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  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    VSAT Communication Antenna Systems

  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    2 3Global Leader in Marine Satellite Antenna Systemswww.intelliantech.com

    Intellian is a company with beer ideas. Built upon innovaon and

    a commitment to design excellence, Intellian has consistently led

    with breakthrough technologies that provide the marine industry

    with superior performance and exceponal results.

    Intellian is the global leader in marime satellite communicaon

    antenna systems. Intellian oers a full line of VSAT

    communicaons and satellite TVRO antennas for recreaonal

    boats and ocean vessels in the commercial, oil & gas markets, and

    the military.

    Founded in 2004, and recognized as one of the fastest growing

    companies in the industry, Intellian exports its products to

    six connents and over 40 countries and has established 400

    contracted dealers and a support network worldwide. Intellian is a

    global company with operaons in ve countries.

    Intellian has oces in Seoul, Pyongtaek, and Busan, South Korea.

    In the US, Intellian has oces in Irvine, California and Seale

    Washington. Intellian has further extended their European scope

    by recently opening an oce in Southampton, UK to augment the

    exising operaon in Roerdam, Netherlands.

    Proven Leadership inMarine Satellite AntennaTechnology

  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    4 5Global Leader in Marine Satellite Antenna Systemswww.intelliantech.com

    In our modern world, staying connected is increasingly important.

    Few of us venture far from home without a mobile phone or laptop

    computer. For ships at sea, staying connected to the home oce

    has long been a challenge. However, with the connecon provided

    by Intellians rapidly growing line of VSAT antenna systems, ships

    can now connect to the worlds high-speed, always-on broadband

    network for commerce, navigaon and communicaon.

    Intellian oers eet owners and IT managers a full line of VSAT

    antennas for a variety of vessels. From our compact v60 to the

    state-of-the-art v80G to the large v240, every antenna Intellianbuilds is designed to meet the demands of mission crical 24/7

    communicaons. Open architecture allows Intellian VSAT antennas

    to operate seamlessly with any of the worlds VSAT providers.

    Furthermore, Intellian antennas are engineered and tested to

    funcon awlessly in the most extreme condions,whether its

    tropical heat and humidity in the Panama Canal or frigid winter

    storms around Cape Horn.

    VSAT Antenna Systems

  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    6 7Global Leader in Marine Satellite Antenna Systemswww.intelliantech.com

    Intellian v-Series antennas are 3-axis stabilized marime VSAT

    satellite communicaon antenna systems that oer exceponal

    value and superior RF performance in their respecve model

    conguraons. Built under the highest engineering standards

    to ensure they meet a wide variety of compliance requirements

    worldwide, all Intellian v-Series equipment meet or exceed

    FCC and ETSI specicaons, as well as Res 902 (WRC-03),

    EN60945, EN60950, R&TTE, DNV 2.4 Class 4 and MILSTD-167


    The v-Series VSAT communicaon systems are compable

    with service providers using the iDirect, Hughes, Comtech, and

    SatLink modems. Addional modem networks are connually

    being added to our scope of connecon. All Intellian v-Series

    antennas are equipped with Wide Elevaon Search angles with

    Automac Skew Angle Control and unlimited azimuth (no cable

    un-wrap) for uninterrupted and seamless data communicaon.

    These exceponal VSAT systems are designed to support single

    and mul-band LNBs (including Intellians exclusive Global PLLLNB), both cross-pol and co-pol feeds, various BUC opons

    (4W to 60W) as well as a Dual Mediator opon for expanded

    redundancy and fail safe applicaons.

    Stabilized 3-Axis Ku-Band,Ka-Band, and C-BandVSAT CommunicationAntenna Systems

    Solid and Sleek Design, Robust Equipment,Groundbreaking Reliability and Performance

    Return on InvestmentAt Intellian, we understand that your investment in

    VSAT communicaons is made with an expectaon

    of predictable returns. With exceponal

    performance, durability, customized soware and

    remote access service capability, youll experience

    the industrys lowest total cost of ownership.

    From the easy installaon to daily use in severe

    weather condions, Intellian VSAT antennas and

    components will consistently add to your boom


    Extensive Product TestingEvery Intellian VSAT antenna is subjected to

    rigorous electronic and environmental tests during

    design and manufacture to assure reliability and

    performance right out of the box.

    Global SupportIntellian maintains corporate service centers in

    Seoul, Irvine, Roerdam, and Southampton as

    well as our new Marime Technical Center in

    Busan, Korea. Intellian has distributor and dealer

    locaons in all major ports around the world with

    trained technicians and professional service sta.

    Youll nd support for your Intellian system where

    and when you need it. Prot from Intellians

    commitment to Global Support.

    Purpose BuiltIntellian VSAT antenna systems are purpose-built

    to funcon awlessly in the harshest of marine

    environments. Our innovave design standards

    provide superior RF Performance with easy

    installaon and maintenance.

    Open ArchitectureOur VSAT antennas take advantage of open system

    architecture, allowing them to work seamlessly

    with many dierent service providers, giving you

    greater exibility to protably package your service


    Environmental Testing Facility for all antennas

  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    8 www.intelliantech.com

    Connecting You withthe world of CommunicationIntellian meets the demands of your businessand crew operationswith internet, data andvoice communications you can depend on.

    Intellian connects ship owners, eet IT managers, captains

    and crew to the world. Whether its downloading the

    latest company reports, tracking progress, even keeping

    in contact with family and friends, Intellian VSAT antennas

    receive and transmit vital informaon on-demand, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Designed to funcon seamlessly with most ser vice

    providers in every region of the globe, you will nd an

    Intellian VSAT antenna to meet and exceed your needs,

    youll nd an Intellian VSAT antenna to meet your

    needs without extensive customizaon or complicated


    In fact, many of the worlds top service providers

    recommend and install Intellian VSAT communicaon

    systems as part of their comprehensive equipment and

    service packages.

    We invite you to learn more about our line of VSAT

    antennas and how they can maintain a point of contact

    with your world at sea.

    9Global Leader in Marine Satellite Antenna Systems

    v100GX1m (41) Marine StabilizedKu-to-Ka Band ConvertibleCommunication Antenna System

  • 5/22/2018 VSAT Brochure


    Intellianv100GX1m (41) Marine StabilizedKu-to-Ka Band ConvertibleCommunication Antenna System

    Defining a new standard ready for the future

    Ready for Inmarsat Global Xpress(GX) Service

    Fully Opmized for Ku and Ka-Band Operaon

    Quick and Easy Conversion Kit

    Next Generaon Graphic-based Remote Control Program

    SDK Oered for Seamless Integraon and Operaon

    Key Features

    Intellians v100GX is a 1 meter Ku-band to

    Ka-band converble marime stabilized

    antenna, a ready-to-use system for the super-

    fast, Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band broadband

    service from Inmarsat. The v100GX oers a

    robust, aordable, plug and play conversion

    kit to enable a smooth upgrade path from

    Ku to GX service within 10 minutes or less.

    With the improved Ku-band RF performance

    from the v110, the Ka-band RF performance

    of the v100GX is opmized for GX service

    at the same me. The v100GXs high-gain,

    highly-ecient reector and tuned radome

    ensure the best service quality available when

    congured for Ku or Ka Band operaon.

    In addion, the v100GX supports low

    elevaon angle (-20) capability to guarantee

    reliable connecon at extremely high latude.

    The v100GX is available in 3 models that

    support 4W, 8W, and 16W BUC respecvely.

    All models are built with Co-pol and Cross-

    pol feed and come equipped with Intellians

    Global PLL LNB as standard.

    All New Antenna Control Unit (ACU)

    Intellian Global PLL LNB

    Frequency Tuned Radome

    Precision Dual Band Carbon Fiber Refector


    AC 100 ~ 240V

    AC 100 ~ 240V

    Satellite ModemRX

    4. Use Same Cable Connector for Ku-Band

    BUC/LNB assembly and Ka-Band BUC/LNB


    3. Aach the Ka-band feed by

    inserng 4 bolts

    1. Remove the Ku-band feed by removing 4


    2. Remove the Ku-band BUC/LNB assembly

    by taking 4 bolts out.

    Aach the Ka-band BUC/LNB assembly by

    inserng 4 bolts

    ADE Specifications

    Radome (W x H) 135 cm x 150 cm (53 x 59)

    Dish Diameter 103 cm (41)

    Antenna Weight 128kg (282 lbs)

    Platform Azimuth, Elevation, Cross-level

    Azimuth Range Unlimited

    Elevation Range -20 to +115

    Cross-level Range Up to 37

    RX Frequency 10.95~12.75GHz Ku-band

    RX Gain 39.8 dBi @ mid band

    TX Frequency 13.75~14.5