Vocabulary related to work

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  • 1. Vocabulary related to work Vocabulary related to work

2. EXPLAIN WITH YOUR OWN WORDS,THE MEANING OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS/PHRASES: 3. UNEMPLOYMENT MANUAL WORK APPLY FOR A JOB MAKE A LOT OF MONEY 4. BELONG TO A UNION DISMISS SOMEONE FROM A JOB HAVE A LARGE 5. JOIN A UNION EARN A GOOD WAGE HAND IN ONES RESIGNATION 6. If you go for an interview you. If you earn a decent weekly wage you If you get an annual salary increase you If you get a pension you If you win promotion you If you have the right qualification for the job it means you 7. What do these people do? 8. BRICKLAYER 9. PLUMBER 10. SURGEON 11. General Practitioner 12. stockbroker 13. FIREFIGHTER