WARHAMMER 40K TEAM TOURNAMENT - AdeptiCon – 40K TEAM TOURNAMENT THE SPIRIT OF THE TEAM TOURNAMENT For the past fourteen years, the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament has been the flagship event at AdeptiCon

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  • SUN 7:30 AM

    TO 4:30 PM

    SAT 7:00 AM

    TO 8:00PM



    Do not lose this packet! It contains all necessary missions and results sheets required for you to participate in todays tournament. It is your responsibility to hold onto and not lose this packet during the tournament. If you lose this packet, be prepared to be docked points!


    THE SPIRIT OF THE TEAM TOURNAMENT For the past fourteen years, the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament has been the flagship event at AdeptiCon. Originally conceived as an alternative event to the standard Grand Tournaments of old, the team event was designed to be an all-inclusive, hobby competition that created a purposely different way to play the game with your friends. Over the years, the event has grown by leaps and bounds as teams continually raise the bar in terms of thematic approach, generalship, modeling expertise and team spirit creating a unique and memorable experience for all.

    In the Team Tournament, four players combine forces to compete against opposing teams in a day full of gaming and comradery. While all tournaments are competitive by nature, the Team Tournament encompasses much more than the games played throughout the day. In many cases the day of the tournament is a culmination of months of planning, writing, building, converting and painting. The format of the tournament challenges generals, tacticians, hobbyists, fluff-bunnies and casual gamers alike. The rewards go far beyond the prizes and medals as the event is a unique and collaborative experience as much as an excuse to enjoy a beverage with friends from across the country and sometimes, the globe. Additionally, the format encourages players to visually realize the immense theme and flavor of the Warhammer 40,000 universe on the tabletop. On Saturday, after the first days games conclude, the Team Tournament Army Showcase will again feature those Teams, as chosen by a panel of judges, who have created something truly spectacular and deserving of the spotlight. A highlight of the event, the showcase enables players, spectators and celebrity judges to take in all of the effort and phenomenal results teams produce.

    To Glory or Death! AdeptiCon 2017 Team Tournament Staff


    2016 Sons of Scotty 2009 Recurring Nightmare 2015 Team U.S.Eh? 2008 Daboyz 2014 Capitol Imperialis 2007 Checkmate Hobbies 2013 They Shall Know Fear 2006 So. Cal GW League 2012 They Shall Know Fear 2005 Saim Heinous 2011 I'm A Bear...Put Your Head in my Mouth 2004 Casus Belli 2010 Sons of Shatner 2003 Team TnA









    ARMIES AND WARLORDS Armies: For the purposes of the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament, Team Members forming an Army are considered Allies per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook with the following modifications:

    Battle Brothers: Factions denoted as Battle Brothers per the Allies Matrix chart are considered Battle Brothers for the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament and follow all the relevant rules and restrictions per the rulebook. Armies comprised of two detachments from the same faction are also considered Battle Brothers with the following clarifications:

    o Wargear and Special Abilities will benefit/affect both detachments in an Army, but they will not affect detachments in the other Army on a different table. For example, The Autarchs Path of Strategy rule could affect both members of an Army but would not affect other players from the team on a different table.

    o Wargear and Special Abilities that affect your Armys detachments DO NOT stack, unless specified in the rules for that particular piece of Wargear or Special Ability.

    o Please be sure to reference the relevant official Games Workshop FAQ documents for further clarification on how specific Wargear and Special Abilities are applied in Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition.

    Allies of Convenience: All other alliances are considered Allies of Convenience regardless of what the Allies Matrix indicates and follow all the relevant rules and restrictions for Allies of Convenience per the rulebook. For the purposes of the Team Tournament, a Team Captain that chooses the +1 Lord of War Upgrade Option may include an Imperial Knight as if it were an Ally of Convenience.

    Multiple Factions: If a Team Members detachment is comprised of multiple factions (e.g. a detachment choosing the Assassins or Imperial Knights upgrade option), ignore the Upgrade Option of the detachment when determining factional allegiance. In all cases, the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament rules regarding Allies are still in effect.

    Codex Inquisition: Regardless of the composition of your Team, Codex Inquisition still follows the Team Tournament rules for Allies. As such, any faction noted as Battle Brothers remains so, ALL other alliances are treated as Allies of Convenience; there will always be a significant amount of skepticism surrounding the Inquisition!

    Warlords: Each Army will nominate a single Warlord per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook with the following modifications and clarifications:

    Your Army Warlord can be from either detachment, but it MUST be a character if there is at least one character available in the Army. If the Army contains no characters, then you must nominate a single model to represent the Armys Warlord, but you will forfeit the Warlord Trait.

    All Warlords that are eligible to roll for a Warlord Trait may re-roll the result on the appropriate Warlord Trait table. If your Armys Warlord is not on the table at the conclusion of a game (e.g., ongoing Reserves), that Warlord counts

    as being slain for the purposes of calculating Slay the Warlord.

    TERMINOLOGY Team Member: An individual member of a Team and their 1000-point detachment.

    Army: The Allied detachments of two Team Members. An Army is treated as a single entity comprised of two individual 1000-point detachments and follows all rules associated with the term Army. Teams will form two Armies each game that will operate independently.

    Team: The combined detachments of all four Team Members. A Team is treated as a single entity comprised of four individual 1000-point detachments. Teams will also be referred to as Imperial, Heretical, Xenos or Hybrid.



    ARMY SHOWCASE After the conclusion of tournament games on Saturday evening, Teams receiving Rank 5 (Showcase) honors will be invited to set up for display in a special section of the Convention Center where a panel of celebrity judges will assemble to award bonus points.

    Teams participating in the Army Showcase will be eligible for up to 10 bonus points. While participation is not mandatory, Teams declining this invitation will receive the base 50 points for Rank 5 and be ineligible to receive any bonuses.

    WIPEOUTS AND CONCEDING If one Army is wiped out or concedes the battle, the winning Army automatically receives 30 Battle Points and the losing Army receives 0 Battle Points.

    A NOTE ON UNITS FALLING BACK Units that fall back move directly towards their own table edge by the shortest route possible as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

    As per the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, units that are falling back are no longer considered Scoring Units and CANNOT control objectives and cannot claim the Linebreaker Secondary Objective.

    ROUND PAIRINGS The tournament will consist of five rounds of play. During each round, two Team Members will be paired together in an Army and they will play their own game. Thus, each Team will be playing 2 separate games each round. Opposing Team Captains WILL ALWAYS play each other. The pairing of Team Members will be determined by the table assignments posted before every round.

    SCORING The maximum number of points each Team can score is 440, divided up as follows:

    Category Points % of Total Battle Points 300 60% Appearance 100 20% Theme & Display Base 100 20% Sportsmanship Marks Special 0% Team Spirit Special 0%

    Each mission will define a number of objectives based on those presented in the Eternal War and custom Progressive Objective missions which will generate Victory Points. The Victory Point differential will determine total Battle Points earned during each mission. Battle Points are a cumulative total of all mission results throughout the entire tournament.

    Note: Secondary Objectives are worth Victory Points, NOT Battle Points, when calculating mission results.

    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE (FRI) 9:00PM 12:00AM Team Check-in & Table Assignments

    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE (SAT) 7:00AM - 8:00AM Registration and Table Assignments* 7:00AM - 9:00AM Appearance, Theme & Spirit Judging

    9:15AM - 12:150PM Game #1 12:15PM - 1:15PM Lunch / Appearance and Theme Judging 1:15PM - 4:15PM Game #2 4:15PM - 5:00PM Break 5:00PM - 8:00PM Game #3

    8:30PM Army Showcase Setup 9:00PM 12:00AM Judges Consideration and Public Display

    12:00AM Conclusion of Army Showcase**

    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE (SUN) 7:30AM 8:30AM Table Assignments

    8:30AM 11:30AM Game #4 11:30AM 12:30PM Lunch 12:30PM 3:30PM Game #5

    4:00PM Awards * Teams that checked in on Friday night must have their

    detachments, display base and any additional thematic elements set up at their assigned table and ready for a judge by 7:00AM Saturday morning. Appearance, Theme and Spirit Judging will start promptly. Only one representative from the Team needs to be present between 7:00AM and 9:00AM in order to answer questions regarding theme.

    ** All models and display elements must be retrieved at the conclusion of the Team Tournament Army Showcase.



    1. Terrain: Terrain is not fixed; Armies roll-off and alternate placing terrain. No piece of terrain may be placed within 4 of another piece of terrain or the board edge.

    2. Generate Pre-game Abilities: Determine Combat Squads, determine pre-game abilities such as Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Gifts of Mutation, Demonic Rewards and the like.

    3. Place Primary Objective Markers (If Applicable): See the Mission rules for specific instructions. 4. Night Fighting: Either Army can declare that they wish to fight the battle at night. If either Army does so, roll a

    D6 before deployment: On a roll of 4+, the Night Fighting special rule is in effect during game turn 1 and all units have the Stealth special rule.

    5. Determine Deployment Zones: Armies roll-off and the winner chooses his deployment zone/table half. 6. Determine Deployment Order: Armies roll-off and the winner decides who will deploy first and second. 7. Deployment: The side deploying first then must set up all units in their Army (including Fortifications). Then the

    other side sets up all units in their Army (including Fortifications). Resolve Infiltrating units and Scout moves. 8. Determine First Turn: The Army that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn; their opponent

    can attempt to seize the Initiative. If the opposing army includes a Super Heavy Vehicle or Gargantuan Creature, and yours does not, you receive +1 to this roll.

    Game Length: Variable Game Length will be utilized in all missions. Mission Special Rules: Impending Doom (modified above #8), Through Attrition Victory, Night Fighting, Mysterious Objectives and Reserves are in effect for all missions. Team Tournament Command Benefits: Armies may always choose to re-roll the result when determining their Warlord Trait. All units, except those purchased via the +1 Additional Formation Upgrade Option, with the Battlefield Role Troops are considered to have the Objective Secured special rule.

    OBJECTIVES AND SCORING Orders of Opportunity*: Once per game, as long as your Warlord has not been removed as a casualty, you

    may issue an Order of Opportunity. These orders represent bonus objectives that may be completed during the game and will earn your Army additional Victory Points. Orders of Opportunity are declared at the end of an Armys turn and MUST be completed by the end of your next turn or they are considered lost and score no Victory Points. Each mission will specify when an Order of Opportunity becomes available.

    Progressive Objectives: Some missions include progressive objectives. The specifics of how and when these progressive objectives are scored will be defined in each mission. When used, your mission will include a scoring section to help keep track of points.

    Eternal War Objectives: Some missions include Eternal War objectives. Eternal War Objectives are ALWAYS scored at the end of the game. Each mission will specify the conditions of the Eternal War objectives.

    Secondary Objectives and other sources of Victory Points: Every game includes the following secondary objectives; Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Line Breaker, Through Attrition Victory. Warlord traits, Formation benefits and other special rules that generate Victory Points are added to your total points in the Secondary Objectives section of the score sheet.

    Differential Scoring: At the end of the game, Armies will compare total Victory Points earned. The difference in Victory Points will be added to the winning Armys Battle Points and subtracted from the losing Armys Battle Points. Both Armies begin the game with 15 Battle Points.

    Example: Army One scores 15 total Victory Points and Army Two scores 8 Victory Points. There is a 7 Victory Point Differential between the two Armies. The game is scored as such:

    o Army One: 22 Battle Points (15 starting +7 for Victory Point Differential) o Army Two: 8 Battle Points (15 starting -7 for Victory Point Differential)

    The Maximum score is 30 Battle Points; the minimum score is 0 Battle Points. Wipeouts or concessions are automatically scored 30-0.




    DEPLOYMENT & SPECIAL RULES Please follow the Battle Orders rules as presented in the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament Battle Orders sheet.

    Place three (3) Objective Markers: Place one in the center of the table and two 12 from either short board edge along the center line of the table.

    Mission Special Rules: Impending Doom, Mysterious Objectives, Night Fighting, Reserves

    :: DAWN OF WAR ::

    ORDER OF OPPORTUNITY If your Warlord is on the table and not fleeing, ONCE, at the end of your THIRD Army turn (or any turn thereafter), you may declare, Drive Them Back!

    Drive Them Back!: Earn 5 Victory Points if there are no enemy units with 3 of any objective at the end of the turn following the turn you declared the Order of Oppurtunity. For example, if you declare this at the end of your Armys FOURTH turn, you will check at the en...


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