Vol. BY rench .Parliament Backs P PARIS. Francl'-The Paris residence or Gen. Charles de Gaulle ts shown

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    ~~ ~ ooooo~ Nova Motors Ltd. Vol. 6.5. No. 123 ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND, WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1958 {Price 7 ctnfl) Charles Hutton & Sons

    rench .Parliament Backs P limlin

    rliament To Noretd

    olio\ \B-Cr - Prime Minister Diefen· Tur~day howed to opposition demands

    gol·trnment stand by its original under· tn ~ulnnit the Canada-U.S. air defence

    to Parliament for approval. :\linister Pearkes had informed the

    Jan. 4 the agreement would be sub· to thr Commons for. approval but Exter-

    )lini~tcr Smith only !Uonday said not he done.

    or~:nl't'nt-and it • -·-·-·--··-----+---- . T:~r•~:n hy ~lr. ina~· We~ll. at the start of Tues· . 1Mt the ran· day's Commons sitting, asked

    1::1,::-.cr:. ::t!>lt•d ~lon· i Mr. Pearkes to assure the Com· · c·~::rn:''· i· merely~ mons he would carry out his

    :~ :he \Arth At·' undertaking to ft u b m It the . lc~ro: ~·! yrars ago ' !'\ORAD agreement to Parlia·

    ; ment for appro1·al. 1r~."'"•'•t ~lunda~·.: i\Ir. Pearkes gare 11 non-com·

    ~ :c~i; ;n uppo.;itio:t. mit a! r e ply and Opposition ·';: :'r l'r·mmander ot : Leader Pearson put a similar :t~.,;;,;,n .\1r Drtence; question to i\lr. Diefenbaker. · l·~ad 1• not direct!)": P:\RT OF NATO CONCEPT · .. ~ \ TP 1 The prime minister said the

    .. sno ; agreement Is "part of the NATO l•nari;t·l .S. re~:· 'concept" and therefore there was poup will report

    1 no reason to submit it to Parlia·

    · .~m~ncan air ; ment. . r:a~~·'nwnls. This I lllr. Diefenbaker also said the ~ATO command pre\·ious Libra! go\'ernment had

    · · of the 1940 done "all the preliminary work ' , twtwcen th~ in conn~ction with the agreement

    J!i,:r ;\lackenzie and consequllntly there wa1 no :t lat•· president probability of opposition to ac · !.JOday aftcrnqon he would tak~ : ]ad1sts and a handful of others ' fre~h measurr~ "to r~store th~ ; oppo,;ed him. ! Al~erian sUuation to norm~! !" In ;. 5latcment ju~t b(>fore the ' within the ntxt rew da~·s."

    .-.. ---- ·-· ···------· --·--------------------·----

    Eisenhower Comments On 'Old Age Pensic;Jn

    Fund Diminishing R~· lli\ROI.D MORRISOS 'l!ntlays v.wr runnin~ a ii;lle

    OTTAWA I('P 1 -The old a~c ahead of rrrrnuc. But federal c:;· pcn5ion fund app~ars to be ncar; pcrls figured it would hr. .i11,1 ~ a state or collapse as a pay-as· :matter of time 1•·hcn rm-cnnc Recession The Business

    . • • . , :you-go scheme. . would halancc cxnonditurr . . NEW '\OR~. '':P>-Prestc!rnl: ~srnho~··~r 11dd~rl that "cer-dzcn in respou~e to a q_uestio~r ."Americ~ is not goin~ to stand' Month by month it. plunges: In December 19;,1. when tlw

    F.1senho11er satd .ru~sd~~;y m~:ht 1 tam ~rctstou:~ ll'tll ~ho.rtly, be I that the dect~tons of whtch. Et· I still. Amertca is going to grow-. deeper into the red. This year. i ~chcme was first annoUIIcc

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    2------------------------------------------------------------------~--------------------T~H~E~D~A~ILY~N~EW_S~,~S~T.~J~O~H~N'~S,~N~F~LD~-~,W~ED~N~E~S~~l .

    From Daily News Files 1924

    short of Infamy. and black rosette with white ing was the mass parade ~s· and even falling in the water 1 safe t oventure out of door~! flag:• HJ! S OPENS WITH TRAGEDY and · black ribbon attached. sembled at the Railway Station, and climbing on again. He got I and nobody knew what was i largest haui' ~ •. ~o-;, March 22th, 1924: The day The society Is a step in the in which detachments frim the in all positions on the Jog, coming next. The curious fart : 200 tons. The':· 1~

    was not far advanced and the right direction, its object be· warships in port, ex-service men. standing, sitting, and . lying of the hail falling on ~~I at lc i men 11n thr. ;h; _•:, steamers scarcely out of si~· ing to help fit prisoners for brigades, Boy Scouts and Girl down. At the close of h1s per· lands and nowhere else 1s prr 1 xo·;·r-:: On. ·p·. · when a gloom was cast over thr the duties and responsibility of Guides took part. All the city formance he was loudly cheer· haps inexplicable. th~ squa•lr , 1 n~ whole city of the Joss of 3 ctiizenship. bands and those of the war- ed. As an appreciation of his OPENING OF TilE uon;r. ! sh:ps :.:.· ... 01~ s members of the crew of thr NATIONAL WAR MEMORIAL ships took part. The parade work, he was pr~ented with a .July 11th, 1!124: The fkst; pi:.;- r 10r, 11 r·~

    Politically spe3king. the first seats, )lr Hickman 10, and 1 In· S.S. Terra Nova. The crew o • UNVEILED was under the command or silver trophy. 1

    session of the 26th General As·! At th~ ti:n~'·;,. , 111! of the year 1924 was! dependent. the steemar were out on the ' July 3rd. 1924: Tuesday was LI.·Colonel W. F. Rendell. UNUSUAL HAIL STORM ! sembly opdeneclhyesterday. afth~r·; srttlr•nr~ 111 one~~~~

    '· 1otecl for thr Hollis \\'nlker 1 A nU~·RUNNERS' HAVEN ice helping to get the ship a day of days in the history of The . par~de ended at th~ ,July lOth, 1o24: :Flat islands, , nr~on: 1111 cr t e premiers ~~, of Trinilf B:ll' . · ~nquiry, and the ups and the I Feb. 16th. 1924: Newfound·~ ~hrough the jam, prying ~he St. John's-a day which will Nemonal s1te where the van- P.B., has met with an ex peri- I \\. S. ~lonroe. anrl Spion of

    issued by the Bo, Control.

    \\'ii~ 3rt'f'!-

    Strcct by c was fined S !50

    in jail anrl prohih1 for on~ year

    ~ltDanr:e: :

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    , u ••• . :r·

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    ''". through to ·;,her. You call 'lt. doors close

    .II • ·-•1• \lnustic m:, ..... • Chew's silent. . . __ ned whY it's cau

    • t..vos o1•er the yc~rs .. He ;.J!d 1 ,,,; ,,,.. tknn:•tt; congr~tul:'·tions on a most sue·. the voluntary ot·ganlzaunu had 1;•r:w: t';mtrll; ces~lul l'cat•'s work. Thi~ me~· succeeded where the i(onrn·

    , .1: ··r l'ro••J!Irnl ol •age WaS drcpl)' appreciated, a~ mcnt WOUld hai'C been handi· i ~: l:.,rl' ;oncl ~Irs. Dr. \\'arrrtt has long been a capped. "The Association has'

    ~~ T ~ \ Frrt•rnan. friend of the l\ewfoundland T.B. ·made a tremendous contr1llu·,

    THE CONVAIR F·l02A, first !!Upersonic all-weat11cr lntercep tor to j11ln the 61th Air Dh·ision (Defense) In the Continental Air Defense Command inventory, extends CONAD's intercept or capabilities farther away fmm possible target areas. In addition, the delta.winged aircraft can perform efficiently at mudt higl11~r altitudes than its predecessors in the air defense s,·~l.em. Its armament consists of FALCON air-to-air tuidetl misstles and 2.i5 rockets. This picture, taken from the hangar roof near the Control .Tower at Torbay, shows the CONVAIR just after Jake-off.

    : ,,1 :•1,. ~t. John'' As•ociation. His keen personal lion to the !lnli·TB prugranum. ;::rl _\lr .. Frr(!lman: intcrc!'-t in this province's Tu· in thls pro\'incc" said Dr. lie· ------· ···------- - - . Pr~'"IPnt of the berculosis programme and his. Grath, "particularly in it; eliu· I L I G • I G • d

    c:'J~ t ornN Brook; n·adineos to ~ssis\ the assoeia·l cation ~f the pul>1ic, who have I 0 ca I r u I e s ; and encouragement through the fears al.out the disease. F1·om :

    , E:l'!:a '1:-:I.Pllan, Di· tion with its problem~ have now di'.r11'St comr.Ietcly di•card· M t • N b i been a real source of strength ed their old misconccptit>M and I ou n leS a ::__ •

    1 I' ears. , its very earliest days the As· i H A d w :· l\lr. Ewing extended a warm sociation has never looked blCk, i • • . onou r war In ners • welcome to His Honour and r.nd tha tact that the public~ · d • !\Irs. Macpherson and the other , flnanc1al ~Ul•P• r: has increds•:d s D distinguished guests. and then 1 year ancr year, ~hows c1cul:· pee lng rl·ver I The TRird St. John's Girl Thr fiw Guid~> r~mr lonrarn;or thr ~chool. in which h~ pair! paid tribute lo the late Gordon how th~ A•\•o;·,otion's eLiO!'\s. . • t:uide Company of Prinr~ of "' thei.r name< were railed anrl a lrihut~ to the ~mrk done hy

    ,,i thr t'niled F. Higgins. first President of: are appreciated." Dr. McGrath · \\ales College ltcld a dtnncr ~~r~. Cook tted the golrl t·onb 'lr>. \1 1iham \\ atsnn, barl:r f~rcr .'tatJOned at the r.ssociation. "l\lr. Higgins".! warned that the TB problem is party at Barnry's, Topsail Road, ?.round thrir ri~ht ~houldrr. >Prrrtar:·. with a "thank you'' ··''' l>rforr ~lagis· he said, "was a man of out·: far from licked although the A local memb~r of the on the RCMP patrol car werr on )Jonday, ~lay 19th, in hon. taking ofl first thr "all-round" hi)!nin£. the had:r rertificalrs.

    ~.:u:ht, >ilrr sunset. ·and sufferings of others. His public would continue it~ wond· pceted of impaired dl'il'ing. ber-n an in\rnded run, lral'ing · The five Guides