State University is committed to nurturing the youth by providing meaningful education.

    Excellence - Cagayan State University is committed to offering quality teaching and resources to enable its students to succeed.

    The Cagayan State University, a credible and distinguished center of higher education in Northern Luzon, is committed to improve the lives of people and communities by providing advanced instruction in the arts, agriculture, and natural sciences as well as in technological and professional fields through its strong quality of instruction and innovations in research, resource mobilization and extension. CSU contributes primarily to President Aquinos Social Contract to the Filipino people by providing quality education and training through instruction, research, extension and production.

    The basic vision of the University is to make the Cagayan State University a catalyst of change in improving the lives of individuals and communities by educating for the best. The one-liner vision succinctly captures the profound meaning and ultimate purpose of the collective efforts and educational directions of the university.

    Competent- equipped with the necessary knowledge and technical- know how needed in their career and societal development (Knowledge Outcome)

    Self-disciplined imbued with desirable values of simple living, modesty, honesty, cooperation, humility, pride for national identity and love of God. (Attitudes or values outcome)

    Universally-adept - armed with scientifically innovative skills that cater to both national and international market demands . (Skills outcome)

    T h e universitys intended graduatesattributes (IGA)

  • Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles2

    Republic of the Phi l ippinesOFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT


    M ESSAGE C ongratulat ions to a l l the graduates of Cagayan State Univers ity ! C ongratulat ions a lso to the parents who, with their love and much hope, labored uncondit ioa l ly for their chi ldren to reach this important mi lestone in their l ives !

    Graduates , today marks not merely a complet ion, but a step closer to rea l iz ing your dreams. Graduat ion may be the end of a journey in ter t iar y educat ion that was f i l led with industr y, prayer and sacr i f ices ; but just as the commencement connotes , i t a lso marks a beginning to a new chapter in your l ives . Today, as you and your fami ly celebrate this momentous occasion in your l i fe , know that we at the C ommission on Higher Educat ion are one with you. Together with the Univers ity s administrat ion, we have endeavored in ef for ts to provide you with the re levant and qual ity educat ion that would equip you with the sk i l l s , knowledge, and the proper att itude to enable you to better face the cha l lenges ahead. The graduat ion theme: CSuans Gear ing Towards C ont inuous Journey to ASEAN Integrat ion speaks of endless poss ibi l it ies for those wi l l ing to take as the journey and chal lenge towards excel lence and g lobal compet it iveness .

    But whi le ASEAN Integrat ion might have opened up avenues for Asians l ike us to par t ic ipate in the g lobal market , we must be able to assess ourselves and see how we can take advantage of these promising opportunit ies g iven our rea l it ies . This is v is ion. Having the fores ight to see v iv id ly your goa l , but grounded enough to know ones condit ion. Far f rom the knowledge of ever yone, ASEAN Integrat ion is more than just a movement ; i ts a symbol- of unity, of v is ion, and capacity. As Fi l ipinos , we need to help one another, and be an instrument of success for each other. As a community and nat ion, we need to have a common vis ion, and to move together in that same direct ion. We must be able to tap one anothers potent ia l , to f ind our niche, and opt imize our gains . It i s in the spir it that we encourage you young and spir ited indiv iduals , to explore your potent ia ls . Have your sk i l l s and ta lents . Discover, invest , and cont inue to be product ive. For at the end of the day, i t i s in these st rug les that we learn to appreciate l i fe and our existence.

    Graduates , in this age of g lobal iz ing society, each one of us has the potent ia l to make things happen. Keep your focus and never c lose s ight of your ambit ion. Our world is cont inuously t ransforming. Opportunit ies might not readi ly come to us , but these can be created. S o rather than wait , le t us do our best to create these opportunit ies not only for ourselves or for own fami l ies , but laso for our nat ion. For it i s out of these indiv idual successes that our nat ion can hope to r ise to great new once again. With this , I would l ike to extend my congratulat ions to the administrat ion, the faculty members and staf f of the Univers ity ! Keep up the good work and together, le t us cont inue in our pursuit of providing qual ity educat ion to help upl i f t the l ives of our fe l low Fi l ipinos .

    Again, my hear felt congar tu lat ions to the graduates !

    Mabuhay po kayong lahat ! MAbuhay ang sambayanang Pi l ipino!


    Caritan Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan(078) 844-0430,


    M ESSAGEC ongratulat ions , Class 2016!

    Your years of hard work and dedicat ion to your academic achievement have paid of f . Indeed, this day is another season of thanksgiv ing for the bount i fu l har vest not only for the univers ity but most especia l ly, for a l l of you my Dear Graduates . This favors the premise that regardless of the cha l lenging t imes of the past four or so years , God has been so benevolent to bless us another mi lestone of reaping the f ruit of your labor, your graduat ion day.

    Your graduat ion day marks your cont inuous journey in the cha l lenging yet fu l f i l l ing facets of the ASEAN Integrat ion, and the uncer taint ies it wi l l br ing . Ant ic ipate now the broader spectrum of this g lobal connectedness as it wi l l open more economic and academic breakthroughs. This wi l l l ikewise create a more v ibrant yet compet it ive economic inter face that necess itates us to be more educat ional ly equipped to sur vive and excel in the g lobal scheme. The chal lenge is now at our doorsteps . We hope to r ise above these cha l lenges that wi l l come our way.

    As CSUans, you are now equipped with appropr iate educat ion, I am conf ident that you wi l l surmount the cha l lenges in this ASEAN journey and be at the foref ront standing proud, leading our march in rea l iz ing our v is ion and miss ion of t ransforming the l ives of people not only in the countr ys ide but a lso in the ent ire nat ion.

    As we gear up towards the cont inuous journey of this st i r r ing mi lestone in bui lding a st ronger l ink to the g lobal community, a lways remember to carr y with you the idea ls and pr inciples inculcated in you by our beloved inst itut ion, the Cagayan State Univers ity.

    I thank you for a lways bel iev ing in the nur tur ing and supreme capacity of our inst itut ion in g iv ing the best educat ion to ever y Cagayano youths . You have been witnesses to the univers ity s e f for t to advance as a premier educat ional inst itut ion in the countr y, that has produced topnotchers , achievers and became pi l lars in the government and industr ies . These are tangible conf irmat ions of our cont inued ef for ts in enhancing and harnessing our journey towards greater ASEAN l inkages . With Gods providence and guidance, I bel ieve that our nat ion wi l l level up with our ASEAN brothers in achieving greater heights toward the attainment of our goa ls and aspirat ions .

    Dear Graduates , I urge you to r ise : be empowered to take greater par t ic ipat ion in contr ibut ing development to our nat ion and be prepared to ra l ly with us in forg ing a more equitable and f ruit fu l future.

    As the former S outh Afr ica Pres ident said : Educat ion is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Endowed now with relevant educat ion f rom your di f ferent f ie lds of specia l izat ion, go and be the instrument of change! Stand proud and be emerged in a l l the boundar ies and outskir ts of ASEAN Vi l lage.

    Hold your torches high, dear graduates , and be the epitome of a t rue-blooded CSUan: C ompetent , S el f-disc ipl ined and Universa l ly-adept c it izens of the world!

    C ongratulat ions and Happy Har vest ing!

    (SGD.) MARIDEN VENTUR A-CAUIL AN, DPA OIC- Univers ity Pres ident

    Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles3

  • Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles4


    Caritan Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan(078) 844-0430,

    Office of the Vice President for Res earch and De velopment , E xtension and Training

    M ESSAGE My warmest greet ings to you graduates for reaching this momentous mi lestone in your l ives .

    The theme CSUans Gear ing toward C ont inuous Journey to ASEAN Integrat ion ref lec ts CSUs awareness and response in meet ing the ASEAN requirements for moderniz ing educat ion. The integrat ion of the countr y to the ASEAN community of fers both opportunit ies and chal lenges for the young graduates adapt ing to the cultura l , socia l , pol it ica l and economic demands of the ASEAN Integrat ion.

    ASEAN integrat ion wi l l br ing about greater mobi l ity of human resources , demand on compet it iveness and/or qual ity of graduates and programs and greater reg ional cooperat ion on educat ion and research. In response, our own Univers ity should provide graduates with the requis ite sk i l l s adaptable for the changing labor market . Chal lenging as it may seem, we are hopeful and conf ident that you are academica l ly prepared to face these cha l lenges armed with the power of CSU educat ion that is responsive and attuned to the demands of the community. With your CSU Educat ion, I encourage you to be conf ident , cont inuously hone your sk i l l s , acquire new knowledge, be compet it ive and asser t your r ight fu l place in the ASEAN world of work.

    I wish you ever y success as you enter this next excit ing stage of your l i fe and career. May I a lso thank and congratulate your parents and fami l ies for their pers istent support , pat ience and energ y they provided dur ing your studies . I mer itor iously sa lute them for this remarkable achievement!

    May your graduat ion be the beginning of your l i fe t ime fu l f i l lment . S o I hope that you wi l l f ind your own star and reach for it ! Godspeed.


  • Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles5


    Sta . Maria , L a l- lo, Cagayan

    Office of the C ampus E xe cutive Off icer

    M ESSAGE My s incere congratulat ions to a l l the graduates of batch 2016!

    You wi l l be reaping the f ruits of your hardwork and sacr i f ices . Your graduat ion s igni f ies that you have reached another mi lestone in your l ives . It i s where your ter t iar y educat ion comes to an end as another door is about to open for each and ever yone of you toward the journey of fu l f i l l ing a career l i fe . You wi l l soon be facing chal lenges that would test your capabi l it ies but I bel ieve you are equipped with the knowledge and ski l l s that were taught to you f rom the four corners of your classrooms, as wel l as the good va lues inst i l led to you by your parents and mentors .

    As you leave the por ta ls of your Alma Mater, I hope and pray that whatever fate awaits for you on your next journey, this inst itut ion had provided you with relevant and qual ity educat ion that you wi l l be needing in facing the chal lenges that wi l l come your way.

    I encourage a l l of you to apply and put into pract ice what you have learned f rom this inst itut ion. Make your parents and your school proud. . .make yourselves product ive graduates !

    KUD OS!


  • Cagayan State University Lal-lo Campus 38th Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Degrees and Titles6


    Sta . Maria , L a l- lo, Cagayan

    C ol lege of Information and C omputing S ciences

    M ESSAGE Its har vest t ime! Al l those early mornings and late nights have paid...


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