Wanted young researchers – the employment of young people as researchers Jennie Fleming With Harrison Carter, Iman Delanius, Susie Dobson Centre for Social

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  • Wanted young researchers the employment of young people as researchersJennie FlemingWith Harrison Carter, Iman Delanius, Susie Dobson Centre for Social Action

  • What do the Associate Research Assistants (ARA) do?

  • Impact of being a young person on the research process

    PerspectiveOwn knowledge of being youngChallenge stereo typesFresh eyesImagination and creativityFlexibility Move away from dominance of adults

  • Knowledge and skills of ARAAnalysis skillsExperience of using range of qualitative methodsPlanning and OrganisationWorking with different groups of peopleAwareness of university research etiquette Got NOCN qualification

  • Connection with Centre for Social Action and De Montfort University ColleaguesSupportive environmentEmployees Job title, staff IDPaid

  • Why did we do this?

    Social action in practiceCommitment to service user involvement in researchYoung people as insiders, not outsidersSystemic change within the university

  • Social action principlesPeople should have a voice and a stakeCommitment to social justiceChallenge negative labels and perceptionsSupport people to investigate own problems and issuesFacilitate not leadBased own peoples own knowledge and insight

  • How did we do it?Involves many aspects of the universityApproval of postsRecruitment of ARAInvolvement of young people Support of the posts

  • Where are we now?Much works well from ARA perspective as employeesWorking with other members of staffDevelopment and sharing of skillsSmoothing processes along What is in control of Centre for Social Action and what is in control the university ?

  • What is still to be done?Systems - development fundStaff - further embedding as colleaguesStructures sustainabilityStrategy built inSkills - ARAs own research Shared values - perceptions of young peoples research Style and culture

  • Disadvantages of the modelDoes it preclude most marginal young people?Do we train out the young people-ness?Restrict funding available to young people?How involved in setting the research agenda are young people?

  • jfleming@dmu.ac.uk