Vocabulary Notes: We are going to learn some wordy words here – so Get Ready For IT!

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Vocabulary Notes: We are going to learn some wordy words here so Get Ready For IT!. Prep: Take out a sheet of paper! Write your MLA heading (top left) and title your notes: Vocab Notes 1 Draw a line down the center of your paper On the left, number your paper 1-20. Student Name - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Vocabulary in Pictures

Vocabulary Notes: We are going to learn some wordy words here so Get Ready For IT!Prep:Take out a sheet of paper!Write your MLA heading (top left) and title your notes: Vocab Notes 1Draw a line down the center of your paperOn the left, number your paper 1-20

Student NameTeacher NameEng IIJanuary 4, 2011Vocab Notes 11.

Vocabulary in PicturesUnit 1

Vocabulary NotesNote-taking:You are about to see sentences and pictures of vocabulary words. As we look at each word, on the right side of your paper:A. Write Student: and then what YOU think the word means.B. Then Write: Dictionary: so you can add the dictionary definition later

Purpose:You will use these definitions to create a vocabulary game in groups. You will be tested on these words in three weeks, so be sure to take good notes! Youll need them for your group, game, and study guide.

Vocabulary NotesEnd Result:The end result should look like this:

Grading: Your notes are your exit ticket, so be sure to set them up correctly.

Any questions?Student NameTeacher NameEng IIJanuary 3, 2011Vocab Notes 11. Adulterate2.

Student: Adulterate means to mess up or make dirty.Dictionary:

2. Student:AdulteratePollution adulterates the air.

AdulterateIt also adulterates the water.

AmbidextrousChildren often begin life ambidextrous until they find their dominant hand.

AmbidextrousThere have been a handful of ambidextrous baseball players throughout history.

AmbidextrousIf the Statue of Liberty was ambidextrous, she could welcome twice as many visitors to America.

AugmentHere is Barry Bonds before augmentation.

AugmentAnd Barry after being augmented. Yikes!

DeployOnce troops are deployed for battle, they must move quickly.

DeployShe was pretty terrified to find that her parachute would not deploy!

BereftWars have left many parents bereft of their children.

BereftHer room was stark and bereft of color.

DourThe old wrestler, Hairy Houdini, had a mean and dour disposition.

DourSome mimes are happy but others are glum and dour.

FortitudeThe Katrina victims showed tremendous fortitude in the wake of loss and destruction.

FortitudeCross-country runners require much fortitude if they are to endure the training.

GapeThis baby is gaping in awe and wonder at all these crazy talking monkeys. Many creatures gape --

GapeLook at this old man gape!

Gape Look at this bird gape!

Gape Look at this hippopotamus gape!

Gape Look at this snake-gape!

GapeTurtle gape!!!!

GibeSoccer hooligans are famous for gibing the opposing team.

GibeSNL is full of political gibes.

GuiseThe crafty wolf goes around in the guise of a sheep.

GuiseThe members of Gnarls Barkley are dressed in the guise of Napoleon and Pedro.

InsidiousTheir insidious plan to pickpocket backfired on the couple.

InsidiousThe insidious alliance between Al Qaeda and corrupt governments must stop!

IntimationThe man had no intimation of his impending doom.

IntimationNot the slightest intimation of any attraction was evident to their friends. They were very secretive.

OpulentSome people are wealthy enough to live in opulent mansions.

OpulentI LOVE that commercial where the Russian says: Opulence! I has it.PliableAdvances in technology have enabled us to create materials that are extremely pliable.

PliableThe girl was so pliable I was certain she was born with no bones.

ReiterateThe teacher reiterated the concept of internal conflict numerous times and still the students did not understand.


These ideas are constantly reiterated in Nazi propaganda posters.

In Nazi Germany, there was a constant emphasis on the positive characteristics of the Aryan race (left), and the unhealthy negative of the Jews (right). StolidDr. Spock and the other Vulcans are typically very unemotional and stolid creatures.

StolidClint Eastwood is very good at playing a cold and stolid character.

TentativeHere is a tentative plan for rebuilding the World Trade Center.

TentativeHe very tentatively defused the bomb.

UnkemptThe mans hair, and really his entire appearance was rather unkempt.

UnkemptApparently, the unkempt look is very in right now.

VerbatimAt his inauguration ceremony, President Bush repeated the judges words verbatim.

VerbatimWhen casting spells, Hermione is very good at reciting her spellbook verbatim (unlike Neville).

WarilyWarily we climbed the mountain; any wrong move would mean certain death.

WarilyThe students listened warily to Professor Snapes advice, unsure if they could trust him.


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