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  • To Infinity and Beyond!Legendary heroes, potent demons, ancient immortals and towering titans dwell upon the world

    of Azeroth and in the universe beyond. This campaign setting sourcebook for Dungeons & DragonsWarcraft the Roleplaying Game takes your game to epic levels of play, translating the hugelysuccessful Warcraft computer game series into a pen-and-paper roleplaying game world based on thepopular d20 System rules!

    Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbookand the Epic Level Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast.

    This product utilizes updated material from the v.3.5 revision.Designed with extensive input from the creative minds behind the Warcraft computer games,

    Shadows & Light includes: Material for epic-level WarcraftRPG base classes and several

    prestige classes, as well as a largeselection of new epic feats.

    Statistics and roleplaying notes forlegendary heroes and villains such as

    Guldan, Medivh, Rhonin, MalfurionStormrage and Thrall.

    Statistics and backgrounds for immortals suchas Alexstrasza, Cenarius, Ragnaros and Sargeras

    as well as a new template for creating WarcraftRPG immortals. Extensive discussion on how to incorporate legendsand immortals into your campaign. An in-depth look at Warcraft cosmology, includingfurther descriptions of the Elemental Plane, theEmerald Dream and the Twisting Nether, as wellas fresh details on Outland. New monsters, new templates, new spells andnew magic items, including many powerful artifacts.

    A Fantasy Setting Sourcebook for v.3.5 Roleplaying



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    W17205ISBN 1-58846-973-5

    WW17205 $24.99 U.S.

    w w w . s w o r d s o r c e r y . c o m




    Check out upcoming Sword and Sorcery Studio products online at: http://www.swordsorcery.comDistributed for Sword and Sorcery Studio by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.This printing of Shadows & Light is published in accordance with the Open Game License. See the Open Game License Appendix of this book for more information.Arthaus and its logo are trademarks of Arthaus Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Sword and Sorcery Studios and its logo, Manual of Monsters, Alliance & Horde Compendium,

    Magic & Mayhem, Lands of Conflict, and Shadows & Light are trademarks of White Wolf Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. 2004 Blizzard Entertainment. Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries, used with

    permission. All rights reserved.Dungeons & Dragons and D&D are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., and are used with permission. d20 System and the d20 System logo are registered trademarks

    owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used according to the terms of the d20 System License version 4.0. A copy of this License can be found at .The mention of or reference to any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright concerned.PRINTED IN CANADA.

    Authors:Tim Campbell (legends, Eternals), Bob Fitch (leg-

    ends, Lords of the Burning Legion, Eternals, infernals),Bruce Graw (legends, dragon Aspects, Elemental Lords,Elemental Plane, Emerald Dream), Luke Johnson (Chap-ter One, legends, titans, Outland, Twisting Nether),Seth Johnson (fiction, legends, Ancients, Chapter Four)

    Creative and Rules Design Assistanceand Additional Material:

    Chris Metzen and Bob Fitch

    Developer:Mike Johnstone

    Editor:Ellen P. Kiley

    Managing Editor:Andrew Bates

    Art Director:Matt Milberger

    Book Design:Matt Milberger

    Cover Artist:Samwise Didier

    Interior Artists:Carlo Arellano, Dave Berggren, Adam Byrne,

    Samwise Didier, Allen Dilling, Eric Henze, TylerHunter, Trevor Jacobs, Roman Kenney, Solomon Lee,Maxx Marshall, Chris Metzen, Matt Milizia, TheodorePark, Joe Peterson, James Stowe, Justin Thavirat

    Special Thanks Mike JohnstoneTo Chris Metzen and Bob Fitch: your spirit and enthu-

    siasm infuse these pages, and my appreciation for yourwillingness to work with the writers (and me!) and to givethis book its shape defies mere words. You guys rock!

    To the other amazing folks at Blizzard: Paul Sams,Elaine Di Iorio, Neal Hubbard and Lisa Bucek.

    I would also like to offer my sincerest gratitude toeveryone who has participated in the line so far, right fromthe very beginning artists, editors, writers, and the folksat Sword & Sorcery (especially Andrew Bates, MattMilberger, and Rich Thomas). Weve taken quite a journeytogether over the past year or so and made a pretty darngood roleplaying game in the process. Thanks, everyone!

    CorrectionThe year of birth listed for Michel Martin Koiter in

    the end pages of Lands of Conflict is incorrect; it shouldbe May 3, 1984. We apologize for the error and againoffer our condolences to Michel's family and friends.


    ContentsIntroduction 8

    Chapter One: Forge of Power 12Epic Core Classes 13Epic Prestige Classes 18New Epic Feats 24New Feat 28

    Chapter Two: Legends 31Legends and Your Campaign 32Heroes and Villains 34

    Cairne Bloodhoof 34Muradin Bronzebeard 36Orgrim Doomhammer 37Guldan 38Grom Hellscream 39Khadgar 41Krasus (Korialstrasz) 42Sir Anduin Lothar 43Medivh 44Sidebar: Guardian of Tirisfal 46Jaina Proudmoore 47Rhonin 49Maiev Shadowsong 50Malfurion Stormrage 51Thrall 53Uther the Lightbringer 54Tyrande Whisperwind 55Alleria Windrunner 57

    Lords of the Burning Legion 58Archimonde the Defiler 58Kiljaeden the Deceiver 59Mannoroth the Destructor 61


    Tichondrius the Darkener 62

    Chapter Three: Eternals 66Powers of Azeroth 67New Template: Eternal 69The Ancients 71

    Agamaggan 71Aviana 73Queen Azshara 75Cenarius 77Elune 79Malorne 81Ursoc and Ursol 83Lord Xavius 85

    The Dragon Aspects 87Alexstrasza the Life-Binder 87Malygos the Spellweaver 90Neltharion the Earth-Warder (Deathwing) 92Nozdormu the Timeless 94Ysera the Dreamer 97

    The Elemental Lords 99Special Abilities 99AlAkir the Windlord 99Neptulon the Tidehunter 101Ragnaros the Firelord 103Therazane the Stonemother 105

    The Titans 107Titan Races 108Aggramar the Avenger 110AmanThul the High Father 112Eonar the Lifebinder 114Golganneth the Thunderer 116Khazgoroth the Shaper 118Norgannon the Dreamweaver 119Sargeras the Destroyer 121

    Chapter Four: Cosmology 127

    Chapter Five: The Planes 135The Elemental Plane 136

    New Template: Elemental Conglomerate 141The Emerald Dream 143

    New Template: Corrupted 147Outland 149

    Fungal Horror 151


    The Twisting Nether 152Infernals 154Adamantine Stalker 156Nether Dragon 157Tothrezim 159

    Appendix One: Spells & Magic Items 161New Spells 162Paramount Spells 163New Magic Items 164

    Appendix Two: Legal Information 175

    TablesTable 11: The Epic Healer 14Table 12: The Epic Runemaster 15Table 13: The Epic Scout 16Table 14: The pic Tinker 17Table 15: The Epic Druid of the Wild 18Table 16: The Epic Elven Ranger 19Table 17: The Epic Marksman 20Table 18: The Epic Necromancer 21Table 19: The Epic Paladin Warrior 22Table 110: The Epic Priest 23Table 51: Elemental Hierarchy 141Table 52: Elemental Conglomerate Types 142Table 53: Spell-Like Abilities by Conglomerate Type 142Table 54: Emerald Dream Random Encounters 145Table 55: Corrupted Special Attacks 148Table 56: Outland Random Encounters 150Table 57: Twisting Nether Random Encounters 153

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    GAzetteeR: GhelspAd

    Trant tugged on his helmet and threw aside the sheath for his waraxe. Reaching upto the chain around his neck, he ran his fingers through the dozens of claws he had takenas trophies in battle a custom since his first battle, more than ten years ago. Hadit really been so long? I dont know about you, he growled, but I think theyre moreready to die than I am!

    Haneth made no reply. Reaching into her quiver, the infiltrator selected a trio ofmagical arrows from the collection she had gathered over the years and nocked themready on her bow. Haneths brown hair was cut by streaks of gray bleached bynecromancy, reminders of their journey across the Plaguelands. She had lost herhusband in the ruins of the Violet Citadel to a simple gargoyle that any one of thearrows she now carried could destroy in a heartbeat.

    Trant thought back to when they had first met in New Stromgarde, Haneths smileand dancing eyes, and wondered if he had seen anything but pursed lips and a steely gazesince Stovross death.

    Vlac hunched behind them, his fur-trimmed robes gathered around him as he pouredred sand to inscribe intricate patterns on the floor. Trant couldnt say if he wouldever have called the orc shaman young, but he could remember a time when he didntcall Vlac friend. Now he trusted a one-time enemy more than anyone else in his life.The orc had always possessed a talent for tongues, and this time he chanted in whatsounded like Eredun, each syllable of the ancient ritual thrumming like a pluckedbowstring.

    Trant heard the screeching outside and feared they might not have long enough forVlac to complete his spell. Now or never, Nuji, he said, thumping the dwarf with hisboot.

    Okay, said Nuji. Okay. Im ready. Its ready. Throwing his tools to the floor, thetinker hefted a cannon almost as big as he was. I probably shouldnt even touch thetrigger until you drop the shield. Dont want to risk total alchemical discharge

    Enough, Kodosbreath. Are we going to fight or not? complained Dolmont. One ofthe few humans ever trained by Horde assassins, he made at best a dangerous ally.