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Vocabulary Poster Think, Pair, Share Focus Question: How do we decide the value of different resources?. Vocabulary Words to Know. characteristic exploit corrode extract engulfed hoard Focus Question: How do we decide the value of different sources?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • VocabularyPoster Think, Pair, ShareFocus Question: How do we decide the value of different resources?

  • Vocabulary Words to Knowcharacteristicexploitcorrodeextractengulfedhoard

    Focus Question: How do we decide the value of different sources?

  • Poster Talk ThroughThink, Pair, ShareThis is a ghost town. One characteristic of a ghost town is that it is completely empty. All of the people who once lived here have left the town. When gold was discovered here years ago, the town was quickly engulfed with people. The town got very crowded. The people were trying to exploit the area for any gold they could find. Many people tried to extract, or take out, gold from the mountains. They searched every day for the hoard of gold hidden there. One reason that gold is so valuable is that it doesnt corrode or lose its luster. When people stopped finding gold in the area, they abandoned the town and moved on to another. The town still looks the same as it did when it was abandoned in the 1800s.

  • characteristic

    distinguishing one person or thing from another


  • corrode

    to wear or eat away gradually

  • engulfed

    swallowed up, overwhelmed

  • exploit

    to make use of

    The Central Highlands gold rush has been an irresponsible and destructive experience, and it could get worse.Illegal gold exploitation on Ba River in the central province of Phu Yen. Experts say uncontrolled gold mining in several provinces nationwide has destroyed the local environment and would inflict greater damage without urgent remedial steps.

  • hoard

    what is saved and stored away

  • extract

    to pull or draw out, usually with some effort

  • Comprehension Skill Main Idea & DetailsThe topic is what a paragraph is about. The topic can usually be stated in one or two words.To find the main idea of a paragraph, think about all of the important information the paragraph gives about the topic.Supporting the details tell more about the topic. They are less important pieces of information that support the main idea.


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