Warm-Up Week of 3/26

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Warm-Up Week of 3/26. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Warm-Up Week of 3/26

Warm-UpWeek of 3/261. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly.A. My favorite sports are baseball soccer and tennis.B. My favorite sports are, baseball, soccer, and tennis.C. My favorite sports, are baseball, soccer and tennis.D. My favorite sports are baseball, soccer, and tennis.2. I brought my books back to the library.In the sentence above, what part of speech is the underlined word?A. VerbB. NounC. AdverbD. Adjective3. In the following sentence, which underlined word is misspelled?I believe my calendar says I am due at the cemetery at 3 oclock tomorow.A. BelieveB. Calendar

C. TomorowD. Cemetery4. When looking for general information about the Sahara desert, the best source to use is

A. A dictionaryB. A thesaurusC. An encyclopedia

D. An atlas5. Which word is the subject of the sentence below?Over the weekend did you go sailing on the lake?

A. LakeB. Weekend

C. YouD. Sailing6. Which of the following sentences is correct?A. Juanita said to Elaine and me, Lets go.B. Juanita said to Elaine and I, Lets go!C. Juanita said to Elaine and me, Lets go!D. Juanita said to Elaine and I, lets go!7. After romping in the woods and unexpectedly meeting a skunk, our dog smelled awful.What is the predicate adjective in the sentence above?A. OurB. Unexpectedly

C. AwfulD. Woods8. In the sentence below, the word lightly is acting as what part of speech?Devon tapped lightly on his drums.A. VerbB. AdjectiveC. NounD. Adverb9. Which sentence has a compound predicate?A. A long time ago one of my ancestors was born and lived in the castle by the sea.B. After strolling through town, we went to see Shakespeares play, Hamlet.C. At some future time would you like to work in highway construction.D. My friend, Anne, will play a piano piece by Beethoven in the upcoming school recital.10. Which word is the plural form of elf?A. ElfsB. ElfsC. ElvesD. Elves